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Rave reviews

One of the great things about running awesome/amazing/sensational/excellent writing courses is that
there’s never any shortage of well-written reviews from past students! In fact, we couldn’t have said it
better ourselves …

Linda Chaousis:

“I have already told many friends that the Australian Writers' Centre has an extensive range of courses taught by people with track records in the industry. Tracy and the team are so helpful. Online courses enable you to meet interesting and like-minded writers. Valerie's newsletter is gold. I now can add that face-to-face classes are in a dream location and a great opportunity to network. Already 2-3 people from various states have signed up or will sign up for courses because of my recommendations.

"The presenters at the Australian Writers’ Centre are experts in their field and are very generous in sharing their experience and knowledge. I look forward to the next one!”

Anne Bennett Taylor:

“I would say that the course I did from the Australian Writers' Centre has given me the tools and confidence to start writing. I highly recommend it for the quality of its content, presentation and feedback. Each module was packed with valuable, relevant information that was delivered by Valerie in a pleasant and interesting manner. I also found it a safe, non-threatening environment where I could experiment and start to take a few risks. I'm really sorry my course has finished! I would say that if you want to start writing and learn how to write well, take a course at the Australian Writers' Centre.”

Shelley Stephens:

“The best writing courses are the ones that provide you with access to authors, editors etc, who can guide your writing and provide you with the necessary industry information to progress your writing/career. I highly recommend the centre for any aspiring writers out there. It has done wonders for my creativity and writing.”

Carly Schultz:

"I have attended three courses at the Australian Writers' Centre – Magazine and Newspaper Writing (twice) and From Blog to Book. I'm now looking forward to doing Creative Writing Stage 1. I have had articles published in local Art magazines and Street Presses and I am enjoying my writing journey. I must say of all the colleges, centres and organisations I have been associated with the Australian Writers' Centre has been the most constructive, and helpful. I thank you for such a current, professional environment to study in and look forward to a long association with the Centre."

Case studies: Success stories

‘Success’ can mean many things. For our students, it could mean getting their first story published in a magazine, finishing their memoir or even signing that 7-book deal! And for thousands more, it’s simply the thrill of learning something they love. Whatever your goal, the Australian Writers’ Centre can help you reach it.

Take a look at the following success stories to get inspired!

Video testimonials

VIDEO: What results do students achieve?

VIDEO: Aine Dowling talks about
the online course: Magazine Writing.

VIDEO: Bettina Wishart talks about
the Creative Writing course.

VIDEO: Jocelyn Pride talks about
the Travel Writing course.

VIDEO: Alistair McKillop talks about
the Creative Writing course.

VIDEO: Participant Anna Spargo-Ryan on our online
course: Magazine Writing.

VIDEO: Stephanie Hunt talks about
the online course: Magazine Writing.

Robyn Box talks about the
online course: Travel Writing.

VIDEO: Gemma Swart talks about
the Travel Memoir course.

VIDEO: Participant Rose Wintergreen
on our Online course: Magazine Writing.

VIDEO: Participant Susannah Hardy
on our Magazine Writing course.

VIDEO: Randall Longmire talks about
the online course: Magazine Writing.

VIDEO: Elvira Bogdanovic talks about
the Creative Writing course.

VIDEO: Karen Adamedes talks
about her experience with the
Australian Writers' Centre.

VIDEO: Participant Lisa Schofield
on our Magazine Writing course.

VIDEO: Georgia Rickard talks about
the Magazine Writing course.

VIDEO: Samantha Hutton talks about
the online course: Creative Writing.

VIDEO: Kerrie Scott talks about
the Magazine Writing course.

VIDEO: Rhae Hooper talks about
the Creative Writing course.

VIDEO: Jo Tracey talks about
the Magazine Writing course.

VIDEO: Louise Robinson talks about
the Magazine Writing course.

VIDEO: Louise Woodbury talks about her book "The Invisible Entrepreneur".

Rave reviews about the Centre

Ben Dalrymple:

"I would unreservedly recommend it to anyone seeking to take their writing from ideas to create stories."

Angela Spagnol:

"If you want to write, this is the place to be. The mother ship of writing."

Tanya Hall:

"The Australian Writers' Centre is in a beautiful location and offers extremely practical advice for a wide range of writing genres. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested in any form of writing!"

Sharon Troy:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre has useful classes taught by knowledgeable professionals.”

Kimberley Ann Carter:

“Take a course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. It's a great day out! It will help in your day job, you’ll meet interesting people to swap ideas with, and for me, not having done a course in years, it was just refreshing to get out of the office.”

Robyn Elliot:

"I learnt a great deal about the mechanics of the publishing side of things. I learnt how to analyse a story; how to dissect my own work and see if it is balanced; how to work out how to make the story work."

Bettina Wishart, Victoria:

"I have taken this year off specifically to focus on expanding my writing skills and to launch myself as a serious writer. I have tinkered with feature writing for newspapers and travel writing and would now like to take it further. This course has enabled me to set some clear goals, focus on specific literary genres, tap into useful networks and meet other like-minded writers. The skills I will take away will not only allow me to hone my craft but, more importantly, to change my life."

Michelle Barraclough:

"I loved the course. It was great because it gave me the basic foundations and structure for good writing. It's not enough to have an idea or a perceived flair for writing. There are RULES! With writing, you need to understand the basics of good dialogue, characterisation, structure (scene & summary), point of view, and editing. So, whilst I haven't written a novel YET, I have got my outline done and have a way forward, finally!"

Loren Howell:

"The lessons are given by industry professionals. The course was very helpful. The material was very relevant – and the classes were fun!"

Grace Foss:

"Getting insight from a working freelance writer was extremely helpful. It was also fantastic to structure the course with one lecture and Q&A session followed by a workshop session. I took the course to learn how to write a pitch and to gain insight into an industry I know very little about and came away having learned what I sought to learn."

Silma Ihram:

"I enjoyed the opportunity to write and to share. I was able to start writing at the course and receive valuable feedback. I found it helped enormously to start me on writing my memoirs."

Nat Watson:

"The benefits of doing this course were priceless. Not only did my writing passion and skill increase, but I allowed me to truly find myself. Patti's techniques, exercises and experience allows you to look at yourself, evaluate yourself and find your true self through writing. It has increased my confidence, my skill and my desire to write. Thank you so much."

Katherine Badatzanis:

"The teacher and the students were all very encouraging and informative. It has made me get into a habit of writing and has also given me the confidence to display my thoughts on the page."

Judith McIvor:

"I have been encouraged, inspired and the writing I have done so far has helped me see my life in a different light."

Ana Vavdinos:

"Every bit of information that was provided was practical. The tutor’s passion for writing was clearly evident and her enthusiasm to help others realise their dreams was awesome. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.

"I would highly recommend it. I could not have imagined that I would have got so much out of it in such a small time frame."

Eden Riley:

"Fantastic. Very intense! No-nonsense, thorough and clear. The best writing course out there."

Rachael Morris:

"Friendly, laid back atmosphere. Content was simple to understand and plenty of time for discussion and feedback. Very helpful and supportive."

Adrienne Byrt:

"The Australian Writers' Centre offers you motivation, inspiration and an exciting glimpse at the reality of whichever writing world you hope to become a part of, do it!"

Nikki Parkinson:

“The Centre is extremely professional and the courses offered will get you started (or refresh you) on your writing journey.”

Karen Lee Lydon:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre has intimate sessions with great presenters and an amazing view – which can only inspire any would be writer.”

Inga Ekholm:

"If a friend or colleague expressed and interest in writing I would highly recommend Australian Writers' Centre."

Tina Lambert:

"If you are serious about writing and want to get ahead of other aspiring writers, get yourself to the Australian Writers’ Centre."

Rebeka Hendrickson:

"The experience of being in a group people who feel just like you do – from the nerves of exposing your words to an audience, to a shared love for writing and the desire to improve it – was really inspiring and reassuring! After becoming more and more unsure of my own writing over the years this course really opened my eyes again to the fact that it is all possible if you just pick up the pen. It gave me the foundation skills to be more constructively self-analytical. I went into the course knowing I wanted to write but not really knowing, beyond the tiniest inkling of undeveloped ideas, what that might be. Now with the skills learned in the course, I feel empowered to jump in and turn those little seedlings into something more."

Imogen Bailey:

"I have always wanted to write creatively but I have long been guilty of collecting half finished pieces of work. I have now learnt how to put the pieces together and the true gift of that knowledge is that I have found my creative flow. I am now writing everyday and really experiencing the beauty of the creative process, the difference for me feels nothing short of amazing.

"I found this course to be not only educational in teaching me the skills that I so desired to know but it has also blessed me with a great support network. It's an inspiring experience to be in courses – I have done two!”

Ingrid Holm:

“Most enjoyable to do if you have any writing aspirations. There is a course for everyone at the Australian Writers' Centre. They are so positive and encouraging for you to succeed. You will learn heaps and you get to be very creative. Sign up and have FUN.”

Alan Taylor:

"The presenters not only have a passion for writing, they also have a passion for teaching all they know about their craft to their students. The courses are full of practical advice that enable you to get started right away in your chosen field."

Jen Bishop:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre is professional and well run, good value and with something for every level and interest.”

Jane Gilvear:

“I always speak highly of the Australian Writers' Centre because I've enjoyed courses that have educated me further on my journey.”

Lucy Taylor:

“The course provides participants with a comprehensive coverage of the travel writing genre and the industry. It is well-structured and excellently presented while its flexible mode of delivery makes it easily accessible to participants anywhere and at anytime.

“I enjoyed the flexible nature of its delivery; the in-depth coverage of topics; the excellent feedback given for uploaded assignments and participants’ questions; and the analysis of published travel articles. It is VERY easy to do the course online. I could easily slot it in around my work commitments.”

Cathy Cousins:

“Well organised, nice facilities, good presenters, great to attend and get the inspiration to achieve your goals.”

Chau Tran:

“A great place to attend short courses that are worth the money. You learn not only about writing but also find out insider knowledge from the teachers who have been in the industry for years!”

Neil Ray:

“There is more to writing than you could imagine. If you are serious about pursuing it then this is where to start.”

Xanthi Kouvatas:

“If you want to learn practical hints and tips with regards to writing or improving your writing, then this is the place for you!”

Nicole Xuereb:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre has great courses that offer practical information that can be put into practice in the workplace.”

Gina Portscher:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre is in a great location, has good comfortable facilities, and is close to transport and amenities.”

Shawnnita Fairbairn:

“I just took the BEST writers’ course at Australian Writers’ Centre and if you're interested in writing feature articles this is the place to be. You will love it!”

Maggie Perez:

“The Australian Writers' Centre is very professional – practical, hands-on, and helpful in helping you to succeed to write.”

Rana Khodjasteh:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre offers insightful and relevant courses.”

Michelle Newton:

“Great location, top presenters and interesting and practical courses.”

Raphael Miller:

“At the Australian Writers’ Centre you will learn from an industry professional with materials that are well structured and easy to understand.”

Ryan Laguna:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre offers value for money, professional and enjoyable courses.”

Anna Mora:

“Just go and give them a go. It'll be worth your while.”

Natasha Webb:

“Courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre are practical, helpful, and the perfect length.”

Sharon Troy:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre has useful classes taught by knowledgeable professionals.”

Lisa Smyth:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre provides excellent courses – I have done two!”

Nicole Michel:

“If you're looking to do courses in writing (creative, business or otherwise), have a look at what Australian Writer's Centre have to offer. I've done a couple of courses there and they've all been great.”

Liesl Laker:

“It's good value for money, with expert teachers, a great setting, and lots of practical tips to apply.”

Helen Stanley:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre is great – a professional organisation with great presenters specifically for writing.”

Amy Jozing:

“I found the Australian Writers’ Centre professional and they delivered on what they said they would do.”

Leanne Anderson:

“A great selection of courses to meet both your personal and business related objectives.”

Carol Walker:

“Fabulous location and great courses that are just the right price to entice you to do more!”

Sarah Collins:

“They have a range of relevant courses that are run quite regularly, so you can do a course when it is relevant to your business cycle or potential business idea.”

Kerry Osborne:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre is a great place to learn and develop writing skills, and it’s lots of fun.”

Jeannette Campbell:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre is a highly professional organisation and the course I attended was excellent value for money.”

Brittney Kellett:

“There is a fabulous selection of courses to choose from, the response time on any queries is great and the instructors are fantastic!”

Amber Colhoun:

“Very professional with a great range of courses.”

Rebecca Hanlon:

“The Australian Writers’ Centre has expert teachers, up to date information, and they’re easy to get to.”

Sionnach Hoyle:

“I think the main thing the AWC provides is quality – professional training from practising industry professionals. There is useful, current, professional, practical advice. I would definitely choose and recommend the AWC over TAFEs / adult education short courses because of the professionalism and industry expertise.”

Michelle Marr:

“If you feel you have a book in you, or have the desire to write anything you hope might get published somewhere, this is where you need to start...Even if you've never written a thing the Australian Writers' Centre  will make you feel like you can, and can help you with the tools to get there.”

Shelley Stephens:

“I have attended several courses at the Australian Writers' Centre for work and my own writing interests. Whether you are doing face-to-face seminars or the online training modules you really are getting a quality learning experience. It's rare to find a training provider that excels on all fronts – well structured course work, the presenters' industry knowledge and experience, plus online support for anything about writing through social media. I’ll be back!”

Recommendations by course

Creative Writing Stage 1

“I enjoyed the relaxed environment in which I could explore the idea of writing and how to go about starting to write. Pamela was excellent. She is a genuine and experienced presenter – friendly and non-threatening, inspiring and fun. This is a great taster course if you have ever wanted to dip your pen in to writing. Informative and hands on in starting your writing experience.”
- Martina Coffey

"I enjoyed learning something different every week. Jeni was great! The way she teaches is so easy to understand and so enjoyable. I had so much fun listening, writing, talking and I loved all of her advice and motivation."
- Chantelle Ravenswood

"Jeni was amazing and really helpful."
- Jennifer Jamieson

“I particularly enjoyed the actual writing exercises. It is much easier to understand the theory when you can actually put it into practice. Jeni was excellent. I really enjoyed her style.”
- Stephanie Hunt

“Very informative with lots of useful tips. It was also good to speak to other budding authors. It can also ignite your passion and motivation for writing.”
- Allison Cahill

“I enjoyed learning the theory behind the structure in writing. I really loved being able to sit with like-minded people who understand what it is to want to write. Jeni was great  – the only wish I have is that we had more time to pick her brain!”
- Shae Blizzard

“An excellent course. Learning how to critique my own work was really helpful, and I've been applying Jeni's tips and had lots of light-bulb moments since finishing the course. Jeni was very generous with her time, loading her apprentices with a cart piled high with hot tips to take away on our writing journeys.”
- Janice Dib

“The course covered a lot in terms of the story writing process. Character development, story structure and plot were my favourite topics. Jeni was wonderful. Her presentation was different to all other course I have done. Most presenters just read from the lesson. You ask them questions and they don't know the answer. Jeni actually taught and she was able to answer any question put to her. I loved it!”
- Alan Taylor

“Jeni was great. She eased us into the course and writing in general, provided personal tips and insights into her writing, was engaging to listen to. This is a great way to learn the key technical skills needed for creative writing.”
- Kathy Shats

“Jeni was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, easy to listen to, encouraging – bloody fantastic actually!”
- Greg Byers

“The course was very inspiring. Jeni was very good at getting you into a creative mind-frame. I think Jeni’s a great tutor. She was good at tapping into our creativity and – as a published and well-known author – gave useful advice on getting started in this industry. I often left the class with lots of ideas going around in my head. Now I just need to pick one and go with it!”
- Michelle Stewart

"I really enjoyed hearing about personal experiences from a published writer. Great teacher, great location."
- Belinda Duckworth

“The course was stimulating, helpful and informative; most of all, it inspired me to dare to dream. Kate was intelligent, quick, enthusiastic and really engaged with the class. Her encouraging comments about a piece I had written inspired me enormously. “
- Chrissie Ellis

“I enjoyed getting insights from an experienced and enthusiastic writer on the process of writing. Narrative/plot lecture was a particular strength. Kate was well-organised and informative. When time allowed, she gave constructive feedback to participants. Inspiring as a person as well as good content. This course was a good introduction to novel writing, and an inspiration to keep writing.”
- Ruth Armstrong

“Kate is sharp and witty - passionate about her craft, which is obvious from day one. I found the course excellent, and it has inspired me to write.”
- Bonnie-Louise Lussier

“I enjoyed learning about the principles of writing, and learning how to edit writing to make it better. The presenter (Pamela Freeman) was excellent. She was very passionate about the craft, and communicated very clearly and effectively in an engaging way. Very encouraging. Highly recommended. This course will assist you in finding motivation, and provide practical advice.”
- Peter Damalas

“Pamela is incredibly knowledgeable, has a great presence and is an amazing source of information.”
- Alla Erlikh

“Pamela was very entertaining as well as informative. Just do it. You won't feel out of your depth or intimidated. You will have a positive experience.”
- Gemma Ryan

“Pamela was the most enjoyable thing about this course. Also learning that I am not alone in amateur-hour. Pamela is engaging and inspiring. Every Tuesday night was spent writing my heart out until the wee hours. If you need inspiration and if you want the myths/mysteries/etc of writing and publishing uncovered, you MUST do this course."
- Jody Connor

“I loved the insight Pamela provided as a current and successful writer in Australia. When we workshopped our work, she shared some of her work to show that we all start with a first draft and that even a successful author goes through the same process as the aspiring authors in her class. Pamela's no nonsense style was a breath of fresh air. She always found ways to provide useful feedback for all participants. She was generous in sharing her experience and advice to help us think like writers and in turn develop into better writers. Love it love it love it! The Australian Writers’ Centre has great presenters, and a fabulous approach that there is no 'right' way to write. It's all about making you the best writer you can be. The courses have been informative and a pleasure to be part of.”
- Carolyn Francis

“The experience of being in a group people who feel just like you do - from the nerves of exposing your words to an audience, to a shared love for writing and the desire to improve it - was really inspiring and reassuring! After becoming more and more unsure of my own writing over the years this course really opened my eyes again to the fact that it is all possible if you just pick up the pen. It gave me the foundation skills to be more constructively self-analytical. I went into the course knowing I wanted to write but not really knowing, beyond the tiniest inkling of undeveloped ideas, what that might be. Now with the skills learned in the course, I feel empowered to jump in and turn those little seedlings into something more.

"Pamela is just amazing. She has so many examples to share, and always seems to have deep insight to offer on how any piece of writing could be improved - really getting to the heart of the issues. Her easy manner also made sharing work much less stressful, and ensured we had a good laugh regularly. I enjoyed a great teacher, a like-minded group, and practical tips to give me the impetus and encouragement to start writing more, and better. The AWC know their stuff and really have their act together. A constructive learning environment and plenty of follow-up available to keep you on track. I not only thoroughly enjoyed it, but truly feel I got real value out of it that will help me to develop my writing. I will be going back for seconds.”
- Rebeka Hendrickson

"Kate was an excellent presenter. She was extremely giving of her time and knowledge and her feedback on our writing helped to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of our work. I really enjoyed Kate's depth of knowledge, the easy, laid-back feel to the sessions and the ability to learn and put those lessons into practice."
- Michael Cullen

"Kate seemed very aware that each writer has his or her own approach to writing - no 'my way or the high way' business that many professionals have."
- Barnaby Neville

"The course was very practical and simply presented. It worked really well with a balance of listening to Jeni and doing exercises that we shared with the group. The access to Jeni was great. She was enthusiastic and encouraging about writing, and sharing what was clearly a wealth of experience. If you're interested in writing and need a motivating hand / kick up the bum to get started, try a course. Listening to Jeni, I realised that the only limitations to getting started are with me and I just need to start typing."
- Jo Cross

"I enjoyed having an experienced writer explain some of the different methods of writing and cracking into the industry. Jeni was fantastic. She was very sympathetic to the needs of new writers. An excellent presenter, and a good course."
- Maya S

"Content was 'tight' and exactly matched the needs of the learner. The small number of participants added to quality education. Jeni was a generous and inspirational teacher.  She made sure she covered the content and added lots of extra information by answering questions. She was patient with questions she must have heard a thousand times before! She’s an excellent communicator, warm and personable. The course was brilliant – worth every penny. I learnt so much. The presenter was a published author and really knew her stuff. I can't wait to do another one."
- Judith Tomlinson

"Kate was a great and encouraging teacher, and squeezed a huge amount of really practical useful information into each class."
- Nimmity Zappert

"Kate was wonderful. Willing to answer all questions and eager to help us all individually. She was very inspirational!"
- Anita McArthur

"I have taken this year off specifically to focus on expanding my writing skills and to launch myself as a serious writer. I have tinkered with feature writing for newspapers and travel writing and would now like to take it further. This course has enabled me to set some clear goals, focus on specific literary genres, tap into useful networks and meet other like-minded writers. The skills I will take away will not only allow me to hone my craft but, more importantly, to change my life."
- Bettina Wishart, Victoria.

"I absolutely loved Kate's style of teaching- so easy to follow and extremely informative! I also appreciated how encouraging she was. Thank you!"
- Kelly Laurantus

"Kate is an accomplished author whose books I really enjoy, so it was great just to hear her share her considerable knowledge on writing in a very matter-of-fact and engaging way.

"I've learned a ton about the craft of storytelling, including many things I did not know before, and intend to apply as much of it as I can when I re-write the first draft of my novel.
- Vincent Truitner

"The presenter was fantastically patient with a bunch of beginners who had many questions and could talk from her own personal experience which was incredibly useful. It gave me a good idea of the amount of work and preparation involved in becoming a published author. I have started practicing!"
- Karena Viglianti

"Jeni was a delight. Always interesting and entertaining, always open to any question; honest, pragmatic, knowledgeable; approachable and obviously passionate about her craft. The course was simply fun, inspiring and a joy to attend. I'm inspired, motivated and have a great big list now of things to do, write, read and research."
- Karen Horne

"Overall, the course was brilliant!"
- Tina McIntosh

"Information coming from a published author is invaluable, Pamela Freeman helped not only with many ways to go about refining a piece of work but also ensured we knew what to expect in the book industry."
- Asha Davidson

"It was a very friendly atmosphere, there was no pressure to write anything amazing and you didn't feel compared to the other students. Pamela has fantastic knowledge of writing and the industry and passed this on in a very understanding manner. The location was fantastic close to parking which made it a lot easier and the view is amazing."
- Alyssa Tasker

"I have always wanted to write creatively but I have long been guilty of collecting half finished pieces of work. I have now learnt how to put the pieces together and the true gift of that knowledge is that I have found my creative flow. I am now writing everyday and really experiencing the beauty of the creative process, the difference for me feels nothing short of amazing.

"I found this course to be not only educational in teaching me the skills that I so desired to know but it has also blessed me with a great support network. It's an inspiring experience to be in a room with minds that are all hungry for the same thing and a room filled with passion. This is a brilliant course!"
- Imogen Bailey

"You have taken me further than I'd ever hoped into a world of storytelling and infinite possibilities. Thank you for your never-ending inspiration, guidance and support through the process of creating and beyond."
- Jenny Diamond

"The Creative Writing course was a great way to kick-start my writing ambitions in a supportive and fun environment. I was really motivated to keep writing after every class."
- Linda Ballam-Davies

"The presenter was inspiring and I felt she was being honest in her feedback. It was wonderful."
- Midge McCall

"Pamela Freeman is a fabulous teacher! She just has such a talent for it. It's rare that a good writer is also a good teacher. I am very inspired"
- Iona Krefel

"It forced me to put pen to paper and gave me some encouragement to continue. It was very good. Pamela had obviously structured and prepared the course well."
- Michael Senior

"It was a very nice group of people, there were good reading materials and very practical and useful tips from a professional."
- Ned Sheeran

"I benefitted enormously from the course not just as a result of Pam's insights and straight talking style but also as a result of being surrounded by interested and interesting classmates.

"I'm glad I did it! I know I can write, and write well, but needed Pam's insights into the process and the realities of writing, whether for a living or for fun. I might just get off my backside now and start the novel I believe I have in me."
- Floyd Robichaux

"The course offered practical and insightful tips and advice on writing. I came away knowing more about writing than when I started. The teacher was excellent and there was a good bunch of people."
- David Olivetti

"I loved the course. It was great because it gave me the basic foundations and structure for good writing. It's not enough to have an idea or a perceived flair for writing. There are RULES! With writing, you need to understand the basics of good dialogue, characterisation, structure (scene & summary), point of view, and editing.

"Pamela gave us a really solid foundation to work from, as well as a fair dose of reality and inspiration as she shared her own stories of writing with us. So, whilst I haven't written a novel YET, I have got my outline done and have a way forward, finally!"
- Michelle Barraclough

"Great - I would highly recommend this to anybody who needs any form of guidance when it comes to any writing - not just creative writing. Pamela is a true artist."
- Mona Tannous

"I’ve just been offered my first contract, a four-book deal with Omnibus Press ... Big thanks to you, Valerie, for the Australian Writers' Centre, to Pamela for her course and to Geoff for reading my proposal. Thanks!"
- Mitch Lewis

"Pamela is an excellent teacher and an incredible listener. Her ability to take in her students work, digest and deliver value in her feedback was outstanding. This has given me an empowered perspective from which to write but also from which to critique my own work."
- Tim Lassig

"I have been writing professionally as a journalist for 18 years but there was so much I didn't know until I attended this course. I left on the final evening feeling inspired rather than scared about writing fiction."
- Michael Smith

"I would unreservedly recommend it to anyone seeking to take their writing from ideas to create stories."
- Ben Dalrymple

"The relaxed and flowing conversations about good books, great stories and fascinating characters were expertly woven together with practical lessons on how to craft your own words."
- Gemma Swart

"Being taught by someone like Pamela who has had so much experience in the field of creative writing was very enlightening. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the course has really given me momentum with my writing by giving me the tools that I need to improve.
"It was informative, encouraging and inspiring."
- Caroline Betts

"Pamela was excellent, very lively and helpful. She brought in a lot of personal experience, which was precisely what I'd hoped for."
- Annie Chiv

"I found it a significant stepping stone for those like myself wishing to discover the foundation of how to write creatively for short stories or a novel."
- Alex Jones

"I found the presenter to be incredibly dynamic and informative. The exercises to unlock your imagination were very valuable and I will continue to use them."
- Susan Rovelli

"One of the difficulties I find in writing is finding a couple of hours to focus - the discipline of going to the Writer's Centre every Tuesday night got me into that rhythm and allowed some time to think without distraction. I also enjoyed the materials and course structure. Pamela's real life experience was great to hear and understand. She was a charming presenter and I enjoyed her insights."
- Ken McKenzie

"I always thought I had a very poor imagination and I have always been stuck for story ideas. But with this course it showed me how to get past that and where to look inside myself for inspiration."
- Catherine Hawthorne

"Even though I am only new to writing, during the course I found so many new techniques and ways of approaching my work that I couldn’t have discovered without help. Writing is a passion I have only just recently discovered, and to have a course that offers so much in these early stages of my learning was the best experience I could have hoped for. I loved the course and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to take creative writing to the next level."
- Gustavo Panucci

"I didn't know what to expect from the course and wondered, before the start, how it was possible to teach someone to write creatively. Well I quickly found out. I loved every stage of the course, all the tips, writing exercises, exploring different ways of writing, building character profiles. Every bit of it was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm sad that the 5 weeks has come to an end. Jeni is a brilliant teacher, I loved listening to her, she has so much positive energy and she made the group feel very relaxed. The course has given me the confidence to start moving ideas from my mind to paper. I see a story wherever I might to be, whatever I happen to see. It's a very exciting place to be."
- Kate Bradley

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Creative Writing Stage 2

“The course provided a great environment to learn writing principles and connect with other people who are struggling with the same issues. Pamela is an amazing teacher. We give her a really average paragraph or page and she gives feedback that will turn it into an amazing story with tight structure and great prose.”
- Jenny New

“Pamela was great. Informative, supportive and encouraged everyone. I would recommend this course to others.”
- Martina Coffey

“I enjoyed the opportunity to get feed back from someone as knowledgeable as Pamela. Sharing my work with like-minded people has really given me the courage to move forward with my book.
Pamela is amazing. She is very generous with her knowledge and experience. She also has a very keen editor's eye and can sum up pretty quickly what you need to work on. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a great place to come if you want to write but need some help getting started, or if you have something written but you need help to get to the next stage.”
- Hera McCaffery

“Pamela was well organised and gave good tutorials, but the most valuable aspect was being able to ask her questions and observe her work practices. Australian Writers’ Centre courses are a good way to up your motivation and writing skills.”
- Ruth Armstrong

“The best thing about the course was definitely Pamela. I loved that she 'told it how it is', while still being constructive and kind. I appreciated that we worked outside on our writing and then workshopped during the session. I felt at times I may have driven others crazy with my questions but I was there to learn not sit back and Pamela was generous with her time.

"I would recommend the two presenters I have had – Pamela Freeman and James Roy. I would also say to ask as many questions as you can because the experience of working with a published author is invaluable.”
- Leanne Davidson

“Pamela’s knowledge and love of writing are so evident and make the course so much more enjoyable. She is generous with her time, constructive criticism and knowledge. It's a pleasure attending her classes.”
- Carolyn Francis

"I learnt a great deal about the mechanics of the publishing side of things. I learnt how to analyse a story; how to dissect my own work and see if it is balanced; how to work out how to make the story work. Pamela has a lot of knowledge and is very enthusiastic. She listens intently and gives constructive feedback which is appreciated. She is also able to show why a plot isn't working or why a character needs to be worked on."
- Robyn Elliott

"Pamela's breadth of experience and knowledge was invaluable."
- Tim Canham

"Pamela is amazing and such an inspiration. She is so obviously passionate and willing to share her successes and experiences with the class. I enjoyed workshopping our work with Pamela and other members of the class. I really benefited from the course and the feedback I received has given me the motivation and confidence to continue with my project. I look forward to soon commencing the Novel Writing Workshop."
- Tracey Jordan

"The course took the process of writing to a deeper level and Pamela is a passionate word lover, which I found inspiring. I have learnt to survey my work more closely, and to think about the whole process from a deeper perspective."
- Sharna Bryant

"Judith's ideas were interesting and stimulating. Her feedback was very useful and encouraging. The course was full of lots of ideas and motivation. I am on the way to completing a piece of writing for the first time ever!"
- Lis Blake

"I am now committed to finishing my first novel after years of prevarication!"
- Andrew Franks

"I enjoyed the opportunity to get feedback on my writing from several readers with entirely different perspectives than my own.

"As a result of the course I have become even more conscious of the importance of getting exactly the right words in the right place. I have always known this was important in other types of writing but in fiction it becomes absolutely vital."
- David Andrews

"Most enjoyable about the course was having a presenter as educated and friendly as Pamela Freeman. Pamela was always happy to answer any questions and made the learning experience enjoyable. Different from creative writing stage one, stage two challenged me more, making me put what I have learnt to the test and pushed me that extra little bit."
- Gustavo Panucci

"I find Pamela Freeman a great inspiration and an excellent teacher. She has in depth knowledge of the industry and brings humour and personal experience effectively into each session. My workshop skills have improved and I feel that I have progressed to a stage where I am feeling more confident about the process of structuring a story."
- Angharad Dalton

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Writing Books for Children and Young Adults

"I learnt so much from Judith, who was a massive inspiration and encyclopaedia of all things literary. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the group – learnt a lot from each other too."
- Louise Dean

"Judith was excellent, very experienced and could offer a broad knowledge of the industry from different perspectives (academic, publishing, writing, teaching). She was so helpful and had lots of stories to illustrate what she taught."
- Clare Cannon

"This was a thoroughly accessible, non-intimidating way to begin thinking seriously about the process of writing books for young children. Judith was excellent in all regards."
- Katherine Norbury

"It was lots of fun, Judith was a great teacher and it gave me the motivation and confidence I needed to write a children's book. She was an enthusiastic, interesting and knowledgeable teacher who was a pleasure to listen to and learn from."
- Elice Coffey

"Judith was delightful. I could listen to her for hours. My own insight into what I write has really improved. I'm so glad I took the course – my writing is all the better for it."
- Stuart Layzell

“Judith was wonderful. Remarkably patient, a good sense of humour and knew what she was on about.”
- Natalia Amoore

“I gained so much insight into the big wide world of writing. Judith is a keeper – friendly, encouraging and just a overall lovely lady.”
- Karen Lee Lydon

"I found Judith to be enthusiastic and inspiring, and she demonstrated an amazing knowledge of all aspects of writing for children. The work produced by people in the group ranged from picturebooks, through historicals to young adult fiction, but in all cases Judith was able to provide valuable guidance.

"She also created a wonderful group dynamic, in which the members critiqued each others' work in a constructive and supportive manner."
- Harriet Jordan, e-learning designer and writing student

"Judith Ridge really opened my eyes to the unique art of children's writing. She made me think about how to approach and write for children and to think about the differences between writing for children and writing for adults. She improved my manuscript for children enormously.

"I would recommend her courses to anyone at any level who has an interest in children's literature and writing."
- Sarah Thompson

"Overall, the course was excellent. Judith covered a lot of ground in the short time available and gave a lot of examples of existing publications. The course was structured in such a way that complete beginners could get as much out of it as more experienced participants."
- Patrick Silsbey

"Judith is a fantastic teacher. She covered all the aspects that I expected out of the course and more. She made extra effort in reviewing work and suggesting and providing additional reading material to my particular area of interest. She openly shared her expertise and encouraged us all. Judith and the centre created a nurturing and open environment for us to discuss our work. The course was intimate in size but felt very professional in content."
- Libbie Doherty

"Each night I left having learnt something new and of value to my writing."
- David Nunn

"I received some good tips in regards to publishers and what they want. There was a great deal of very useful information and Judith presented all of it very well."
- Michelle Crook

"Judith knew her stuff and it showed in her enthusiasm when she taught the class. Judith provided information I didn't even know I would need when writing for children. I took on everything from themes to focus on language and what children like compared to what adults think children would like."
- Megan Hughes

"She has such a colourful personality which kept me interested in learning more."
- Pat Kefalas

"I have come to understand the big picture and how the industry works. I have of course learnt what makes good writing and all the different concepts that you need to consider when writing a children's book."
- Lauren Harding

"I feel more confident about my ability to write children's stories that are engaging and also how to proceed to the next stage of getting them published."
- Chris Mitchell

"I am writing more, and within a week of finishing the course, I was able to have a fresh look at one of my manuscripts; re-edit the work, and finally take the plunge and submit it to publishers."
- Jacy Kattan

"It has encouraged me to find my writers voice and that it is ok to write and not be published straight away but to just enjoy the journey of writing."
- Karen Hendbark

"I have a much clearer understanding of my own writing style preferences now thanks to the course and Judith's invaluable sharing of information."
- Barbara Hawes

"I could have listened to Judith for hours - she has seemingly endless passion and information to share! I didn't know much about writing beyond high school English so the course has given me valuable insight and the confidence and contacts to start writing."
- Jane Wessling

"I really liked the way Judith was very open to answering everybody's questions and giving honest feedback on our work Judith's comments on my work have helped me very much."
- Karyn Sepulveda

"The presenter Judith was such a source of information and I enjoyed her approach and humour! It was most enjoyable. It has definitely given me the direction I needed to get started and progress with my writing."
- Michelle Bowry

"Being Danish it was essential for me to learn about Australian writers and Judy was spot on and I now have a long list of writers to read up on. It was fabulous to spend 2 hours in Judy's company every Thursday night, she has got a fantastic energy. I am even more dedicated to building up stories around my characters. I am inspired to make my writing happen."
- Christina Biel

"This is the first course I have ever done on writing so it was all worthwhile. I now understand some of the pitfalls of writing (although no doubt there are many more) and some aspects of writing that were previously intuitive. I really liked Judith Ridge. Judith Ridge is not just a very capable and knowledgeable presenter but a very approachable person willing to spend time helping people. This goes beyond the classroom."
- Annette Moran

"It was amazing to be surrounded by so many creative and talented writers. It was truly inspiring. I have made a network of aspiring writers who have offered support and encouragement for me to succeed. I have re-awoken my passion for writing."
- Carolyn Francis

"[I enjoyed] The interaction between participants, Judith's enthusiasm for the subject matter. I learnt new things, got brought up to speed with contemporary children's literature, and was able to have a lot of things confirmed that I knew intrinsically but didn't know I knew until Judith brought it up!"
- Siew Jin Ooi

"Judith is a fantastic presenter, enthusiastic and passionate about children's literature and you can't help but get caught up in her enthusiasm."
- Germaine Leece

"The people and the activities, it was a great experience all round and extremely helpful. I have heaps of information now to help me in my schooling work. The class has given me an excellent sense of direction, it's fantastic."
- Liam O'Leary

"Very professional and well organised. Judith's knowledge of the topics really consolidated the material and handouts that were discussed on the course."
- Andrew Smerdon

"The best thing was the fun and relaxed atmosphere. Judith is an excellent teacher and I have learnt a lot from her. The course was very informative, covered many areas of writing."
- Simon Painting

"With the direction and advice given at the course I feel motivated to at least give writing a go, where as before I had doubts whether or not I should even start."
- Anthony Maraca

"Judith was great. She provided a broad spectrum of knowledge regarding industry plus amazing passion for the industry."
- Dimitri Andreatidis

"I enjoyed Judith's wonderful enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the topic. I now have much more detailed knowledge of the children's publishing market. The course inspired me to sign up for the Creative Writing course."
- Angharad Dalton

"I have used what we discussed in my own writing and now have a better understanding of the writing process."
- Peter Latimer

"I learned a lot about how to write. I can now get writing! It was great to have inside knowledge from an experienced editor."
- Joy Mortimer

"I have got lots of ideas about getting started. I have gained so much knowledge and insight now. Judith and Pamela were very knowledgeable and warm presenters."
- Margaret Fitzgibbon

"The content was fantastic. I have learnt much about writing for children and how to take my work forward."
- Roslyn Rogers

"I can approach my own story writing with a better sense of structure, and I'm becoming a lot more aware of the realities of publishing."
- Meegan Parkee

"Judith's comments on my work have helped me very much. The information she presented us with was also very useful."
- Karyn Sepulveda

"I loved the course and truly Judith is a brilliant and enthusiastic teacher ... she is passionate about children's books and such a huge knowledge of all the different age groups so that she could be speaking of four year old book of verse and switch to fifteen year old teenage writing with ease as she knew her subject matter ... so thank you for your help and advice and thank you to Judith too."
- Robyn Elliott

"The sharing of work with the group was a real highlight, hearing what other people had written and receiving constructive criticism and encouragement. This course was also very well structured, and the homework activities were scaled well, as you progress from writing a memory (week 1) to commencing a story (week 5). I feel that I have grown confidence in my writing, and the course has allowed me to look at new ways of approaching my writing, so much so that I am going to rewrite the story I wrote just prior to this course from a completely different perspective."
- James Beauchamp

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Writing Picture Books

"Cathie is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of picture books, and with so much relevant industry experience, her tips and insights were invaluable. The workshop aspect of the course and meeting other writers was terrific. Cathie was AWESOME. She was direct, honest, informative, funny – perfect!"
- Natalie Keen

"Cathie was a genuine, honest presenter who was generous with her experience and quietly firm about what is expected of the author of a children’s picture book. She had a wry sense of humour and an engaging and organised way of delivering the work. I was really inspired to go home and get on with my book."
- Catherine Falk

"Cathie was a very knowledgeable presenter and I liked that she was open to all sorts of questions. It was great to hear how the publishing works from someone who has been there."
- Catherine Golding

"I thought Cathie was excellent. I appreciated her direct feedback and honesty. It was obvious that she had a great depth of experience and knowledge. I thought the course was interesting and Cathie's directness and sense of humour made it fun!"
- Jodie Hamblin

"I found the ability to talk face-to-face with other like-minded people very inspirational. Cathie was great. I found her manner warm and approachable and I felt I could ask any questions."
- Murray Henstock

"Cathie was extremely knowledgeable. It was beneficial to get an editor's point of view – it felt like we were given an insider's perspective on the picture book industry. The timing of the course over five weeks was also nice. It was just the right amount of time."
- Laura Wuellner

"Cathie offered great advice and tips, along with all kinds of valuable information regarding writing a picture book for children."
- Brittney Kellett

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Novel Writing Workshop

“Pamela was great. Very knowledgeable and her feedback was spot on.”
- Marcus Dorreen

“The Novel Writing Course was amazing. I wasn't really ready for it but learnt so much from Pamela that I am now ready to get going with my novel and will definitely do the course again in a year to consolidate my learning. Pamela is an amazing teacher. Her depth of knowledge ensures that everyone in the class receives fantastic feedback and her ability to take a very average piece of work and turn it into a great piece of work is just invaluable. I have done a number of courses with AWC to date and found the Centre extremely professional and the presenters are all fantastic. I think that the courses are extremely good value for money.”
- Jenny New

“It was great to be part of a group and workshop people's projects. Pamela was inspiring and never made you feel self-conscious about your work. She works hard on everyone's texts and is encouraging. She is also intuitive about the problems you are having and most of all she is knowledgeable about so many genres and very entertaining. This takes you out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. I could easily do it again next year.”
- Gemma Ryan

“Pamela was superb. Her insights were and extraordinary she has an uncanny ability to see ways to make the best of our work.”
- Maureen Collins

“Pam is wonderfully insightful. I went to the course thinking/expecting many things, what I got was a completely fresh and experienced view on my work. It has left me inspired and excited, aware and ready to embark on the changes I need to make.

"I will definitely re-do the course, and with Pam. Already I feel she understands where I am and where I can go with writing. She didn't placate me, which is the exact reason I felt like I needed to do a course. All your friends can ever do is praise your work, but Pam gives it to you! I thank her for her honesty.

"If you want something affordable, effective and inspiring then the Australian Writers’ Centre is perfect. Both the courses I have done have given me more than I thought I would get out of them for the price.”
- Thomas Walsh

"Pamela was very generous in sharing her trials and triumphs which is really important. She also was very positive about writing and made me feel like it was possible! I have gained valuable feedback regarding style, technique and genre. I liked the structure and enjoyed the format very much."
- Monique Kinerson

"I enjoyed Pamela's usual infectious excitement, enthusiasm, motivation and good feedback. I feel it's helped me build on my writing skills."
- Sonia Zadro

"It was great to discuss the various peices with the group and hear from various unique perspectives. I recognised what was missing in my writing and this has provided me with a better understanding of what it takes to write an engaging piece of fiction."
- Lawrence Roux

"My writing is much clearer and sharper, and I now know of many details about novel writing I was unaware of before."
- Julian Howard

"Pamela is fantastic. She is encouraging and seems genuinely invested in the success of her students. I have more confidence in my writing ability."
- Karlene Dalbraithe

"Pamela was insightful and her knowledge is extensive. I appreciated her opinions, particularly about other participants work which I found very instructive."
- Philip Winn

"Pamela was fantastic. She always kept the mood friendly and real, and kept the workshopping at a professional level, focusing on what the individual needed most from their time in the course. What was most enjoyable about the course was having a friendly atmosphere, where the group could discuss and critique each other’s work in a controlled environment."
- Gustavo Panucci

"Pamela was fantastic. Her advice and feedback were always spot on, and the sessions were always very informative and enjoyable. I loved discussing everyone's work and giving feedback and possible ideas for improvement. The feedback from the other writers and a published author like Pamela Freeman is invaluable."
- Cheryl Mathew

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Screenwriting Stage 1

"The lessons are given by industry professionals. The course was very helpful. The material was very relevant - and the classes were fun!"
- Loren Howell

"I loved Tim's enthusiasm and the way he would get across points he was trying to make. Being able to leverage his experience and knowledge was invaluable. I definitely have a better idea of how to build and manage the development of a script. I really enjoyed Tim's teaching methods and found him very responsive when discussing my own script."
- David Howlett

"I definitely came away with knowledge of a process that I did not possess when I first started. I also have a broad overall knowledge of how to go about writing a script. Tim has plenty of industry knowledge and his editorial skills are excellent."
- David Owens

"Tim is passionate about his subject and inspired me to write and to continue after the course has finished. I wanted a "cut to the chase" experience that emphasised practice rather than theory and that's what I got. I feel inspired and have some basic tools to continue developing my screenplay and possibly others."
- Colleen Winney

"Tim is great. He’s very helpful and obviously knows his stuff, he’s also enthusiastic and inspirational. I've been struggling with some aspects of my writing for years and in this short course Tim has opened a few doors by revealing that rather than a mystery there is a simplicity to the process of writing for the screen. He has inspired me with the confidence to keep plugging away. Already my work has improved and I feel motivated to keep pushing on with my writing."
- Chris Mitchell

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Perfecting Your Pitch

"I enjoyed writing a pitch, and having that worked on and also the impromptu 'phone' conversation. I have more confidence to work on how to pitch an idea to magazines. I now need to get a strong idea to pitch! Taking that first step of courage!"
- Julie-Anne Ellem

"Getting insight from a working freelance writer was extremely helpful. It was also fantastic to structure the course with one lecture and Q&A session followed by a workshop session. I took the course to learn how to write a pitch and to gain insight into an industry I know very little about and came away having learned what I sought to learn."
- Grace Foss

"Good practical advice and feedback on my pitch. [The course has] given me some feedback on my own pitches and ideas/tips on how to successfully pitch."
- Ros Page

"Clear and precise information, well delivered. The chance to have my own work evaluated."
- Jane Rowley

"Sue was a brilliant teacher and provided invaluable and practical feedback on our pitches. I loved the editor input too."
- Catherine Boundy

"I have gained the confidence to get out there and pitch to editors and not fear that I am making a fool of myself. Sue was informative in a very friendly way and managed to make everyone feel involved in the course."
- Catherine Brazil

"The workshopping of pitches was very helpful. I will be applying what I learnt to my job as a PR person and for future freelance work it's definitely worthwhile. Sue is very experienced, very approachable and friendly."
- Naomi Joyce

"I really enjoyed this course as it was so focused on one aspect of freelancing, which has helped me to focus my efforts and work to really improve the way I am planning and pitching.

"I have reorganised my story ideas and how I track them, with a clear separation from blog and article ideas. I am approaching pitching completely differently and have set clear goals of what I want to achieve from here."
- Nimmity Zappert

"Sue was such an easy going presenter and gave concrete good advice with practical suggestions. We were not left in any doubt if our ideas were good or bad; she was honest and open about her own writing and about the market for journalistic work. I have upgraded my knowledge and skills. Also there was a personal sense of achievement."
- Robyn Elliott

"I thought Sue conducted a really accessible and relevant course, made all the more so by including examples from her own inspiring journey. The class exercises brought us out of our comfort zones and encouraged us to just go ahead and take the next step and learn from it. It almost provides a mental preparedness for going ahead and making the pitch.

"Attending both the pitching and magazine writing courses really gave me the confidence and get out there and aspire to my goals. Without which, I would still be dreaming!"
- Suzi van Middelkoop

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Thriller Writing

"No matter how well progressed you think you are with your writing, there is always something valuable to learn, and the thriller course really lays it all out for you in both a practical and inspiring way. My ideas really developed on this course."
- Kerry Rogerson

"Louisa was very good- enthusiastic, well presented and well organised."
- Marie Henderson

"Louisa is a very passionate and interesting presenter. I thought she handled the diversity of the group very well and she was well planned and prepared to share her personal story. I enjoyed her openness."
- Lynne Abbott

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Writing About Interiors, Style and Design

“I have just come home after my last class with Nigel, full of inspirational ideas. Every question that I had was answered, along with a lot of other valuable information. Nigel was very approachable and gave us accurate, no nonsense advice. He presents in an easy to understand manner. His valuable information comes from his expertise and good preparation. For anyone wanting to pursue a career in writing about interior design, I highly recommend this course. Just do it. You wont' be disappointed.”
- Lesley Robyn Landmark

"This course was excellent. Nigel showed a keen interest in sharing his knowledge. It's the best short writing course I have been on and wasted no time in presenting the right information for getting your work published."
- Phillip Brook

"Nigel's personal insights were really valuable and interesting. I particularly appreciated that he had asked people he knows in the right positions (i.e. magazine editors) to provide their dos and don'ts. Nigel is engaging and interesting."
- Nicola Duncan

"I enjoyed the inside information Nigel was able to bring to the course. He was optimistic and made us believe we could be interiors writers without too many barriers. I liked his straightforward and non-ego driven approach."
- Carmel Sullivan

"The course gave practical information about becoming a freelancer in the field of interiors and inside information about what magazines want, and the do's and dont's. Nigel was informative, and able to impart personal and professional knowledge effectively."
- Megan Macpherson

"This course was excellent. Nigel showed a keen interest in sharing his knowledge. It's the best short writing course I have been on and wasted no time in presenting the right information for getting your work published."
- Phillip Brook

"Nigel's personal insights were really valuable and interesting. I particularly appreciated that he had asked people he knows in the right positions (i.e. magazine editors) to provide their dos and don'ts. Nigel is engaging and interesting."
- Nicola Duncan

"I enjoyed the inside information Nigel was able to bring to the course. He was optimistic and made us believe we could be interiors writers without too many barriers. I liked his straightforward and non-ego driven approach."
- Carmel Sullivan

"The course gave practical information about becoming a freelancer in the field of interiors and inside information about what magazines want, and the do's and dont's. Nigel was informative, and able to impart personal and professional knowledge effectively."
- Megan Macpherson

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Food Writing

"Carli was excellent. She was very personable, comfortable presenting, happy to share her experiences and always made us feel 100% at ease to ask questions and share our work with her. She made the course fun and enjoyable as well as a great chance to learn."
- Amanda Whitelegg

"The course opened my eyes and further fired up my passion about food. The course is excellent and helped me improve my skills in writing about food.I would recommend it."
- Zurinah Watt

"Carli was genuine and knowledgeable and gave good advice."
- Debbie Dalgliesh

"The depth of the content was covered was invaluable and Carli was amazing. Honest and well-prepared."
- Belinda Bentley

"I enjoyed Carli's stories and practical knowledge. She was amazing - approachable, extremely helpful and generous with her information. She 
delivered the course perfectly."

- Natalie Fiorenza

"The pallet exercises and taste tests were really interesting. It's good to have a practical exercise, to break up all the theory. Carli is great. Very knowledgeable and helpful, she has so much experience to share and really knows her stuff."

- Tara Mathews

"Carli was fantastic, so knowledgeable and very generous with her knowledge. I can not talk highly enough about her." 

- Samantha Ihring

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Write a Chick-Lit Novel

"Lisa Heidke is a great presenter and an amazing writer. She really got in and listened to everyone. She taught me a lot in only two days and everyone was buzzing about her at the end of the two days. She makes it fun, enjoyable and exciting! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by doing this course."
- Chantelle Ravenswood

"The best course on writing I have ever done. It delivered its promise to help a would be chick-lit writer get the nuts of bolts of what they need to know. I really enjoyed the depth of information presented by Lisa and her flexibility in being able to answer all our questions and still keep us on track to cover all her excellent modules. You won't find a better value for money program, or a better mentor in Lisa."
- Susan Donovan

"Lisa's experience really shone through and was invaluable. She doesn't just teach this stuff, she lives it."
- Jo Tracey

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Your Story Structure

"Kathryn is a bright personality who really grabs your attention and doesn't let it go - the same way a book should. Her insights into different aspects of plotting are invaluable to both beginning writers and more established ones.

"Furthermore, she has some brilliant techniques to get you deep inside your character, which will make it much easier for you to plot the story. Kathryn was tops. She's deeply into what she does and wants to get the best out of her students. She listens well and will help you create your idea into a writable plot."
- Sean O’Connor

"This morning course was delightful - one could enjoy the stunning setting and public transport was 'to the door', as well as an excellent presenter and interesting participants."
- Pamela Huggins

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Life Writing

“I enjoyed everything about this course – the teacher, the content, the way it was facilitated, venue, the group of people. Patti is a wonderful teacher for many reasons. She is clearly experienced and knowledgeable and gave us a lot of practical tips to get started writing. She is a talented communicator and seems very grounded and solid so there was a real authenticity about her. She is an excellent group facilitator and does it so effortlessl.y She was generous with her expertise and time.”
- Christine McCabe

“Patti's style is excellent and engaging. She is obviously passionate about the topic and imparts her knowledge in an easy and friendly style. She made me feel completely at ease and safe in sharing some of my creative thoughts. The tasks she set were just right to stimulate the creative process.”
- Teresa Benetos

“Patti's approach to the topic was a good balance of presentation and writing exercises. I gained so much valuable information and have told many people that it is not an exaggeration for me to say it was 'life changing'. Patti has a great ability to provide honest feedback while at the same time being very encouraging. She creates an atmosphere of support where even the least experienced life writer (I put myself in that group) feels inpsired, not diminished by the more experienced participants.”
- Linda Chaousis

“I found I had the ability to write about things: family life, and incidents in my life I had always wanted to expand. This course is a good way to get started on events in your life that you want to make sense of, to show to others.”
- Christopher Hill

“I enjoyed the supportive environment; interaction with other participants; and feedback on written material. Patti is simply magic. She is a very talented facilitator for creativity and a thoroughly likable person. She is an entertaining and sensitive presenter who is skilled at helping each person to gain access to and realise their own creativity. She offers intelligent advice at every level.”
- Lee Harris

“I enjoyed the small group, the writing tasks and the feedback. Patti was excellent!”
- Marina Dassos

"It was extremely pleasant being in the company of other like-minded people going on their own life journey. I feel I have benefited enormously, giving me more of a chance of completing my story with a lot more inspiration to bring it to fruition. I think Patti presented the course beautifully and felt our needs were met."
- Jane Gilvear

"Patti Miller was great. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Quite inspiring."
- Jane Barrie

"I enjoyed the opportunity to write and to share. I was able to start writing at the course and receive valuable feedback. I found it helped enormously to start me on writing my memoirs."
- Silma Ihram

"Patti was an excellent facilitator - grounded and down to earth. Of course, meeting and listening to the writing of others is the best possible thing to do. Patti's feedback was supportive and constructive."
- Louise Brogan

"The course pinpointed the areas of writing that I'd never thought about. The homework/exercises/readings made total sense. I am rewriting another draft of my memoir and feel that I can enrich it so much!"
- Lara Friedman

"Patti was a great instructor - best writing course I've taken so far. It provided concrete examples on how to progress writing as well as new ways to access new ideas and ways to write."
- Laura Ryan

"I found Patti interacted with us all without judgement, with compassion, with insight and with truth. She knows her subject well and it comes over that she enjoys teaching. The benefits of the course will possibly be ongoing. Not only was it enjoyable, with no pressure to 'perform' or come up with anything too intellectual, but it gave structure and method to life writing – quite different from a Creative Writing course."
- Robyn Elliott

"It was great to get together with some like-minded people and Patti's facilitation was excellent. She really got us all to talk and express ourselves in a safe atmosphere. I took away some simple messages – to write everyday for at least ten minutes, to jog my memory using the senses and to write scenes."
- Anne Walter

"Patti was wonderful in encouraging us and providing that safe environment to share our stories. Her feedback was invaluable, not just of my work but of everyone's. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself. It has inspired me to continue with my project."
- Clare Nathan

"The course was illuminating in many ways. Patti skilfully kept ten very different people engaged and on track whilst cleverly sharing quality advice on ways to improve. It was empowering in terms of both learning and sharing and as a result I'm encouraged to continue this journey of discovery. Not only did it unleash the very dormant writer within but it also taught me to relax, share with, and encourage like-minded folk whom I now feel I have a connection to. I started somewhat hesitantly and finished with a desire to continue in earnest."
- Felicity Young

"Writing your Life is an excellent text. Patti walked us through its parts and shared her deep knowledge of her subject. The group was small and there was plenty of space to participate. The two days have fired almost every remaining neuron in my brain and I now have the means to catch and order the bits so I can share my story with others."
- Ian Reid

"The benefits of doing this course were priceless. Not only did my writing passion and skill increase, but I allowed me to truly find myself. Patti's techniques, exercises and experience allows you to look at yourself, evaluate yourself and find your true self through writing. It has increased my confidence, my skill and my desire to write. Thank you so much"
- Nat Watson

"I found the course liberating in overcoming the barrier to start writing. Patti is an inspiring and encouraging teacher and excellent group facilitator. It was most enjoyable and met my objectives."
- Carolyn Leigh

"It was a great experience. I haven't been in a class room for 20 years so it was a little scary at first but Patti was awesome. She's a very good teacher, a lovely lady. Everyone was great in fact, it was a wonderful experience to share with like minded people, it's nice to know you're not alone in the quest! Bloody brilliant!"
- Marcia Tsiliris

"The course was a breakthrough experience for many of us. It gave us inspiration, energy to write, excellent tips and a sense of achievement. In such a short term, Patti managed to make us write good pieces, almost a start of our own book."
- Aurora Lopez

"Patti is a wonderful teacher and mentor, great at making people feel relaxed and their contributions worthy."
- Helen Vatsikopoulos

"The teacher and the students were all very encouraging and informative. It has made me get into a habit of writing and has also given me the confidence to display my thoughts on the page."
- Katherine Badatzanis

"I have been encouraged, inspired and the writing I have done so far has helped me see my life in a different light."
- Judith McIvor

"Patti is such a positive person and she made it a lot of fun with our group whilst learning a lot. She has an amazing way of teaching and brings out the best in you."
- Ruby Rebic

"I found the class very inspiring, informative and interesting. I learned so much in such little time. I also met some very wonderful people and enjoyed interacting with them each week. I feel more confident now to go ahead with my own projects as a result of the information given in the class."
- Julie Abrahams

"I enjoyed Patti's teaching style, experience and encouragement. The small class of participants (12) allowed us to get to know one another, share our writing and interact.

"It has inspired me to keep writing and to learn more about writing. I feel the quality of my writing has improved. I'm certainly now aware of many things I was doing wrong!"
- Kerry Osborne

"Patti Miller has extensive experience and expertise, and is an outstanding teacher as well - a rare combination."
- Carolyn Barnabo

"Patti is a very good teacher, she has a wonderful ability to draw out creativity from the students. I hope to write that book! The course has allowed me to take off my training wheels and maybe give it a go."
- Suzanne McGillivray

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Life Writing Masterclass

“I enjoyed the challenge of workshopping my writing and receiving feedback, the lovely location, and the great classmates. Patti has a wealth of knowledge and experience in life writing. She allows lots of class interaction but diplomatically keeps class members under control, she is clear, concise and interesting to listen to, she is honest in her appraisal and doesn't only say the good things – which is how we learn to write well – and she creates an environment where we can write and share on a very deep level”
- Kerry Osborne

“The course was stimulating and interesting. It is a privilege to be given other people's life stories, and to be able to share one's own, in a supportive group. Patti is exceptionally talented in empowering one to source innate creativity and very generous in providing constructive feedback. She imposes productive disciplines both on the group and individually. No matter your capability, Patti Miller will show you how to improve your writing, helping you to unlock a creative lode you have never before drawn on.”
- Lee Harris

“I highly recommend Patti. She really knows the craft. She’s amazing!”
- Jaclyn Albergoni

“A good volume of work was produced with positive feedback in a light-hearted atmosphere. I learnt ways to weave parts of history and personal story together and to keep it interesting. Patti is genuinely interested in every person's story. She is a master teacher; an amazing lady with a true gift and the ability to teach others to find their voice, then write what is true.”
- Robyn Elliott

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Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1

“I did the magazine writing course at the Australian Writers' Centre and it changed my entire life. I met an amazing number of talented and interesting people and the support on the Facebook graduates page has been amazing. So many doors have opened up. Absolutely incredible.”
- Rose Wintergreen

"It was a fascinating course and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed getting to know Sue and my classmates. Sue is passionate, friendly, organised and was able to explain new information clearly. She always went the extra mile for the class."
- Rob Ashton

“I enjoyed the opportunity to learn so much from a presenter with passion and a clear understanding about the industry. Marina was great – open and engaging, answered every question and made herself available between classes. The Australian Writers’ Centre is the right place for anyone interested in writing. They give you the tools to change the direction of your career (fingers crossed!).”
- Sarah Wayland

“Marina – what an inspiration. She was fantastic. Her own knowledge base was so incredible and the insight she brought as an editor was worth every cent. She was very generous with her time and approach. Do Marina's class. That woman is amazing.”
- Julie Noever

“Marina was fabulous, easy going, down to earth and happy to share information. She was very professional and personable at the same time.

"I was very impressed with the ease of signing up, the communication leading to the course start date, the course content, the ease of parking and the great location. It was so easy to attend classes and enjoy the content. Overall it had a very good vibe!”
- Marina Majeran

“Marina was encouraging and very open in sharing her experience and knowledge.”
- Flora Lee

“Marina's experience and easy to follow tips were brilliant. Marina is engaging and very knowledgeable. This course is a great way to kick start your writing passions.”
- Laura Farmer

“The course was very practical and I felt that by the end of the 5 weeks I had the tools submit a story. Marina's stories and tips were also great. She was engaging, interesting and really encouraging. A great course if you want practical tips in a short space of time and with a great teacher.
- Justine Sarpi

“I thought Marina was an exceptional teacher and presenter. She offered a fantastic course structure plus tended to individual needs. I have worked in the publishing industry for 15 years and it was fantastic to have a presenter with so much experience and knowledge. It was just the dose of confidence I needed to plunge back into the world of publishing – and now with the writing tips and tricks I lacked. Marina delivered above and beyond.
I highly recommend you do the course as it offers tips and tricks, reputable presenters and a good dose of confidence.”
- Didee Mitton

“I enjoyed learning inside tips and analysing real writing examples – the good and bad. Marina was personable with an enjoyable style, yet very professional also. She answered all our questions and gave encouraging and constructive feedback.

"The course is brilliant. It delivers real insight from experienced editors/writers in a friendly and encouraging environment.”
- Carol Walker

“I loved that Marina had real examples for every key point. The course was so practical, and I left feeling like I could pitch a story and get published.

"Marina was fantastic. Her industry knowledge was great and she had real depth in her experience. I would say, do it! This is a super practical course that really breaks it down on what you need to do to get published. Marina creates an unpretentious and safe environment.”
- Erin Pfeiffer

“The practical advice offered gave excellent insight into how to become a feature writer within the Australian media landscape. Sue has so much experience and is more than happy to share her personal experience to provide real-life examples to the class, which was great!

"The Australian Writers' Centre is in a beautiful location and offers extremely practical advice for a wide range of writing genres. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested in any form of writing!”
- Tanya Hall

“Sue White's enthusiasm for writing made going to class on a Monday night worth while. She was fantastic!
- Alegria Alano

“Sue bought the course to life. She was enthusiastic, friendly, open, thoughtful – she's the best! This course is definitely worth doing whether you would like to pursue writing as a hobby or as a career.”
- Kimberly Omodei

“I really enjoyed learning exactly what feature writing is, the importance of writing your articles to suit the magazine/target market, and how to pitch to editors. Also, the 'tips for feature writing' will be an extremely useful reference guide.

"Marina was a great teacher. I gained so much from hearing her stories as an editor. Her knowledge has given me a better understanding of the role of an editor and what they're looking for in a writer/story idea. This will enable me to communicate with editors better as I start my career in freelance writing. The people at the Australian Writers’ Centre really know their stuff about all things writing and the teachers live and breathe the industry. Everything I learnt was relevant and useful and the classes are really well organised.”
- Miranda Ryan

“Great content. Marina was informative and patient. It was enjoyable to get out of the office to do something different and creative.”
- Mary Dewar

“The entire course was so enjoyable that it is difficult to pin-point one particular aspect - Sue made us all feel so comfortable and created a relaxed and open atmosphere that it would have been almost impossible to experience anything other than enjoyment. Because writing is a huge passion in my life, every topic we covered more than held my interest - but the way in which Sue delivered the information enhanced this experience. Fantastic!

"There is honestly not one tiny bit of negative or constructive criticism I could give on Sue. She created a warm space from the very second we opened, making sure everyone felt comfortable to speak up and be heard - right to the very close of the weekend. No-one's opinion, comment or thought was more or less important than anyone else's. No matter what part of the writing journey the participant was on, Sue treated each and every one of us with the same level of respect. I would definitely do another course with Sue. She made me feel more confident in terms of my ability to continue my writing journey, and helped me come away with much needed clarity on a number of grey areas.

"The Australian Writers’ Centre is the perfect place for a writer of all levels to go - whether it be a friend wanting to know how to begin their career, or a professional working in the field who needs a bit of a refresher. I would also recommend signing up to their fabulous e-newsletters.”
- Diana Timmins

“Some courses get bogged down in trying to teach people how to write and you simply can't teach that in two days. So it was great to be on a course that avoided that trap and helped people who have solid writing skills already to learn how to structure their articles and pitch them effectively. Sue was terrific.”
- Fiona Scragg

“The best thing about the course was learning real insider info on how the freelance market works and how we can get started. It was very inspiring and motivational to get you kick-started in actually doing something you've dreamed about for a while. Sue was a great presenter and very generous with sharing her experience and all the things she learned in her career, and delivering them in a way that was easy to understand and practical. If you're thinking of a career or even just trying out the idea of writing articles for magazines and newspapers, this course is a great place to start because it teaches you practical ways of getting into the market and gives you insider info on how to reach editors successfully.”
- Leanne Gomez

"The course was well structured and a good balance between theory and practice. Marina's experience and stories added so much relevance and current knowledge to the course. The pace was good and the handouts and examples were very interesting and useful. Marina was fabulous. Relevant, engaging, encouraging and an enormous amount of experience to share with us. She'd be hard to beat as a presenter!"
- Betty O'Neill

"After a full day's work, the fact that I was fully engaged for the two hours of all 5 sessions is probably as strong a tribute as I can pay. Marina was very knowledgeable, and I found her conversational style of presentation kept me interested throughout. If you want a credible, experienced writer and editor to teach you how to write an article, when to write it, and who to write it for, you should attend this course."
- Brian Byrne

“Being surrounded by motivated and like-minded people was inspiring and motivating. Sue was obviously very experienced as a writer and her personal input was invaluable.”
- Tracey Markos

“The presenter made the course enjoyable and I loved the really practical and useful information. Sue was really helpful, approachable and knowledgable. She took the time to help us get the most out of the course material. It's a really professional set-up, teaching relevant material that really helps you reach your writing goals. I love the practical, real-world experience of the lecturers.”
- Nikola Ellis

"Sue is an extremely good presenter. As a freelance writer she could tell us about various experiences she's had, which was very useful to me. The course taught us real practical skills on how to write something and get published in a magazine or newspaper. I learnt more in 2 days than you would in a year at uni! Great location, great teacher and useful information that will help you get published."
- Sarah Donovan

"I was initially sceptical about doing an intensive 2 day course, but it turned out to be fantastic. Sue was an excellent faciltator."
- Jane Copeland

"Sue was very easy to follow. She kept things on track, was personable, clear, experienced, and non-patronising. This was a very practical course with a great presenter and good content."
- Sheree Morrison

"There was lots of information and interaction. I especially liked analyising the examples of good versus poor writing. Keep up what you are doing!"
- Iona Silver

"The advice was so practical and really interesting. The information and skills I learnt were invaluable and it's hard to believe so much content was fitted into just two days. I wish there had been more and the course was longer - it was just fantastic! Sue was a brilliant presenter, very friendly, and made the learning process really fun and easy. She had great examples for everything and made sure everything was fully covered and addressed. I would definitely recommend her. This course was really great, very practical and easy to understand with a great presenter who was passionate about her teaching topic."
- Kirsten Hyam

"The course was fast-paced, loaded with information and perfect for those who really want to do feature writing. Sue was concise, friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable and offered a lot of herself."
- Jaci Byrne

"The course was taught in a practical and fun way. Sue is simply lovely! If you have any desire to write do one of the Australian Writers’ Centre courses."
- Lisa Fox

"The topics covered made it enjoyable as I was given real confidence that I would be able to use the skills learnt to make money from my writing. Sue gave great anecdotes that were really informative. I felt she was a great teacher and facilitated learning really well. I have already recommended the course by saying it is valuable for learning how to structure a story and goes in depth about pitching, something they don't teach you at uni and invaluable if you want to make a career from freelancing. Some are born with a gift to write but that won't help you sell your work!"
- Leah Cuming

"I'm reading with fresh, discerning eyes and feel I have been given valuable insight into the publishing industry.  The course has given me the basic skills to tackle the process of preparing and submitting my own work for publication.

"Holly has a very appealing, informal and enthusiastic presentation style which seemed to engage most of the group. She made the course fun and informative at the same time."
- Leanne Gillespie

"Judy Skatssoon was excellent. Judy is dynamic, free spirited, and provides students with expert knowledge, insight and information. Judy's style is also interactive, which I enjoyed.

"I have gained greater knowledge of feature writing, the structure, skill-set and style required. Also, from a business perspective, the invaluable knowledge of how to market and manage feature writing as an independent freelance writer."
- Gary Wells

"Judy is an excellent teacher whose knowledge of the industry is a valuable addition to the practical information shared throughout the course. The course has given me the kick start I needed to start writing features."
- Jemma Gorman

"Valerie's vast knowledge and passion was evident in all of the sessions, and was a great inspiration. A well rounded, informative and highly practical course."
- Sally Pater

"I loved learning a new skill. Making something which always seemed baffling, achievable and fun."
- Natalie Macken

"I already arranged a meeting with the editor of a magazine to pitch my idea in person"
- Lisa Yates

"Taking Judy Skatssoon's Magazine Writing course was a great investment. Not only did Judy pass on great tips for writing features, but her enthusiasm encouraged me to pursue work as a freelance writer. Since taking her course I have been published in the Australian Associated Press and Canberra Times and can't stop writing."
- Allison Garoza

"The small class sizes gave us more personal attention and opportunity to chat with other classmates. Judy Skatssoon is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of subject knowledge and experience. Within a month of finishing the course, I had my first story printed as a full page spread in the Sun Herald! Since then, I have had further success with my stories getting picked up by a variety of other publications."
- Cindy Bingley-Pullin

"I found Valerie Khoo's writing course to be, in a word, inspiring. Valerie's warmly communicative style of teaching engaged and challenged all of us to be fearless in facing and filling that intimidating beast called the blank page.

"Valerie, with apologies to Dan Brown, certainly decoded my inner Da-Vinci and fired my already electronic media trained imagination to make the transition to print."
- David White, former 2SM and 2DAY FM presenter and award-winning environmental journalist.

"I found Valerie's course invaluable. I thought I knew how to write but Valerie gave us practical insights that helped me to improve my style as well as become a better editor of my own work.

"Ultimately, it was the pragmatic approach to targeting and pitching that was most useful and I had my first successful pitch within two months of completing the course. Highly recommended."
- Cassandra Whobrey

"Although I'd worked in the media before, I was unsure how to make a start as a freelance feature writer. Valerie Khoo's course on magazine writing went through the basics of developing story ideas relevant to specific newspapers and magazines; how to approach editors and pitch stories.

"After a few unsuccessful attempts an editor commissioned a story from me. It was just the break I needed and I've worked steadily as a freelance writer for the past three years."
- Jackie Woods, freelance writer

"Having had an idea for an article mingling about in my brain for months, but not knowing how to write it, I enrolled in Valerie Khoo's course. The sessions, which were entertaining as well as informative, equipped me with the know-how and incentive to finish my article; and it got published!"
- Andrew Wood, Wollongong

"The course was extremely well structured. It took the mystery out of how to write an article. The examples of what makes a well written piece as opposed to a poorly written piece, were really helpful. It gave me more confidence to approach new publications and helped me to understand the expectations that such publication have of me. The course was worthwhile and empowering.

"I've since moved to the Northern Territory and have become a regular correspondent for the national publication Outback Magazine. It has given me certain tools that have allowed me to make a change in how and where I live and work."
- Peter Solness, photojournalist

"I really enjoyed Valerie's course, sharing her experiences and those of the other participants really helped my writing skills.

"The hands on exercises were extremely valuable in helping me simplify my writing and most importantly creating better transitions in my work. Now - I always ask myself the question - how do I get from point A to point B, and most importantly how to I take my reader with me?"
- Sue Bradshaw, technical writer

"Valerie's course on magazine writing for magazines was wonderful. We explored the nuances, tips and tricks for writing for magazines while preparing work of our own and receiving Valerie's invaluable feedback. This course provided practical steps for writing, editing and learning the steps to see your work in print."
- Julia Bowyer

"In short, what your course gave me was a good understanding of the magazine writing process. I learnt about how to choose a topical theme, research issues, interview people, and find the right the words to link elements of the article."
- David Morgan

"The course was a great kickstart to become motivated to do something about my writing, and even make money out of it! Valerie showed us very practical ways to get work into print, and taught us that you don't necessarily have to study writing to become a published writer.

"It definitely enhanced my writing skills and gave me more confidence, and also made me more critical of articles that I read. Valerie is friendly, funny and obviously very knowledgeable, making it a fun and interesting course which I looked forward to each week."
- Katie Delaney

"I would like to extend my thanks to you for such an enlightening course. The skills I have learnt from your expertise in the area of feature writing have surely inspired and motivated many people in the class, including me.

"Since taking part in your short course I have gained the necessary confidence to pursue my passion for writing, and have since successfully submitted several features to a variety of media outlets. No mountain too small I say ... thanks for leading me out of base camp!!!"
- Michelle Evans

"I loved Valerie's course as it was full of practical tips and ideas that really changed my approach to writing. The course also introduced me to some fabulous fellow budding writers."
- Caroline Thomas

"Valerie's course provides a valuable insight into the world of freelance writing. Her practical guidance and encouragement has given me the confidence to get out there and give it a go."
- Karin van Heerwaarden

"I was thoroughly impressed with the course content and its time management. It was great to learn so much in depth in a relatively short space of time. It was informative, non-threatening and extremely comprehensive. A great way to get ahead with obviously simple but effective methods!"
- Natalie Reiss

"Valerie's magazine writing course is great. It's very comprehensive and easy to follow. I am now more confident in the way I approach editors with my queries and it is paying off!

"I have an article coming out in Ironman magazine and have been commissioned to do article for Fernwood magazine, with the prospect of another one."
- Lela Husen

"Excellent! Will definitely give me a head start in a freelance magazine feature writing career!"
- Monica Tan

"It was informative and easy to grasp with lots of very useful tips. Content was really good. Brilliant."
- Marcia Tsiliris

"Every bit of information that was provided was practical. Valerie's passion for writing was clearly evident and her enthusiasm to help others realise their dreams was awesome. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.

"I would highly recommend it. I could not have imagined that I would have got so much out of it in such a small time frame."
- Ana Vavdinos

"Thanks to your support and inspiration, I am now officially able to join the ranks of your published former students. If not for your very clear message that there is so much material being published that there is definitely work out there for those who want it, I would have given up, thinking it is a closed shop. Thanks for your support."
- Carolyn Swindell

"Fantastic. Very intense! No-nonsense, thorough and clear. The best writing course out there."
- Eden Riley

"You inspired and motivated me to believe that a freelance writing career is definitely possible. I am now a published writer! The first article I ever submitted was published in The Sydney Morning Herald. Now, a few months later, I am the web editor for Thank you to Valerie for your ongoing support, inspiration and encouragement.

"Valerie is passionate about people pursuing their dream job and the magazine writing course was the beginning of my journey in believing a writing career is achievable. Valerie, thanks again for all your enthusiasm. It really is my dream job and I am still pinching myself."
- Marija Castellari

"I thought I would let you know that I have a new job as in-house travel/features journalist for caravan and motorhomes magazine! I get to publish a lot of stories - about 5 per month - plus lots of travel in the outback (!) and photographing. So thank you for all that you taught us."
- Carly Middleton

"This course really reaffirmed my passion for writing and I would recommend it to anyone interested in journalism. It tells you everything you need to know about becoming a successful freelance journalist and helps budding journalists avoid some common pitfalls when starting out. During my interviews with the Australian Financial Review, the fact that I had done even a short course, helped show that I was committed to journalism."
- Katja Buhrer, who got a job as a journalist with the Australian Financial Review within three weeks of finishing the course.

"I really enjoyed the magazine writing course with Valerie and came away feeling inspired and well equipped to give it a go - I just had to be brave and get on with it! A couple of months later, I was inspired by a day trip I did and found the enthusiasm to write a 1000 word piece easily the following afternoon. I knew it was appropriate for the weekend Sydney Morning Herald so I thought I might as well aim high. 10 days later on Saturday morning I enjoyed reading my name in print! First time lucky and I'm definitely going to try some more."
- Miranda Corkin

"I knew how to write and that I wanted to make that into a career but Valerie's course taught me how to make that dream a reality. The details like how to pitch, how to stand out and what not to do were invaluable lessons. An idea I had in class turned into the City Weekly cover story and now I can't wait to build up my portfolio and get a full-time job in the print media industry. I now know this is possible and that in itself is a fantastic feeling.

“Thank you to Valerie for her ongoing support and straight to the point honesty. Having competed school and university, and had numerous teachers, Valerie has been one of the very best."
- Tatyana Leonov

"Valerie is a great teacher, extremely knowledgeable and has lots of great examples to illustrate her points. She is very direct and to the point which I found great for a course that is limited in its time. Overall I found the course very practical and informative."
- Eva Tanner

"Valerie was a fascinating presenter. I enjoyed the fast pace. Valerie's insights into the industry were invaluable. This was one of the best courses I've ever done."
- Anna Babatzanis

"The best thing is the clear and succinct nature in which Valerie delivers the course. It is interesting, sharp, relevant and a useful manner in which it was delivered. Ie. I never lost interest... not even for 1 minute!

"The course has improved the quality of my writing and the manner in which I deal with media (which is every week in my job... I was pretty ignorant until now). Increased my focus and clarity in writing as I now have more structure to pull all my (many, many) thoughts together... "
- Tina Demetriou, Tide Event Management

"I completed the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course back in January 2007. After a job change, a move to Queensland and a redundancy I recently got out my course notes and decided to finally focus (properly) on my dream of freelance writing. After a few weeks I'm happy to say I've been published in the Courier Mail! After emailing a short article on spec, I was commissioned to expand it - and it wound up getting a full page and colour pictures!! I have also been commissioned by Mother & Baby magazine to expand on an article I wrote as part of the course. It's all very exciting!

"Your insistence that "there's plenty of work out there if you want it" was key in motivating me to send out my articles, and I just wanted to say thanks for a great course!!"
- Stephanie Allen

"Valerie Khoo is just mesmerising to listen to. She is very inspiring and has an uncanny talent of making you believe you can be a writer."
- Linda Habak

"I just wanted to let you know that I have just started a full time job as a news reporter at Medical Observer. I just wanted to say thank you for putting me in touch with them, and also for the skills you taught me in the magazine writing course. I will certainly be putting them to good use in my new job."
- Catherine Hanrahan

"Judy is a fantastic presenter - enthusiastic, passionate, helpful and very knowledgable."
- Anna Warren

"It motivated me to start writing! It gave me a boost in confidence to take my ideas seriously and do something about them. The units on how to structure a feature article were extremely helpful."
- Johanna Rigg-Smith

"I found Valerie's style and enthusiasm fantastic - she was direct, to the point and was very realistic about the expectations we should have."
- Alison Parr

"Valerie's knowledge of the industry and formulaic approach will help me pursue a career in writing. Valerie's personality and great presentation style. It was simple to follow and she was full of information."
- Marie Chemney

"I knew I could write, the course has given me more confidence that there's a career out there."
- Matthew Mcholland

"The Australian Writers' Centre Magazine Writing course is a must if you plan to tackle the world of freelance writing. Valerie Khoo not only provides an excellent class structure and industry knowledge but her enthusiasm is so infectious that you can't wait to get started! I've just had my first article published in the Autumn edition of My Child magazine and I'm hooked! Thank you so much for your invaluable class, advice and support."
- Candace Goffin

"Despite a journalism qualification, I was unsure how and where to start writing. Pam's experience and positivity have given me a big push forward.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am sad it is over. Pamela is a talented presenter and I admire her method of answering questions without indulging her audience too much. We all appreciated her wealth of experience."
- Meryl Hancock

"Confidence, confidence, confidence! And then there are a few more benefits. Suffice to say, I now know so much more about feature writing than I did five weeks ago, despite a lifetime of reading many different kinds of magazines, newspapers, online articles. For five years, I coordinated articles for local newspapers so what more could there be to learn about writing for newspapers? So much and so much more again. Now I feel that I can really be a feature writer. It's up to me."
- Robyn Sharp

"I've also been signed on as a regular freelance contributor with the Herald Sun Home Magazine, something that has meant I am now freelancing four days a week! It has been an amazing few months since I finished the course and I have to say, none of this would have been possible without your incredible skill and advice. So, many thanks once again for such a fabulous course, it really has changed my life!"
- Penny Harrison

"I really liked Pamela. She was enthusiastic, experience and informative. A really excellent presenter - friendly and helpful. She obviously knew what she was talking about and made the whole class feel supported."
- Catrin May

"Pamela is a great teacher, very encouraging and motivating. There is an enormous amount of information covered, and by the end of the course you feel prepared to begin the freelance journey."
- Aja Stuart

"I have finally had an article published in Home Beautiful! Thank you so much for all your wonderful help in assisting me to get to this point - without your ongoing encouragement I doubt I would have persevered. I found your course to be not only extremely practical, but also inspirational and it certainly gave me the tools to pursue my dream of writing for interiors magazines."
- Angela Steyn

"The course was excellent as it was tailored to suit those who had no prior experience in journalism or media and seeking a career change. The content was presented well, easy to understand and highly practical. Pamela gave consistent feedback throughout the course which allowed you to develop your skills as the course progressed. Pamela was more than willing to answer questions at any time."
- Diana Perich

"Pamela really knows her stuff, was happy to fully answer all questions and was very happy to share her knowledge and experiences."
- Grant Hyman

"The information presented was very interesting and informative and covered all the relevant areas of freelance writing. I particularly enjoyed reading and analysing the sample feature articles provided. Pamela was a fantastic and inspiring teacher too."
- Nitasha Thomson

"The personal correspondence with Pamela was great! It was great how she would include her personal experiences and view as an experience editor."
- Raine Jackson

"Friendly, Laid back atmosphere. Content was simple to understand and plenty of time for discussion and feedback. Very helpful and supportive."
- Rachael Morris

"Valerie was a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter and the course itself was practical and inspirational. Excellent for any writer or wannabe writer who wants the skills and knowhow to launch a freelance career. I now have theoretical and practical knowledge of the process of writing a feature article and getting it published. I have been inspired to pursue my passion for writing."
- Samantha Lau

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Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 2

"The course was chock-full on useful information. The presenter made it lively and informative and had fantastic industry knowledge and experience. I feel more confident and informed on how to go about pitching ideas - and coming up with them in the first place."
- Sylvia Aitken

"I like the fact that Judy works in the field and brings real knowledge to the course; she's very helpful and approachable. I did a similar course at [another organisation] last year and I must say that this one was, by far, superior. What was so great about your course was the small class size that enabled us to address questions as a group. It really was a far superior course to the one I did last year! Well done!"
- Kerstin Pilz

"Judy really knows her stuff and as always (this was my 5th course with the Australian Writers' Centre) the content, delivery and genuinely sincere interest in students’ success was obvious. Whilst the original class (Magazine Writing Stage 1) was good enough to springboard a lot of students to success, I’m glad I paid the extra for the Masterclass. The value of the extra knowledge quickly became obvious as both a condensed recap and advanced understanding of the freelance journalistic environment."
 - Grant Hyman – author of ‘A Practical Guide to Selling’

"Gayle Bryant was great - very interesting and personable. She kept the course well structured and on track. She answered all our questions and had some great ideas. Cindy MacDonald had some really practical suggestions and she was obviously keen to answer questions and to help any budding writers."
- Cate Lynch

"Gayle gave us lots of good information. It was excellent to hear Cindy MacDonald from Good Weekend Magazine and Mark Dapin; two very different styles of writers and different styles of people.  I also had some great talks with some of the aspiring journos doing the course."
- Robyn Elliott

"I have even more confidence now. I did Magazine Writing Stage 2 straight after Magazine Writing Stage 1 and it really helped me stay focused and motivated - as I'm now freelancing as my career. I even had two features accepted during the course - I was feeling so confident I just went ahead and pitched. One of the editors got back to me to accept my pitch about 15 minutes after I sent the email. mI couldn't have dreamed of that sort of result without completing the course!"
- Sarah McKay

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Travel Writing: Get Paid for Your Adventures

"Julietta was excellent, and very entertaining. I enjoyed listening to her travel stories and learning what it takes to be a travel writer."
- Cindy Jones

"Julietta obviously knew her subject matter and was confident with it. Perhaps her greatest strength as a presenter was her personality: she was very natural and down-to-earth, highly approachable and she had a great sense of humour. I liked that she was so 'human' and was, in fact 'naughty'! As a 'newbie' I felt comfortable to ask her any questions. Julietta made quite a bit of the very 'dry' course material fun. That is a tough ask and a credit to her."
- Sally Lewer Ahern

"Julietta was engaging, inclusive and fun. She was very generous with her knowledge and personal experience."
- Judith Bunn

"The small group and casual style of the presenter was excellent. The information presented was highly useful and there was flexibility in the program. Julietta was very friendly and relaxed, creating a lovely atmosphere. her extensive experience in the industry gave us many valuable insights."
- Meredith Lawson

“The presenter, Sue White, was excellent! She clearly knows her topic and gave practical and insightful advice. I definitely learnt new techniques that I will be putting into practice. I also liked the weekend intensive nature of the course as you were really focussed and immersed in the topic.”
- Xanthi Kouvatas

“Well presented, good support material and great interaction between students and the presenter. Overall it gave me many of the tools and information I need to improve my travel writing.”
- Ross Byrne

“The course was well run and executed with a presenter who is passionate and knows what she's talking about.”
- Diane Williams

“The course combined some theory with good, practical advice about the reality of travel writing. Sue has fantastic experience and willingly shared. She answered all questions honestly and provided useful tips and feedback.”
- Leanne Hart

“With Sue’s wealth of knowledge and no nonsense, useful information, I was able to learn everything I needed to learn. I cannot speak more highly of Sue. She knows her craft and she shares it well. She gives everyone equal time and everyone’s questions are answered. She is very honest with her advice and I found her very easy to understand. I have now completed two courses with Sue and I would highly recommend anyone contemplating doing this course to go ahead with her.”
- Lesley Robyn Landmark

"Sue shared her knowledge and experience in such a way that was enjoyable and also very interesting. I was gripped from the first lesson and really enjoyed hearing of her stories and experience in the industry. The course content is exceptional and covers all aspects of travel writing. Sue is a fantastic teacher and shares her knowledge in a fun and interactive environment."
- Krystal Davidson

"The course is very well structured and Sue is full of information, very down to earth and straightforward. Sue is very charismatic and it was enjoyable to go through the course with her. At every point she gave an example of her own experience which prepared each of us on what to expect and how to get into writing."
- Christiane Abou Taan

“I really enjoyed learning all about freelancing and analysing travel articles. Sue was very knowledgeable, passionate and supportive. She was easy to understand, confident and friendly in her approach.”
- Caz Makepeace

“The course was full of very practical information. Sue took the 'glamour' out of travel writing but this was a good thing in that the information provided now makes travel writing a real possibility as a career option! The style was also very relaxed and comfortable with lots of opportunities to ask. Overall, the course was much better than I expected!”
- Julie Tassone

“Sue was a professional and enthusiastic presenter who was very happy to share her experiences and provide the skills and knowledge for beginners to get started.”
- Kaye Higgins

“Sue is good-humoured, personable, organised, engaging, down to earth and knowledgeable. Australian Writers’ Centre courses are well structured and are presented by people who have careers to prove the value in the suggested methodology.”
- Brian Byrne

"Great content and great teacher. Sue was really friendly and approachable and I really enjoyed hearing her experiences and practical advice."
- Celeste Mitchell

"The venue was fabulous and even the people in the café were lovely. I learnt heaps. The presenter was so experienced, knew her subject and was full of great tips. Very professional and very focused."
- Lynn Anamourlis

"Learning about the business of travel writing; particularly what editors are looking for, the types of stories in the genre, and how to come up with the 'hook' of the article. Sue was great. She was very engaging and humorous and was generous about sharing her experiences and stories with the group. She was also very encouraging with our humble efforts."
- Kaye Cameron

"Absolutely super. Organised, relaxed, honest."
- Gillian Perrett

"I enjoyed learning about the business of travel writing; particularly what editors are looking for, the types of stories in the genre, and how to come up with the 'hook' of the article. Sue was great. She was very engaging and humorous and was generous about sharing her experiences and stories with the group. She was also very encouraging with our humble efforts."
- Kaye Cameron

"I benefited from Sue's real life insights. It wasn't just theory. She was  generous with her knowledge and even her intellectual property. I am confident that I can write travel stories."
- Craig Eardley

"I now have the tools to pursue a writing career."
- Erica Enriquez

"Sue White is an excellent teacher. The class was very well structured and planned (compared to other institutions I've done short courses through! Logical, approachable, and with practical advice – Sue had obviously spent a lot of time structuring the course and it flowed perfectly in a timely manner"
- Mark Holmes

"I really enjoyed having Sue's insight and experience on the travel writing industry. I have learnt some good tips to start and think it is now possible to have some articles published."
- Agnes Samour

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Travel Memoir

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I enjoyed the structure, the notes and the other participants. I found Claire a terrific and talented, warm and encouraging presenter. I wanted to write a travel memoir but lacked the confidence to start even although I have enjoyed writing about travel all my life. In five short weeks, Claire made me feel good about my endeavour and was just the impetus I needed to stop procrastinating and start writing."
- Gill Shaddick

“I have already recommended the course! I recommended the course as a great vehicle to begin the writing process. So many people have a travel memoir they'd like to write and the hardest part is starting. The course provides manageable steps to begin the creative process with valuable writing tools that will assist students in their journey to (hopefully) becoming published.

“Claire is a wonderful teacher. Her passion for writing is infectious and each week I would leave class feeling excited about my writing tasks. She is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of travel literature which certainly assisted in explaining different writing styles and techniques.”
- Linda Benton

"The course offered a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere, fantastically useful strategies, realistic information and challenging but rewarding writing exercises. Claire is an excellent teacher; warm and engaging, very knowledgeable about both the writing process and the industry and always supportive and encouraging. I was incredibly nervous about attending and it was confronting, but I loved it too."
- Jane Pinsker

“Claire was great. As a published writer in the genre she had a lot to teach us.”
- Roshan Lewis

“I gained so much knowledge and practical advice from attending the course, it was well worth giving up Valentine’s night!”
- Elizabeth Pond

“Claire is a very personable teacher, from the first half hour she knew why everyone was there and tailored the course to each individual. As a result, we all became interested in each other and the different stories. It was lovely to see this progress over the five weeks. Claire is brilliant, intelligent, compassionate.... just super!”
- Suzanne Fawcett

“I really enjoyed the pace and structure of the course, the short exercises, reading and listening to other members of the group, and the feedback from the presenter. Claire is an excellent teacher. It was great to have a presenter who has been published in the field.”
- Katherine Hill

“It was a great introduction to writing a travel memoir without providing unrealistic expectations. The presenter (Claire) was very generous with her knowledge and extremely helpful. The structure was very good and I learned a lot from her.”
- Kristine Madden

"Claire is lovely and had our interest and attention at all times. She is so experienced and knowledgable and encouraged us all to share our ideas whatever our level."
- Jennifer Leeder

"It was truly enjoyable. I have wanted to do a course like this for such a long time. I never knew I could learn so much about travel memoir writing. Claire was excellent. Her method of teaching was encourging and easy to follow."
- Beverly Pang

"The group was of a good size and the material was well organised with all the important aspects of travel memoir covered. Claire was a great presenter and made sure to include the whole class, encouraging those who were a little shy."
- Allison Rushby

"I found this course extremely useful. It has provided me with some very useful tools and a good insight into travel writing. Claire has such a wealth of knowledge and experience in writing. Claire was very helpful in providing advice and good feedback during the course."
- Kirsty Cameron

"A good mix of tips, readings and exercises to apply knowledge. I really liked the post-its exercise after working through all the modules - to play with beginnings, ends, themes. Claire was fantastic. Good pace and great hand outs. Good preentation skills and lovely manner. She allowed lots of breaks which allowed you to rest your mind and meet fellow classmates and hear about their stories and writing projects."
- Nicole Miller

"Claire was an excellent facilitator, obviously knowledgable about her subject, and also gave us lots of examples from well known authors to help illustrate her points."
- Nina Genikis

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From Blog to Book

“Listening to Kerri’s journey from Twitterer to author was nothing less than inspirational. It made me feel that anything is possible and that turning my blog into a book is absolutely possible! What an amazing woman! Her interaction and engagement with us, the audience, was brilliant. As always Valerie’s style and charisma is what makes her so good at what she does, that and her line of questions. Her support and encouragement only added to the experience, it was such a positive atmosphere and I’m sure that every participant walked out of that seminar with newfound enthusiasm.”
- Marcia Giagnori

“I took away a great list of actionable ideas to improve my own blog. The session also helped me to clarify my purpose in blogging - why am I doing it and what do I want to get out of it. Both presenters were really excellent - open, humble and honest but still kind to participants. They had a wealth of experience for us to mine. And Kerri's story is just a great yarn!”
- Susan Moore

“The seminar completely provided what I was hoping for. Kerri Sackville was open and generous with sharing information. It was also great to have Valerie's input and wisdom. The perfect pairing!”
- Lisa Schofield

“The presenters were amazing!”
- Angela Spagnol

“Kerri was very informative and enthusiastic and had lots of great tips. She confirmed a lot of things I was thinking of doing but hadn't quite put into practice. It was also a relaxed way to find out heaps in a short time.”
- Therese Spruhan

“The presenters were very good and gave excellent, practical advice. They had me thinking about my blog differently.”
- Anne-Marie Poirier

“I found the seminar really informative. Just listening to the presenter and the questions being asked provided a lot of valuable information. Both Valerie and Kerri were great presenters.”
- Sonya Madden

“Kerri and Valerie were fantastic.”
- Kyra Webb

“It was lovely to hear Kerri's story and how she got to where she is. She is personable and approachable, and generous with her guidance.”
- Alex Terry

“Kerri was hilarious and provided lots of insider knowledge.”
- Chau Tran

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Build Your Profile on Twitter

"It was great to attend a social media course that focused solely on Twitter, it made it much easier to absorb. Kerri was very personable and interesting. I have already recommended this seminar to someone else who is looking to build a profile through Twitter."
- Rena Richmond

"A professional and well-structured seminar with a knowledgeable and experienced lecturer."
- Bethel Dianne Hunter

"Kerri was great. She was engaging and had contagious passion for Twitter."
- Hannah Oates

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Create and Sell Your eBook

"Clear, concise and helpful. Anna provided lots of useful information."
- Robyn McWilliam

"Anna was excellent."
- Janet Morice

"I learned SO MUCH but wasn't overwhelmed. Anna was great and very knowledgeable."
- Denise Nisbet Wallis

"I walked in with no understanding about how to publish digitally. Now I feel I could do it myself! Anna was very impressive. She made a complicated topic easy to understand."
- Fiona McKenzie

"Anna was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and presented very well."
- Paul Batters

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Successful Freelancing

"The Successful Freelancing Seminar is invaluable for all freelancers, from those just launching their freelancing career through to experienced writers looking for a motivational boost.

"Valerie enthusiastically shares her expertise, both as a writer and editor, providing participants with excellent 'inside information' to ensure their own success."
- Briar Jensen, freelance writer and photojournalist

"For someone taking their first freelancing steps, attending the seminar on how to survive as a freelancer was one of the best things I could have done.

"Valerie Khoo and Gayle Bryant gave a concise, intensive and extremely comprehensive overview of all the things a new freelancer needs to know about the industry, from pitching stories to protecting copyright to chasing payment. I came away from the evening feeling so motivated and excited about the possibilities."
- Bianca Nogrady

"I enjoyed the informal atmosphere and the fact that we could be involved in the discussion. I also enjoyed Valerie's enthusiasm and encouragement. It was a great way to meet other writers/editors and to gain more confidence in the idea that you can actually be in control of a freelance career. It was interesting and not too overloaded with information - a great mix."
- Deborah Ronald

"Since attending the Successful Freelancing Seminar in February I have had three stories accepted for a parenting publication and have begun writing for business publications. The seminar motivated me and pointed me in the right direction. Thank you!"
- Sandy Leen

"I was at the Successful Freelancing seminar last night and just wanted to say thanks. I came up from Melbourne especially for it, and it was definitely worth the trip!"
- Daniel Papas

"Valerie and Gayle as presenters were very good, they were informative and answered all questions thoroughly. I now feel more confidant in my abilities as a freeelance writer and look forward to putting in place some of the advice which Valerie and Gayle gave at the seminar."
- Erin Aldersea

"It was great. The presenters were both very knowledgeable and obviously knew what they were talking about. A great resource of information. I feel confident to finally start freelancing!"
- Vanessa Imrie

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Self-Publishing – How to do it

“All the necessary knowledge required to self-publish was available and conveyed simply. Geoff is excellent and willing to help during and after the course. His knowledge of the subject is boundless and he shares that willingly. Don't even think about writing to get published without first doing several Australian Writers' Centre courses.”
- James Pratt

"Exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to go forward. Little things like how to get an ISBN, and the handout to use a guide for process and layout were invaluable when you haven't got a clue. Thank you. I now know I can 'have a go'."
- Lynda Bennett

"It was good to meet other writers who have actually self-published - and succeeded. It was useful to hear both the positive and negative aspects of self-publishing.

"I found the discussion on marketing helpful and, even though it sounds challenging, it's great to be creative and think of the book as a product that simply need to be sold!"
- Wendy Quisumbing

"Thanks so much for your seminar, it was awesome! I thought the seminar was extremely well organised and the content was to the point and very helpful for aspiring self publishers. My partner and I are going to work on our book - thanks so much!"
- Vanessa Volpato

"It was particularly refreshing to see two enthusiastic and honest people who were positive and committed to the art of self-publishing.

"The most useful part for me was the wealth of information on printing costs which appears to be a large part of self-publishing in addition to other factors such as PR/marketing. It was conducted in a friendly and open environment with a lot of relevant and thoughtful information - I enjoyed it!"
- Michelle O'Neill

"Thank you so much for the Self-Publishing course. It was so informative - the advice on printing was excellent but the advice on the "small business" you become when selling your own book was invaluable.

"The information about advertising, publicity, methods of selling etc would be essential to anyone with a small business, whether they're selling a book or not.

"The presenters were very honest and generous with your time and experience. It was not just theory, you've both achieved this, and that was really motivating."
- Claire O'Connor

"I spent 3 years thinking about, and then 18 months seriously researching and writing my new book, 'A Practical Guide to Selling'. The problem was that the more I learned, the more I realised how much I didn't know, as my research kept coming up with new questions.

"3 courses with Australian Writers' Centre totalling a little over a day and less than a thousand dollars not only saved me as much as 12-18 months in further research, but also gave me insights and perspectives that could have cost me years - imagine a false start to the book AFTER I had gone to print!

"Whether you want to simply learn more so you can make an informed go/no-go decision on your writing future, or you have made the decision to try writing for pleasure or profit, Australian Writers' Centre is the only way to go 'in my book' - I literally couldn't have done it without them!"
- Grant Hyman
Proud Author of 'A Practical Guide to Selling'

"Our books How To Grow Your Business By Taking 3 Months Off and The Invisible Entrepreneur would have never seen the light of day without the knowledge gained as a result of attending the Australian Writers' Centre workshops. The truth be known, we were greener than green in the field of self publishing, writing and crafting a book, and PR in promoting books. The Australian Writers' Centre provided us with a blueprint to get us on this journey.

"We do not believe that we could have succeeded to the level we are enjoying today without the help of the Australian Writers' Centre. We are deeply indebted, privileged and blessed to have found Australian Writers' Centre and be coached by its tutors."
- Louise Woodbury and William de Ora

"The Self Publishing seminar at the Australian Writers' Centre was informative and inspiring. The seminar not only covered the process of how to self-publish, but brought it alive with specific examples of how others have put this information into practice. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is exploring their options of how to realize their publishing dream."
- Karen Adamedes

"I knew within the first three minutes I had already made my money back ... and then some."
- John Myers, Author of Tsunami Sudoku

"It was good to look at the examples of other people's self published books and hear their stories."
- Julie Macken

"Well I've done it. Little Wins for Working Women is my first "Little" book. Thanks for your encouragement over the past couple of years, I'm really enjoying my writing. I'm working on a couple of new ideas now and will share any success they bring in the future."
- Jen Dalitz

"I have learnt invaluable practical insights into the world of self-publishing. The presenter was very generous with practical real life examples including approximate costs. The seminar provided the right direction of where to start to publishing your own book."
- Linda Greguric

"So I found the entire seminar enjoyable to attend. It's great knowledge to file away and a fabulous base for learning more about the publishing world."
- Karen Ranga

"The presenter was excellent and very informative, had a relaxed style and answered people's questions very well."
- Michelle Bainbridge

"Geoff was totally in command of this subject and he packed LOTS of information into a short amount of time."
- Pamela Thorne

"The information was very practical and it answered a lot of questions I had on self publishing."
- Annalaura Luna

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Introduction to Travel Writing

“The vast amount of information, supplemented by the useful notes, have given me the motivation to pursue my desire to combine writing with travel.”
- Liz Peetz

“The presenter was very helpful and the fact that he talked through his experiences really allowed us to get a real perspective of travel writing.”
- Simone Bartolini

“I enjoyed listening to the answers to all my many questions and listening to Geoff share his experience. What can I say, I love travel stories! Geoff has a good sense of humour and is a walking wealth of information and good ideas.”
- Tina Lambert

“This seminar was informative and made good use of the small amount of time with relevant, specific information. Geoff was very engaging and energetic. He’s knowledgeable and giving with his knowledge, advice and resources.”
- Annette Bewicke

“I did this great course at the Australian Writers' Centre where I learned about getting into Travel Writing. If you’re interested in this, and passionate about writing and travel, I would highly recommend it.”
- Tennille Schell

“I enjoyed the enthusiasm and encouragement of the presenter and the amount of helpful information provided. Geoff was excellent. The information he provided was more than I had expected in a 2-hour seminar, and it answered a lot of questions I had. My contact before the seminar was efficient and friendly, the seminar was very helpful and interesting and I am planning on doing more courses as I can manage to do them while working and travelling from Canberra.”
- Ann Connolly

“I got practical information that allowed me to see clearly the day in the life of a travel writer: the nuts and bolts revelations! Geoff was funny, sincere, a good listener and took care to ensure each participant walked away with their top questions answered. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a very professional, open organisation. There's no sense of exclusivity about information and I love that sense of transparency and telling it like it is. And it's also an inspiring place to be. It respects every person's ability to make their writing aspirations a reality.”
- Desanka Vukelich

“I found the entire seminar to be incredibly useful and informative. Though it was only a 2-hour introduction to travel writing, Geoff took the time to ask everyone what they most wanted to know about the industry, and was sure to cover every query at some point in the seminar. The seminar covered the reality of travel writing, which I found to be really insightful. Also, I liked the small class size, as everyone had the chance to participate. It also created a really personal feel.

"Geoff was a fantastic presenter, and I wouldn't hesitate to participate in any other courses that he runs. He was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the travel writing industry. He took the time to ask everyone what they hoped to get out of the seminar, and by doing so, created a very comfortable environment in which everyone could participate. If you are interested in cultivating an interest in writing, whether it be feature writing, travel writing, or creative writing, the Australian Writers' Centre is the place to go. Each course is specialised, and the tutors are professionals at what they do.”
- Katia Iervasi

“The seminar was very informative and relevant, and moved through the content at an appropriate pace. The presenter was knowledgeable, with inspired ideas, and made it entertaining.”
- Caroline Smyth

“This seminar the was practical, relevant, concise and  packed with helpful information.”
- Jan Orman

“I found this seminar to be very inspiring. Geoff was great. I really enjoyed the course.”
- Tara Imrie

"I loved that the tips and tricks of the trade really were useful and that Geoff was kind enough to share them. Having him as a new networking partner to run ideas by has also increased my motivation! Thank you so much!"
- Monique Kinerson

"I really enjoyed the seminar. As a complete novice to the writing game, I found the hints and tips great - its helped me start to formulate all the travel stories I have collected over the past few years into pieces that might be of interest to an editor somewhere!"
- Alison Fox

"The presenter was excellent - very prepared, great examples, and very patient with our questions. I left satisfied that everything I had hoped to get information on had been covered, and with some very solid examples as a future guide."
- Alyson Warnock

"It was exactly what I was looking for and catered to all levels of the group. I thought it was very informative, concise and the presenter was very honest about the industry. I felt I got a lot out of it and will definitely be using that information."
- Caitlin Wright

"The presenter was very entertaining. He was very informative and I walked away with lots more ideas."
- Caroline Kerr

"Lots of good quality information from someone who not only knows how to do it, but who actually does it. There was nice relaxed atmosphere, it was good value and I really enjoyed it."
- Jill Farmer

"Just wanted to write and say I attended the Travel Writers seminar. It was fantastic. The realistic life experiences provided gave us all insight into the truth about the industry and what we should expect. He was completely honest and I can not wait to get stuck into my freelance writing.

"I will definitely be recommending and also attending other writing courses in the future. The course was also great for meeting other contacts in this industry and professionals who can assist with editing etc."
- Nicole Beatty

"The presenter had real knowledge and experience, this was displayed by anecdotes and real life stories of success and failures in travel writing."
- Tim McKeon

"Being an absolute novice but having an interest in travel writing, Geoff provided insider knowledge and helpful information and tips. I now know where to start and feel enabled to do so. Thank you."
- Gabrielle Martin

"The honesty of the presenter and his insight into the travel writing industry was invaluable.

"I believe the information as useful and practical for travel writing (which is quite distinct from other forms of writing). I did a longer travel writing course with another training provider and probably learnt more in one night than I did over 6 weeks with them."
- Nicholas Corbett

"Geoff provided a lot of great tricks-of-the-trade that you would be hard pressed to find gathered together anywhere else in such a tightly presented package."
- Timothy Fife

"It was exactly what I needed."
- Fiona Doig

"More informative than I expected, Geoff had heaps of hints, info and tricks of the trade that he shared with us. He knew his stuff and he shared it with us. I started as a blank piece of paper and now there's a few words on it!"
- Lisa Schofield

"I feel motivated and I feel like I have the knowledge to know where to start now."
- Belinda Gosbee

"The information was to the point and considered all parts of the industry. I have been given the opportunity to understand new pathways for a career in Journalism."
- Sophie Johns

"I now have the inspiration to go out there and get started! While I know the industry is a tough one, I feel more positive that I have something to offer."
- Paula Donaldson

"The seminar went straight to the point, with no waffle. It contained just the information I wanted to hear. The presenter kept discussions within the group relevant and brief, but sufficiently long to satisfy members who had asked questions.

"I have a list of things to do next, which I didn't know about before the seminar. I have ideas now about how to start and how to structure my approach to travel writing."
- Wendy Toogood

"Knowledgeable speaker with great advice, lots of experience and a willingness to give us support after the seminar. I'm excited and enthusiastic about getting started with travel writing!"
- Stefanie Thoms

"Content was practical and speaker, experienced and happy to help."
- Stephanie Bennett

"Packed full of helpful information from someone who's current in the industry. It will, with a bit of luck, launch my travel writing career."
- Pamela Thorne

"Packed with excellent content. You can immediately begin honing your skills based simply on the information provided. Geoff knows his subject and is generous in sharing his knowledge. I have a step by step plan on how I could be a travel writer. In addition I was able to clearly identify my niche and how I would write for that market."
- Sharyn Reesby

"Great seminar. I was taking this seminar as a trial to see if I would like it enough to take a longer course at Australian Writers' Centre. It was terrific and I am ready to take a longer course!!! [Geoff was an] excellent instructor. He really helped generate ideas on how to get published. This was beneficial information to its fullest."
- Anna Atkinson

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How to Get Your Book Published

"The presentation and information were great – relevant, precise, personal and supportive. It demystified the process, making it more accessible for us timid types. Whether I make into print or not, I feel empowered to try."
- Deborah Wilkinson

“I gained insight into an industry I knew not much about. The presenter was very helpful, enthusiastic, addressed all members of the group and answered questions well.”
- Jane Grover

“The seminar was invaluable on how to approach publishers and not waste anyone's time. The presenter was fantastic.”
- Emma Capell

“Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve secured a deal with a US publisher! Thanks for your assistance with my pitch; it was a million times better once I knew what I should actually put in it! They particularly liked the idea that I’d be a regular contributor for them, as after your seminar I listed my second and third book ideas in my first book pitch and it was that information that seemingly got me over the line.

"The course gave me the confidence to pitch as I knew that should I get rejected it was that my book idea wasn’t right for the publisher, not that my pitch wasn’t right. Writing a book, or having a book idea, means you have a bit of an emotional attachment to your work. The course enabled me to focus on building a business proposal on what my book could offer the publisher, not just why I felt my great book idea was so great!”
- Trevor Treharne

“Geoff was easy to talk with and it felt just like a group of people sitting around having a conversation about getting published. Geoff’s knowledgeable, articulate, no-nonsense and brings so much to the session. At the Australian Writers’ Centre you get knowledge experts, an open and friendly environment and they provide so much information just to help budding writers everywhere.”
- Tammy Kelly

“The seminar was factual, content rich, and relevant. The two hours were filled up with no waffle, I loved it. If you want to skip months of trying to work it out for yourself [how to get published], invest in these courses.”
- Jo Vadillo

“I enjoyed meeting other writers. This manuscript writing business is a very lonely occupation! Geoff presented his information at a fast and furious pace and he managed to cover the plethora of points in the short time available to him. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a great resource centre for all the lonely writers out there who are tapping away at their keyboards and trying to get all the information they need from Google!”
- Jaci Byrne

"Geoff knows his subject well - he clearly 'lives' it - and is very enthusiastic about it. He was able to respond to participants' particular questions, while still covering the course content in the designated time. Lots of good information and spot on for the needs of the group.

"This (seminar) has given me the confidence to put my work forward"
- Kathryn Andersen

"What I found most enjoyable was the combination of great information in a very relaxed and interactive environment. I came into the seminar with no preconceived ideas about the publishing industry and now I have gained some level of confidence to approach the tasks ahead."
- Robyn Davine

"The brain dump of information was just what I needed. I now know where to start the journey on getting my books published."
- Ray Buschmann

"Two highly engaging hours filled with specific insights from someone who has done this themselves and is involved with the process each day.

"I have a much greater understanding of the publishers point of view and I am now very clear about the next steps to take to get my books published. I am also absolutely inspired to get on with it!"
- Katie Whiffen

"I came away with ideas running rampant in my head, this has continued since the seminar. It's helped me think more creatively and clearly about different ideas I have and where they could lead. I really enjoyed it."
- Belinda-Jane Latta

"I am inspired and have a structured approach that I can now follow to get to the point of publishing a book. The presenter provided relevant and extremely useful information."
- Tina Cicolini

"I learnt several important factors about ways to approach publishers for publishing. I'm really glad that I went to the seminar as now I will save myself weeks of time."
- Amber Hamam

"Geoff really was engaging, funny and knowledgable. I got more then I expected to get in a two hour period. The seminar was very good and I learnt a lot. It is also enabled me to think about new ideas and possible new angles for my own book idea."
- Tim Lassig

"The seminar was excellent. The information was meaty, useful, succinct and clearly communicated."
- Joanne Hutton

"The seminar created much needed confidence regarding approaching publishers and how to present ourself/our work to a publisher."
- Alan Blake

"Geoff was very approachable and had excellent advice. All of the questions I had in mind when I booked the seminar were answered in one way or another. Geoff knew the industry really well."
- Eric Grayson

"I really enjoyed the seminar. I feel more confident about the stories I have written and more confident in approaching publishers."
- Roenna Baker

"Great info told in a no nonsense, real yet inspirational way. Well organised, extremely good value and very comprehensive given short duration. It was very well presented, very helpful. I've been able to draft a strong book proposal today. "
- Michael Neaylon

"Positive and inspiring with specific tactics and notes on all of it was provided as well as generous offers of follow up support."
- Linda Bates

"Geoff was incredibly informative. He answered everything I wanted to know without me even asking."
- Megan Hughes

"Very informative - received a lot of very useful and relevant information. I now have a solid understanding on how to approach a publisher and how to submit a book proposal."
- Gail Rast

"It was hands on and the presenter stopped whenever necessary to answer questions but kept the seminar rolling. It was great, moved with the flow of the participants while remaining a very nice blend of casual, informative and useful."
- Diana Santamaria

"I had a list of 15 questions and Geoff answered all of them as the course progressed. I know so much more now about getting a book published and what to do to improve your chances. Geoff had a lot of knowledge and was interesting."
- Sofia Tsiamoulis

"It had all the right information and it was delivered in a very professional, no-nonsense manner. I can now formulate a step by step plan with regards to writing my book."
- Kevin Harper

"The presenter gave general information to everyone and then gave specific info depending on participants' book topics. It helped me to break down the big picture into smaller, workable steps. I don't feel as overwhelmed by the idea of publishing."
- Celest Nygaard

"The presenter was excellent - inspiring and willing to assist where he could. I can now see the finishing line for my project which is great, and I have a much more practical idea about how to proceed."
- Damian Rocks

"Geoff was obviously an experienced published author. Good to hear the real story, how hard it is, how much money writers make and tricks to get to the editor. Excellent."
- Gen Yan-Colebourn

"Geoff was informative and amusing. The information was very useful and will be easy to apply. I have more ideas on where to go to take the next steps in attempting to get my work published, and how to approach publishers."
- Nicole Taylor

"The presenter was realistic, informative and to the point and most importantly inspiring."
- Shelley Burgess

"The seminar dispelled a great deal of the publishing myths. It allowed me to plan my course of action over the next few months in order to get my book published. Thank you."
- Shane Horsburgh

"I now feel confident that I know how to approach publishers professionally with book proposals"
- Belinda Marsh

"You need to read the market before you start even contemplating send a book to a publisher. Geoff took all the romance out of publishing your book and I enjoyed his business approach. Very realistic."
- Emma House

"Thank you so much for providing such a comprehensive insight into the world of publishing last night. You addressed all of my questions, and you made publishing seem like something that is realistically achievable for any of us - as long as we go about it in the right way! It's very encouraging as I feel that the dream is within reach now. I've still got a lot of work to do on my first draft, but when I'm ready to pitch it (hopefully by the end of the year) I'm confident that I have the right tools to do it properly!"
- Michelle Guillemard

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Blogging for Beginners

"The seminar answered many of the questions I had about blogging. Karen was a lovely person, knowledgeable and credible because of her own experience as a blogger."
- Vincent Burke

"The seminar was useful, particularly the information on the various blog hosting sites. Karen was lovely and generous with her knowledge, especially when addressing participants' questions."
- Sionnach Hoyle

"The seminar was really inspiring and gave me the information and tools I needed to get started on my blogging journey."
- Meri Sparrius

"I enjoyed the people attending and the surroundings, which created a great environment in which to learn and was inspiring in itself. Karen was very approachable with knowledge and experience that she was willing to share, so that blogging felt less daunting that I imagined."
- KV Perkin

"Karen was absolutely brilliant! It was great to have someone so amiable and informative. I was really impressed that she's had a blog for close to seven years, which made the seminar more credible."
- Leona D'vaz

"Jen was interesting, well informed, and really knew her topic."
- Louise Brogan

"Jen was very knowledgeable and covered the content really well."
- Sally Taylor-Phillips

"I really enjoyed meeting Jen and learning the basics of blogging - as well as the beautiful location."
- Elissa Iijima

"Jen was an engaging and generous presenter willing to answer questions but still stay on track, and on time."
- Jan Samuels

"10/10. Definitely do this seminar if you're interested in blogging."
- Kelli Odell

"I <3 Kim Berry! I was SO excited to meet her and have her precious time. What a gem. She was humble, relaxed and funny. I came away from the seminar feeling I was on the right track."
- Katie Rainbird

"The content was excellent. I learnt a lot. Kim's presentation style was relaxed and conversational which I really like. She kept us on track and moving through the content very well. I now have so many ideas for where I want to take my blog. Thanks Kim for the encouragement and information. I am ready to build my empire!"
- Monica Girard

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How to Get More Blog Readers

"Nicole was great.She obviously had a great deal of knowledge and, most importantly, experience about our topic. Her presentation was very comprehensive and she presented it with great fluidity. The editorial planning section Nicole presented has made a profound difference to my blogging. I have, as was prescribed, created my own editorial plan and have filled it in for virtually the whole year. It was a big task but I wouldn't have known to do this without Nicole's guidance."
- Jodi Jackson

"The course delivered everything that was promised and I found myself learning plenty of useful facts. I appreciated the booklet of Nicole's presentation, which was very detailed and will definitely come in handy.
- Katie Gatward

"Nicole Avery was bright, energetic and organised. She had a plan and she stuck to it, despite our questions. Her focus on goals, strategy and planning was extremely helpful. She clarified for me what kind of goals to set, the importance of posting regularly and several ways to produce posts, how to be effective on social media, and key differences when writing for the web. I could (obviously) go on."
- Amy Bachrach

"Nicole is very accessible as a presenter. She was very open to discussion, and great with answering basic to more complex questions, making the participants feel at ease, and discussing her experience, where she has failed and learnt as well as how she has been successful – this made for a good balance of information and inspiration from Nicole."
- Stephanie Fargher

"There was so much information! All of it was relevant, interesting and I came away buzzing with motivation, enthusiasm and knowledge. Nicole is a fantastic presenter - she is really organised in her presentation and has an abundance of knowledge that she is happy to share."
- Bridget Bible

"Great presenter and an informative session. Don't change anything!"
- Kate Turner

"Nicole was obviously really experienced, had great insights to offer and was really engaging."
- Alicia Patterson

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How to Write a Business Book

“Save yourself heartache and false starts by attending this course, preferably before you start writing. Valerie shows you how to start, how to keep going, and what to do with your finished product. A brilliant investment!”
- Stephanie Owen

“The content was excellent and the end result was that I now have renewed confidence for my current and future projects. Valerie was down-to-earth, knowledgeable, experienced and a good communicator.”
- John Rowland Matthew

“Awesome – I’m super inspired to follow in Valerie's footsteps! If you want to write a business book this course will be the best investment you ever make.”
- Toby Jenkins

“Valerie was fantastic – very genuine and clearly an expert, she shared deep and valuable expertise in a warm and practical manner. This was a good course and great value for money. I'll be back!”
- Julie Garland McLellan

“Valerie was great! Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, good at involving the group and maintaining flow.”
- Soo Broster

"Valerie's course on 'How to Write a Business Book' was exactly what I was hoping for. I left with an action plan of everything I need to do to - from concept to proposal to launching and promoting the book. It was totally practical and hands-on and Valerie is the ultimate mentor because has done all of it herself with her own book, Power Stories."
- Adam Franklin
Social media speaker - Bluewire Media

“I enjoyed the very clear explanation about a subject area which I knew nothing about. I also liked the tips and tricks and 'war stories'. Valerie was excellent – she clearly knows her stuff.”
- John Groarke

“I found the subject matter to be relevant, up to date, and very helpful. Valerie is a great public speaker and keeps to time well. She is clearly an expert in her field and it shows.”
- Victoria Longshaw

“I loved the simplicity of the content and the authenticity, knowledge and credibility of the presenter, Valerie Khoo. The course has helped me know what steps I need to take to finish my book and also given me good tips on strategic marketing.”
- Kevin Toun

“Everything was excellent – content, resources, discussion, Valerie's generous sharing of ideas, resources and tips, the other participants. As has been the case with every course I've taken at AWC (this was my 6th) Valerie – like all the other presenters – was an exceptional facilitator. She was inclusive and she has a track record of great success and knowledge in the area.”
- Lisa Chaousis

“Really helpful and practical advice. Valerie is excellent – very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. If you’re thinking about writing a business book you should do this course.”
- Tim Parker

“Great pace and a lot of really practical information. Valerie is a champ. She presents beautifully and has the experience to back it all up.”
- Tina Tower

“I enjoyed the fresh, direct and honest approach.”
- Tamerlaine Beasley

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PR and Media Releases that Get Results

"This was my third course at the Australian Writer’s Centre, and as with the other two courses I’ve done (Features writing and Perfecting your Pitch), I can not recommend it highly enough.

"After the course I now feel like I have a much better idea about how to go about promoting our site. As one fellow participant in the course said, 'I always thought PR was about who you know. I now realise I was wrong!'

"Catriona provided invaluable insights into the PR world. The whole course was very practical, and the focus was on us developing our own PR strategy by the end of the day. There were lots of recent real life examples, and our small class size meant that Catriona was able to tailor her answers (and the day in general) to the group’s specific needs."
- Lisa Fox (extract from Foxhound blog)

“The seminar was comprehensive and easy to follow, well-planned and executed. Catriona was engaging, passionate and expert. Great venue, professional course, and a great presenter.”
- Sarah Bell

“I really enjoyed the practical approach in this seminar. Catriona made sure we got the basics on the benefits but got down to the ‘how to’ very quickly. Catriona was generous, well prepared well organised. Good content and value for money.”
- Wendy Stephens

“It was fantastic that Catriona used recent, relevant and real-life examples. Catriona was very switched on the entire day, from 9am to 5pm. She was great! The staff at the Australian Writers’ Centre were very professional and courteous. I walked away from the course learning more than I had expected. I felt confident about trying to do PR and writing media releases after just one day!”
- Lisa Sobreviñas

“The seminar set out beautifully the steps to media releases and pitches – it was just what I needed. Catriona was well presented and interested in what we had to say. She gave lots of advice and ideas.”
- Colleen Filippa

“Catriona generously shared her golden intellectual property. It was a day chock full of golden information and advice. She shared her knowledge in a way tailored to each person. The presenters at the Australian Writers’ Centre are experts in their field and are very generous in sharing their experience and knowledge. I look forward to the next one!”
- Linda Chaousis

"I found the approach in this seminar was practical, relevant and holistic. Catriona was knowledgeable, easy to listen to and understand, and was generous in supplying resources and examples. The program offered value for money as the skills I learned during the course will save me money on contractor fees in the future.”
- Alison Hough

"Catriona had excellent industry knowledge and experience, and explained all topics very well and provided good examples."
- Karmin Jah Jah

"The whole day was extremely practical. I felt very empowered at the end. I'm now far more aware of how PR can be implemented in my industry and specifically to my business, what tools are best for my area and  media pitches vs media releases. Catriona was informative, lively, enthusiastic, willing to share her knowledge and provide advice specifically to your industry."
- Victoria Sharp

"I enjoyed the fact that Catriona was so willing to tailor her answers to our specific practical needs. The information was practical and clear. I was about to implement a strategy which I was not sure of (as I am only new to this) and Catriona was wonderful to guide me on a more strategic course."
- Linda Avramides

"Excellent - Catriona has an inclusive, friendly style that, at the same time, is commercially very savvy."
- Natasha Brooks

"The pace of the course was well timed, there was loads of content covered, and Catriona was very well organised and prepared."
- Honey Muir

"I immediately started writing press releases again with more confidence. Catriona was excellent."
- Sally Berry

"Catriona was a fantastic presenter with lots of great applied examples of lessons."
- Nicole Miller

"Within the first half hour of the course, I had my first a-ha moment. Catriona helped me to clarify what my key messages. Her insights and the learnings from the course will ensure that I'll be undertaking focused and intergrated activities across a range of PR strategies for my business - not just putting all my eggs in the 'media release' basket."
- Leanne Anderson

"The fast pace of delivery was excellent, along with the structure of the course. It was efficient, and allowed one to build a comprehensive PR strategy over the course of the day. Each component built on the previous component. The number of different real examples provided was also excellent. It has allowed me to think more clearly about the process of building a PR strategy across various businesses I own, all with different target audiences, and different business objectives.

"Catriona was excellent. Very entertaining, full of knowledge and remarkably pleased to share her tips as a true professional."
- Lucy Marshall

"Amazing and invaluable insights into the industry, and really hands-on advice that differs from other similar courses. My new knowledge has given me a better grasp of what I do everyday and helps me see smaller tasks in relation to the bigger picture. Catriona was warm, friendly and receptive to all comments/questions. It's very encouraging to hear success stories (as well as what's unsuccessful) from someone so experienced, and her confidence is definitely contagious."
- Annie Vaughan

"It was fantastic to undertake a course where the presenter is clearly talented and experienced in her field. I felt it was well presented, easy to follow and value adding."
- Hayley Dean

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Perfect Your Proofreading

“I enjoyed the course content and the experience of the presenter. She was fabulous. The course was very valuable and I would definitely recommend the Australian Writers' Centre.”
- Maria Theoharous

“The course was very interactive and Deb was vibrant, interesting and dynamic. The Australian Writers’ Centre is in a great location, has good comfortable facilities, and is close to transport and amenities.”
- Gina Portscher

"Deb was very good, extremely knowledgeable and personable. I liked that she asked questions about our own situations and experiences and really listened to the answers and tried to help us find solutions to our own challenges. I have increased knowledge and now have additional tools in my 'tool kit' to help with my work."
- Jen Wight

"I found the information and examples provided by the presenter, the small class size and the location very enjoyable. I now know what is industry standard and feel better equipped to do my job."
- Sandy Eime

"Deb was very good. Her manual was well thought out and her approach was relaxed and very encouraging."
- Janet Robertson

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Editing Essentials

"Editing Essentials is essential!"
- Tammy Wright

"There was a lot to learn but the practical component allowed us lots of time to put this into practise. Deb created a relaxed environment that was fun and informative."
- Shelley Stephens

“I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, relevant material and good mix between theory and skill practise. The presenter was excellent, with very practical, clear, easy to understand advice. Definitely the best course of this type I’ve attended.”
- Catherine Thrum

“I felt like Deb really knew her stuff and that she enjoyed it too!”
- Amber Colhoun

“Deb led enjoyable discussions and was very knowledgeable. Do this seminar!”
- Lorenzo Perafan

“This seminar was an excellent refresher and a valuable resource.”
- Alicia Sciberras

“The course touched on a lot of areas of editing. It was highly informative, and we were able to ask lots of questions. Deb is excellent. She is one of the most engaging presenters who REALLY knows her stuff. She’s very interested in how the attendees can apply the lessons learned in their workplace. A genuinely lovely person also – it's a pleasure to spend the day with her!”
- Wendy Johnston

“You could tell the presenter had a lot of knowledge in editing - she was exactly what I'd hoped for. I have already recommended the course! I said it was very valuable and everyone in the office should take the time to do it.”
- Sarah Riseley

"Thank you, I have benefited immensely from this seminar. I now have some great tips to improve my skills in my work place."
- Greti Willett

“Beautiful location; knowledgeable presenter; and the small class size allowed for a more tailored approach and questions. Deb was friendly and very knowledgeable. The business courses suit people from all educational backgrounds. They also suit people from a range of disciplines.”
- Veronica Eulate

“I enjoyed learning new things with like-minded people, sharing experiences, and learning from a fabulous, knowledgable instructor. Deb knows her topic and obviously enjoys what she does; everyone responded to her and her inclusive style.”
- Danielle Brender

“Deb was fantastic. She explained things really well, everything was very clear.”
- Eliz Lanson

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Grammar and Punctuation Essentials

"Deb was absolutely brilliant. Her teaching style is approachable, intelligent and well-paced. I would add three exclamation marks but I now know that's a hyphenated no-no!"
- Janet Hillis

“There were excellent tips, a good resource to take home, and I liked workshoping lots of examples together. Deb was clear, concise, fun and very knowledgeable.”
- Rebecca Hanlon

“The presenter makes it fun and keeps it simple. In enjoyed the way she taught and she was very knowledgeable.”
- Mariana von-Lucken

“Deb was excellent! She exceeded my expectations!”
- Lisa Green

“Deb was great and certainly knows her stuff.”
- Mark Butterfield

“The content of the course was very helpful and relevant to my position. I particularly liked the exercises where we were asked to edit/correct text. Deb is obviously a master of the English language. Her knowledge is evident and her presentation style was lively and kept the class awake and enthusiastic. I would say this course is almost 100% tailored to suit anyone who edits, proofreads or is required to write material in their professional capacity.”
- Angela Gilmour

“The course was well presented and the course notes are an excellent reference tool. Deb was very professional and passionate about her subject matter. She is an excellent presenter.”
- Madeline Gill

“The way the course was presented was fantastic. There was never a dull moment. Deb Doyle is an outstanding presenter. She made the course enjoyable and very easy to understand. Deb showed genuine interest in our desire to learn. I've gained knowledge as well as confidence in my grammar and punctuation skills.”
- Claudia Arrage

"Grammar and Punctuation has immediate practical benefits and is a worthwhile investment."
- Mathew Patterson

"I enjoyed the small class size, which meant more time for discussion. Deb really knew her stuff! She was able to answer all my questions and help me work out the more difficult areas. The course was very helpful, the staff at the Centre are lovely, and the facilities are easy to find and very nice."
- Jordanna Epp

“I really enjoyed the practical exercises and the informative discussion. Deb was a great presenter. I enjoyed her relaxed and conversational attitude and she was very knowledgeable about the subject. The location was stunning, the staff very pleasant and the course materials well-prepared and effective.”
- Kellie Deayton

"I enjoyed the fact that the flow of the information was consistent and continual. There was lots of information and it was delivered in a clear and concise manner. DEB IS AWESOME!”
- Jayne Herrmann

“The location was pretty spectacular! I find grammar interesting so found that the time passed really quickly. The seminar was well-paced and pitched and I came away feeling much more confident about what I know and now have a resource to which I can turn for the things that are a little shakier! The presenter seemed able to sum up everyone's particular strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly and was able to pitch the session to suit all levels. She was obviously knowledgeable of her subject matter as she was able to pull random examples out of the air to further explain specific points.”
- Alexandra Norton

"Deb was great, she explained everything in very great detail and was very easy to understand."
- Lisa Robertson

"The course was very good. I highly recommend attending it."
- Nicole Lewis

"This course is something anyone can benefit from."
- Tina Chappell

"The content was excellent. I found it super interesting. Lovely location, nice people, great content."
- Jodi Barry

"Deb was excellent and really made it enjoyable as well."
- Michael Church

"Deb was very informative and approachable. She made the whole day a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. Highly recommended."
- Julie Tran

"I took this course as if I was going to undertake a general health check-up. I was glad to know that though I did not have major problems, after taking this course, I feel much healthier! Deb's course has refined and sharpened my grammar and punctuation. Now I can be more polished in my writing and when I read good books/articles I can learn and pick the good and correct styles from them because I now understand better the role and function of grammar and punctuation."
- Fourteena Pusaka Dewi Halim

"I enjoyed the seemingly limitless amount of examples Deb had on offer at the drop of a hat. Grammar and terminology have a tendency to confuse me with overwhelming detail, so relating it back to actual examples was indispensable."
- Chris Deal

"The instructor knew her stuff! And when she saw some of us having trouble understanding it she either went back over the material or made it easier for us to follow. For me, it made clear some of the grammar I had already learnt but was very fuzzy on.

"As an aspiring editor this course has given me a brief glimpse into what that profession requires. It has also shown me that I can really learn and use this knowledge, especially if there was more time for it to sink in."
- Mark Quisumbing

"I feel much more confident with the basic rules of grammar and punctuation that once baffled me."
- Sunni Hughes

"Deb was fantastic. She really knows her stuff. I now have a better basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation."
- Stephanie Johnston

"The presenter was easy to follow and friendly. Deb was always happy to answer our questions and tackle any grammar issues we were facing in our everyday line of work."
- Marissa Loe

"It was a great refresher and I came away feeling empowered and enlightened."
- Bronwen Stinson

"Course was very well run, Deb knew the subject material backwards and taught it in a way that made it entirely accessible to me, I wish I’d done the course 15 years ago."
- Karl Melrose

"The content was excellent. All of my niggling grammar questions have been answered. Even as I am typing this response I am conscious of where I should place my commas!"
- Niki Meris

"Deb has encyclopaedic knowledge and an easy, breezy, inclusive style; she made learning a pleasure. Already I am more confident - I now have a name for the nausea inducing corporate speak that is rampant at my workplace - Nominalisation. It is my curse, but also my new cause!"
- Dianne Mansell

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Professional Business Writing

“Sue is an excellent presenter with a great deal to offer from her experience and passion for writing. The seminar was simply structured which made it easy to understand. The material is quite comprehensive and will be of ongoing use. This is exactly what I hoped for from the Australian Writers' Centre.”
- Raphael Miller

“The seminar was very interactive, with simple and easy to use information which can be applied straight away.
Do it!”
- Emma Wertheim

“The seminar was very informative, and covered all areas. Sue was very good, she was very laid back, which is good as everyone felt at ease and engaged.”
- Bianca Delmore

“The presenter was very knowledgeable and delivered the course well. She ensured that all participants got involved and did not make us lose concentration.

"You will benefit from this course as it assists with improving your business writing skills. It outlines better ways of writing emails, letters and documents and also the important English rules that we all tend to forget in the business world.”
- Silvana Petrovski

“Sue was very informative and the pace of the course was perfect. Great course, wonderful presenter.”
- Karen Cairncross

“The presenter was engaging and easy to follow. She referred to all of our working backgrounds and linked it into the work we were learning, which made it more interesting. The course was easy to follow and provided good resource material to take home.”
- Marisa Sfirse

“The seminar was educational and made you look at writing from a different perspective. Melissa was fabulous.”
- Peter Lambropoulos

"I enjoyed the relaxed and interactive environment. The course has given me a new, more confident approach to writing."
- Alison McInerney

"Mel's level of experience and her training style were exceptional. Her suggestions and approach were useful and practical. She kept the day moving but allowed for appropriate discussion. I have consciously altered my style of conveying information and my boss has commented on the difference."
- Rachel Welsh

"Excellent presenter who tailored course to participants' needs. 3 AHA! moments made it worth the fee alone. The take-home course notes and style guide are an excellent ongoing resource."
- Claire O'Connor

"The course has given me the methodology to revise the structure of our proposals, to make them more focused and meaningful. Overall a practical, informative course and great value!"
- Fiona Brown

"The presenter was very good. She had a good style and was very knowledgeable about business writing."
- Sharon Collins

"I thought the presenter brought a wealth of industry knowledge."
- Wei-Khing Seow

"It's been a week since the course and I have been drafting management reports. Already, my manager has commented that I have improved my writing skills. Thanks to the presenter."
- John Lawson

"I found the course terrific. I can apply the ideas and methodology directly to the various forms of writing I am required to do - from academic to work reports."
- Jan Campbell

"This course had provided me with the right skills and direction to be able to improve my professional writing. The seminar was held is a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, which made the day enjoyable."
- Jason Leung

"Great environment, relaxed speaker. Took away some important points on writing that will be useful in my day-to day job and came away with more points on effective writing."
- Davina Poletto

"To be honest I enjoyed the whole thing. Mel's teaching technique is really good. She is able to discuss different aspects of writing in an inspiring way. I appreciated how she took the time to find out what each person wanted from the course and addressed those things. I am already changing the structure of the way I write my paragraphs to improve their meaning."
- Soraya Vantilborg

"I immedately applied what I learned on reports and contracts that I was working on the change was incredible. Mel was a great facilitator. THANKS."
- Adrian Espedido

"It was fun and light hearted. Mel was a fantastic and inspiring presenter. The handbook is a great tool to take away."
- Valentina Stojkovska

"I have learnt a lot of great tips for Professional Business writing in the work place and found the course very beneficial. A big thank you to Mel."
- Sally Cadwallader

"Mel had fantastic experience and knowledge, as well as being a good presenter and structuring the day well. The materials she provided were great."
- Helen Townley

"I really enjoyed yesterday's seminar. Of course this implies a big thanks to Mel as well.

"This was my fourth course at the Australian Writers' Centre and they have all been great. I always come home so inspired and full of energy, it's fantastic. The material presented is very good and helpful, the presentation is excellent and I also notice that the Centre always manages to attract a very interesting and stimulating crowd."
- Kees Bakhuyzen

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Business Writing Essentials

"Kate was an engaging teacher who gave some insightful, real life examples. She has a warm and friendly personality and is passionate about writing in plain English. I've already recommended this course to our HR department as I believe many of our staff would benefit from this course."
- Vanessa Seaton

"Practical and excellent."
- Kaiyan Zhang

"I really enjoyed Kate's inclusive and encouraging style – all student questions were handled professionally. We participated in a number of exercises, which always helps to solidify what was learnt. The style guide with the comprehensive tool kit were great takeaways. Kate was able to provide something for everyone
who attended."
- Carolyn Eade

"Great revelations in the '11 golden rules' for business writing. Excellent content – I feel it has given me quick wins immediately. Kate was excellent. If you want quick wins in improving your communication, go to this seminar."
- Ben Dodd

"Tony was excellent. He has a good knowledge of his subject."
- Catherine Ferrara

“Tony is very good. I was particularly impressed with his passion to increase the "human side" into business writing. The course succinctly covers key areas that can be applied in any written communication.”
- Victoria Ilagan

"The presenter was excellent. He was clear, patient, dug deeper into topics and approachable."
- Ana Ribeiro

“Very good, subjects were covered to help us understand the correct methods and then put them into a written format.”
- Frances McLoughlin

“This is a good course for building the foundations of writing business letters.”
- Andrew Bardsley

“I enjoyed re-learning a lot of things I'd forgotten, and learning the technically correct methods of doing certain things. Deb was very good. She clearly has a lot of in-depth knowledge on the subject and had a nice interaction with everyone. I found the course a lot of fun.”
- Johney D'Halla

“The seminar went back to basics which is what I wasn't taught at school. Deb is great, easy to talk to, knowledgeable in her field.”
- Natalie McGarvey

“Deb went out of her way to explain everything so we'd understand it. I walked out of the seminar very content and the material we take with us is put together very well.”
- Nada Macias

“It was great having the chance to put into practice what we learnt, writing example letters was great. Deb was very knowledgeable and it was great how she tailored the course to meet the needs of the group. The Australian Writers’ Centre has great courses that offer practical information that can be put into practice in the workplace.”
- Nicole Xuereb

“I enjoyed the easy-going environment. Deb was excellent! She gave good examples and was very knowledgeable.”
- Ben Greenwell

"The presenter was very good. She was informative and interested in making the content appropriate for all individuals in the class. This course is a good way to 'brush up' on skills and learn new ones. The teacher was very approachable and the location was great."
- Anna Cummins

"Deb is a friendly easy going presenter with loads of little tips on how to structure information/details into an email or letter."
- Candice Arzapitian

"Deb was lovely and helpful and has an amazing knowledge of writing and editing."
- Sharda Strathearn

"It was great to have a revision on grammar, it's been a long time since I left school and there was stuff I didn't really know. The workbook was also clear and a very helpful tool to take home."
- Leticia Negro

"I learnt new ideas about creating emails and letters and a better understanding of how get my point across."
- Ian Patrick Celarc

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Writing for the Web

“I loved that it was very interactive and allowed the participants to use real-life examples from our workplace. Grant was very engaging and well-informed on the topic.”
- Sharon Troy

“Great course and very knowledgeable instructor! I found the whole day to be very enjoyable and beneficial to help me with my current job. I liked that Grant asked us for examples from our workplace. He obviously keeps updated with the web and this was reflected in the course.”
- Catherine Zsifko

“Grant was just lovely to work with and had great constructive feedback and interesting content. I learned a lot.”
- Kimberley Ann Carter

“Grant was enthusiastic and explained things well. I was really impressed.”
- Lisa Smyth

“It was a nice balance of refreshing topics that I'm already familiar with and going over the basics, as well as lots of new ideas, resources and tools. I came away buzzing with ideas for what to do next, and a boost in my confidence.”
- Nicole Michel

“Good tips and tricks for web writing.”
- Elaine Fernandes

“I learnt so many new things and all of it can be applied in my work. The presenter's expertise and knowledge was invaluable. He also brought lots of energy and enthusiasm to the day.”
- Liesl Laker

“Grant was excellent. His passion for writing in this style filled you with enthusiasm to return to work and get started. You definitely felt you had all the information you needed.”
- Helen Stanley

“The real life examples were a fantastic way to link the theory with the practical.”
- Josephine Avati

“I really enjoyed Grant as a teacher and the content was applicable to the work I am doing in my position.”
- Amy Jozing

“For me, the seminar highlighted that I am writing for my audience, not myself. Grant maintained interest; involved the participants and inspired confidence. He is a good teacher and communicator.”
- Max Warren

“Good presenter and excellent and well structured course content.”
- Leanne Anderson

“A great course – go do it; you'll have a great time and its guaranteed you'll learn something useful.”
- Tim Cassettari

“Grant Doyle was excellent. I enjoyed how he used relevant examples and engaged the audience by reviewing their own sites throughout the day.”
- Sarah Collins

“The presenter was well organised, knowledgeable and the content delivery was well paced.”
- Donna Hicks

“I thought it was very well structured and easy to follow and it covered a lot of what I wanted to know. Grant was enthusiastic and explained things well - I was really impressed.”
- Lisa Smyth

"I'm excited! I've got the inside scoop on the all the crazy stuff that makes writing for the web so different to the printed word. Work just got easier. And way more fun - in a word nerdy kind of way."
- Meghan Thompson

"The presenter was lovely, very friendly and helpful. I left the session feeling very inspired! My understanding of the topic has been improved and my horizons broadened."
- Michelle Hooker

"I have gained more confidence to go forward and write content for the web without the doubt as to whether I am writing correctly."
- Debbie Ansell

"Grant led a lively workshop in which participants became fully involved. He successfully integrated the excellent seminar materials with participants' individual work situations/experience, creating interesting models for discussion and analysis. It gave me a solid sense of what's needed to write effective websites and introduced me to the necessary parameters. The workshop also gave me confidence that I'm in fact not so far off the mark with some of the skills I already have."
- Ruth Tofler-Riesel

"The content was relevant to my current situation. I am able to take with me additional skills and a 'things to do list' that will enhance our web site. I now have a better understanding of how to present information for our current and future customers."
- Karen Pritchard

"Grant made everything very clear and related it directly to working situations. I have started my own music blog and am applying for web content jobs with the confidence of knowing what the techincal aspects of the job will involve."
- Sam Taylor

"I found the presenter Grant Doyle very informative, new his stuff and a great 'easy to listen to' style. The manual will be a great asset to review what we covered."
- Josephine West

"The presenter was knowledgeable, approachable, and the atmosphere was comfortable. It made me think about the difference between writing for hard copy and for the web. I will put what I've learned in to practice when trying to capture my readers' attention and provide simple, concise information."
- Romany Malesevic

"Seeing real world examples of design, content and styles – I loved the applied examples reinforced by fast exercises. It was great having lots of online demos of sites. The handouts are very comprehensive with lots of references and links to be explored outside the seminar. I really enjoyed learning about SEO tips. I can easily apply knowledge to project work. Nicely complements my Cert IV in website design at TAFE and I recommended Grant to my course coordinator."
- Nicole Miller

"Hearing similar issues being faced in other organisations was really beneficial. It highlighted things I could be doing better and also some things that I am currently doing right, which was a nice surprise! I found the overall session and Grant to be relaxed, informative and fun. I can now better plan my approach to web writing with the tools provided."
- Shelley Stephens

"The presenter has a wealth of knowledge and experience in copywriting for the web, demonstrated through his references to past and current formats for online copy, technology influencers, as well as the timelessness of grammar and structure of the English language. It was a really well-structured course that moved through the four stages to produce user-friendly web copy across a broad spectrum of audiences, with some hands-on exercises to practice your technique and learn from others."
- Carolyn Eade

"This seminar was very interesting and it was good to learn from an experienced web content editor who had real life examples for us to work with. Grant was very well informed, very enthusiastic about the subject, and answered all questions. I think it was great that he encouraged us all to keep in contact with him. It was a great seminar taught by working professionals I found it very practical."
- Heather Kane

"I really enjoyed the focus on the way people take in information on the web. I went back to work and redesigned our website. I now feel like I have a better idea of how to effectively arrange and write website copy."
- Marina Cilona

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Online course: Magazine and Newspaper Writing

“I did the Australian Writers’ Centre Magazine Writing course online. It was a life-changing experience for me. I was in a job 9-5 that I didn’t really love, didn’t have a lot of passion for, and the course gave the skills to get my writing career off the ground.”
- Anna Spargo-Ryan

"Completing the Feature Writing course with the Australian Writers’ Centre gave me the confidence to take my writing further. The course content was relevant, well presented and easy to follow. The best thing about the course is how it's delivered - you can do it at your own pace and so it's very convenient. I used to download the sessions and listen to them at various times of the day. Also, Valerie was a fantastic presenter, sharing her own insight and experience. The key takeaway for me was the relevance of the hook and transition, as well as the importance of timeliness in magazine writing.

"I have since had a 2 of Us, Good Weekend (Sydney Morning Herald) story published as well as several articles with different magazines."
- Claire McTaggart

“It was very easy to do the course online. I liked that there was a whole week to do the modules and the fact that the classroom stays open after the course has finished.”
- Lara Tulloch

“The content was clear, concise and easy to understand. It offered steps to adopt when writing a feature article and was supported by great examples and case studies. The online tutor was excellent. I have done university courses that don't event compare to her standard! The recordings were extremely clear and the technology used to enable online students to attend a class online was great. It was fantastic – best online course I have done. And I have done a lot.

"The Australian Writers' Centre really caters for the specific writing skills you are wanting to learn and refine. It is presented in clear and concise modules, accessible online classes, prepared for your convenience to study between all your other commitments.”
- Renata Ogayar

“I enjoyed learning how to write feature articles and pitch them. The assignments were very valuable and we got great feedback from the tutors. It was great doing the course online and listening to the mp3 at anytime that suited me. The Australian Writers' Centre is very professional – practical, hands-on, and helpful in helping you to succeed to write.”
- Maggie Perez

“Sue is very helpful and provides practical feedback. I loved the convenience of the online course and would certainly love to do another one. Doing a course with the Australian Writers’ Centre online stimulates creativity and shakes up the grey matter!”
- Dawn Richards

“A lot of simple but practical 'insider' information with regard to pitching articles, transitions and analysing publications.”
- Shannon Meyerkort

“I loved the referencing of actual feature articles and situations with the course content. It made it easy to see what we needed to do AND what we shouldn't do. Sue was brilliant. It's so valuable to have hands-on industry advice like that on tap. I also loved the ability to be able to study at a time that suited my work and family situation.
The Centre is extremely professional and the courses offered will get you started (or refresh you) on your writing journey.”
- Nikki Parkinson

“Sue, you were great! Online learning is convenient and in this online course you’ll learn so much about feature writing.”
- Candice Laidlaw

“The course was really practical, interesting and easy to follow. Sue was great! The online delivery was very convenient as I could fit it in around work and family commitments.”
- Elizabeth Willmott

“The course was convenient to do from home, and had great current, practical and professional advice on advancing a writing career.”
- Jamie Barnes

“I enjoyed the step-by-step process taught in the course. I really felt I was learning. It was all out there for us to absorb. Thanks! I loved Sue White and the support she brought to the class. She made me feel comfortable to ask any question and that no question was silly.

"It was VERY easy to do this online course. I'm hoping to take several more online courses! The best thing for me about this mode of delivery is that I could choose when to listen to the class material and listen as much as I needed to "get it". When I didn't Sue was there to help. Thanks so much!
- Shawnnita Fairbairn

“Such great practical advice that would normally takes years of industry experience to learn. Sue was great. Very knowledgeable and keen to help. The online delivery was very easy, very well structured and easy to navigate. This mode of delivery allows repeated listening to the modules which will be useful. I also think that the online mode allows for more productive use of time, since the online lectures can be extremely well prepared with large amounts of information, and time is not wasted getting off-topic as can happen in classes. Also, being able to do it in segments throughout the week whenever I had time was so convenient. Fantastic!”
- Rachel Morton

“The information was very practical and relevant, and presented in a convenient and easy to understand format. Sue was wonderful with her feedback and information. Even though I always feel pressed for time in life I found it very easy to complete the course online and found it helpful downloading the modules to my Ipod and listening to them on the train to work.”
- Donna Webeck

“I thought Sue was excellent. I felt she was a very approachable person who encouraged you with constructive comments. The online delivery was easy and convenient. It’s fun!”
- Michelle Browne

“I enjoyed being able to take the class whenever I wanted from home, and the simple step-by-step process of the course. I thought everyone who was involved was excellent! I learned lots, and now feel more confident about my writing.”
- Holly Lander

“The sessions gave a good progression through the structure, research and writing of a feature article. Sue's presentations were clear and easily understood. I especially appreciated the feedback she gave on my assignments. I work and the online delivery gave me lots of flexibility, but also let me feel I was part of a group.”
- Nanette Irvine

“I enjoyed learning techniques and putting them into practice in a non-threatening forum. The course was easy and convenient. I liked that it could be done at any time of day.”
- Gillian Clare Paxton

“The course was easy to follow and easy to download and listen to on itunes. It fitted in with my family commitments and I enjoyed the interaction with the tutor online. Sue was very helpful and current with her responses and she understood the needs of students at all levels.”
- Melissa Sargent

“The ability to listen to the modules at my own leisure was fantastic. I looked forward to them every week! The structure was brilliant and I have gained confidence in approaching publications. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place to learn the ins and outs of a career in writing. They're professional, very friendly and have a wealth of experience in the field. I highly recommend it!”
- Veeya Seekis

“This was an excellent course that contained everything you need to know to get straight into magazine writing. It didn't contain any unnecessary information. Everything was useful.”
- Janis Love

"I submitted my article and it's been accepted. The editor said it was a 'very, very fine article, very professionally done indeed'. I'm stoked. Thanks to the Australian Writers' Centre, thanks to Sue and most of all thanks to you for going out of your way to help me with this first article."
- Stephanie Hunt

"I did your magazine writers course back in July and I thought I would send you an update of some of the things that have happened since then and thank you for a great course that helped me make the decision to pursue journalism as a career and a course of study. During the course I wrote an article tailored to Charter magazine (which they accepted).  

"I wouldn’t have been in a position to produce anything worthy of publication if I hadn’t done the course ... Thanks again for a great course – my number one take away was the idea of writing as a craft, a skill that could be developed and nurtured, rather than some potentially unattainable creative gift."
- Rachael McKinney

"Both of the courses I undertook through the Australian Writers' Centre (Magazine Writing 1 which I took online, and Magazine Writing 2) were invaluable in leading to my first commission for the Australian House & Garden's December issue. Apart from learning how to construct a feature article to make it enticingly readable, I also discovered how to find the right editor to talk to and how to pitch the concept so that I didn't look like a complete newcomer. The advice on contracts, how to invoice, and so on, also stood me in very good stead and I now have a 'Vendor Number' with ACP which, hopefully, means I'll be getting even more commissions. Thank you Valerie and all the staff, for excellent courses, great mentoring and unending enthusiasm."
- Shona Parker

"Just a short note to say thanks! Within a month of completing your online magazine writing course I’ve had my first article accepted for publication in ‘Finally at 40 -  Life Begins’, with the promise of more work. I now have the confidence (and skills, thanks to you) to approach some bigger mags. My journey begins…"
- Steve Wilkinson

"It was a fantastic insight into the world of magazine writing, I learned much more than I thought I would. It has given me the confidence to take my writing further."
- Aoife McGee

“It was great being able to do it in your own time and being to pause and rewind to listen to parts over. Question and answer format was great too, really enjoyed getting feedback from Valerie.”
- Susie Wicks

"The most enjoyable part of the course is the ability to get the course done without hassles. The online concept is fantastic, and makes the course accessible. Also the fact that the course is delivered by a professional - who is also accessible. Valerie has earned her stripes, but speaks as though she is next to you, not a cut above."
- Tim McKeon

"The flexible format was excellent. Valerie's presentation style was easy to follow and her practical insights into the industry were really valuable."
- David Kennedy

"My knowledge and skills base as a writer has improved dramatically. Valerie gives all of that 'insider knowledge' that can make or break. I really enjoyed doing this course online. I've done other distance education but this was different. It didn't feel like there was any distance. The ability to post questions and have them answered the same week was great. I also found yet ANOTHER use for my ipod!"
- Brooke Andrews

"The material struck just the right balance between informative and inspirational. I not only gained the knowledge to move forward but the confidence as well. I have attained an understanding of how to structure and frame my articles. I have learnt how to powerfully promote my craft and navigate the pitfalls and possibilities of the market place."
- Caroline McCullough

"I loved feeling so stimulated. I learned so much every week and time went far too quickly each lesson. I now feel I have the confidence and knowledge to give feature writing a go. I always hoped that I had the skills, now I have the practical know-how."
- Sarah McKay

"I've learnt practical tools to make my writing better, more interesting and more descriptive, and I now feel much more confident when being asked to write."
- Rene Chambers

"It has surprised me how much I have learnt from this course in such a short time. The course exceeded my expectations."
- Gail Andrews

"Thank you for your online 'writing for magazines and newspapers' course. Since completing your course I have been published in Insight magazine and French Provincial, with two more proposals accepted for the end of the year. I have also been sub-editing for a small women's magazine.

"Although I had writing experience before your course, I didn't believe that the magazine industry was possible to break into. The language you use in the course is very empowering and the advice is practical."
- Amanda

"I wanted to write and tell you some exciting news since I finished the online magazine writing course with you. The idea I put forward as my pitch in the course (a travel story on Griffith in NSW) has since been published in The Sydney Morning Herald Traveller section and I have another travel story coming out in the September issue of Coast and Country Magazine.

"I've also been signed on as a regular freelance contributor with the Herald Sun Home Magazine, something that has meant I am now freelancing four days a week! It has been an amazing few months since I finished the course and I have to say, none of this would have been possible without your incredible skill and advice. So, many thanks once again for such a fabulous course, it really has changed my life!!"
- Penny Harrison

"I am writing to let you know that I can now call myself a professional writer! I submitted a piece for online publication ActNow, they published it last week and I will even get paid for it."
- Stephanie Johnston

"My work reads better and it seems to have rhythm and flow. The course has made my work more complete, showing me what I need to add/improve on, such as interviews, case studies etc. The access to excellent materials is convenient and simple. The best thing is being able to go back to the lectures and listen to them again and again."
- Chris Fitzgerald

"The emphasis on the structure of articles was very useful, particularly around transitions, case studies and quoting interviewees. I could see how to easily make improvements to pieces I had written in the past when I re-read them after the course."

"I thought the presentation was very clear in terms of emphasising important points and not assuming any prior knowledge. I enjoyed the example articles and the commentary interspersed from Valerie were helpful."
- Simone Brandon

"I enjoyed Valerie's bright and, obviously, well informed presentation. And her energy and enthusiasm for the subject. I feel I know have an understanding of the techniques I've been needing. The online delivery was easy and convenient. I downloaded each module onto my mp3 player and took it on the bus, to the gym, wherever I was. Great stuff."
- Fran Tann

"The course equipped me with all the practical information I needed to get started in my new career as a freelance writer. I learned how to develop and pitch appropriate ideas to editors, techniques for improving my writing plus countless insider tips that have helped me behave professionally in my dealings with magazines and newspapers. I believed I was a reasonable writer before I did the course but doing it has enabled me to get published.

"I am now working as a writer and recommend 'Online Magazine and Newspaper Writing' to anyone wishing to do the same."
- Persephone Nicholas

"I completed Valerie's online course in November 2008. By Christmas, I had secured my first freelance writing job! I was completely amazed at how quickly it all happened. Without Valerie's support and encouragement and of course the user-friendly online course, I would never have had the confidence to apply for this ongoing freelance writing position. If you follow Valerie's expert advice you really can't go wrong."
- Jo Harris

"I loved how practical the course was. I’ve studied writing at uni but it was all theory and no practical. I feel like I have a lot more confidence to go out and pitch – knowing exactly what editors expect."
- Maraya Bell

"Easy to follow, informative, credible, positive, objective, realistic. The course dispelled many of my reservations and confirmed many of my perceptions about feature writing. I was able to work around my schedule – listen in the car or while walking the dog."
- Con Calagis

"It was easy and convenient. In my busy work schedule it meant I could listen at my own time, respond in my own time, and when necessary, catch up in my own time! Thanks Valerie for sharing your work with us"
- Wendy Haynes

"I now have the confidence to start writing feature articles and more importantly I now know where to begin with the process. I would look forward to every Monday morning to hear Valerie's response to our comments/questions. It was as good as being in a 'real' classroom', if not better."
- Anu John, Kabul

"The most enjoyable thing about the course was the feeling that you were getting a real insider's look ... and a lot of great, genuinely practical tips at how to break into the market from someone who's actually qualified to give them. I feel like my writing's improved, and also my eye is now sharper in recognising information I need to further my attempts a lot better than I could beforehand."
- Nicole Forster

"The most enjoyable aspect of the course was Valerie's extensive practical knowledge and honest feedback. It makes the step to doing this as an (add-on) income earning activity very tangible and less abstract."
- Maurizio Floris

"I loved Valerie's delivery - I could hear the genuine passion for her work in her voice. This was infectious and enhanced my learning. Valerie's feedback was excellent and spot on. And thanks for taking the trouble to show us how to use a phone recording device. This is the same attention to detail which was apparent throughout the course. I have lots of practical knowledge which is new to me. I know how to tackle writing an article and how to improve it. Valerie has shown me a high standard to strive for.

"I liked the flexibility and convenience which meant I didn't miss a module. Even better with the online course, I could replay the audio to take notes or repeat key points. The handouts and examples were carefully selected and perfectly illustrated the points of each module."
- Marion Nicolson

"The content and manner in which it was presented was excellent. A great learning tool. It has suprised me how much I have learnt from this course in such a short time. The course exceeded my expectations. It was very convenient to be able to do the course when it suited me."
- Gail Turnham

"I feel more confident as a writer and that a previously missing journalism skill set has been added to my resume. The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the freedom of being able to do the course any time of the day or night. I loved the technology and the flexibility of the delivery."
- Sonia Menon

"I'm now much more confident about approaching editors. The most enjoyable aspect of the course was Valerie's feedback on our pitches. The best thing about it was that I could do the course in my own time."
- Tami Dower

"As a 'newbie' to writing, I now have a complete structure and 'how tos'. Since completing the course, I have written an e-book, produced a manual, made a training course, and I'm now up to the marketing of my product! The product is a 'business in a box' - how to be a Wedding Planner. Your course has helped me write my book and produce the training manual for this."
- Cathy Morrissey

"The depth of information imparted was great, I learnt so much from Valerie. I have more confidence to submit articles to magazines. The course was very comprehensive and yet with the online delivery there was no feeling of being overwhelmed. I could access the information whenever I needed to, even at 2am!

"[In terms of how to improve the course] ... You can't improve perfection."
- Lee Franklin

"I am a writer for a newspaper and I lacked the confidence even to give freelancing a try. Valerie made me feel as though i could achieve my goals."
- Ilona Marchetta

"The techniques: lead-in lines, the structure, the language, the inclusions... it was all fascinating and opened up a new world. I read feature articles now in a completely new way. Learning about lead in times, approaching editors and other practical issues when considering magazines and papers was also enlightening. Extras like the info on recorders was appreciated.

"The online delivery was easy and convenient. In my busy work schedule it meant I could listen at my own time, respond in my own time, and when necessary, catch up in my own time! Thanks Valerie for sharing your work with us. I greatly appreciate the skills and challenges that features writers have."
- Wendy Haynes

"I have a clearer idea of the news industry and how to present my work to editors, magazines and newspapers; I learned how to make my work more relevant and effective. I enjoyed the structure of the course: the audio-modules with downloads; the way Valerie presented each topic in a simple and effective way; the possibility to listen to the modules over again during the week. It was very convenient and easy.

"The best thing was being able to download each lesson and 'homework' and go through it at your own pace and according to your own schedule. I could follow the course despite living outside Sydney."
- Camilla Napoli

"I'd like to write for magazines, but had no idea where to start - now I feel I understand the whole process much better. I thought the content and tutor were excellent. I'm planning to make a start as a writer, which I wouldn't have had the confidence to do 5 weeks ago."
- Susan Thorne

"I had my first article published within two months of finishing and sold an article soon after!I became more confident approaching editors and became motivated to actually do something every day. The online delivery was great for a mum of two children under two! I could balance a toddler on one knee while breastfeeding a newborn and still listen in."
- Christine Armstrong

"I now feel confident to approach editors with story ideas, knowing I'll be doing things right and not make a fool of myself by not following the unwritten 'rules'. I enjoyed the valuable real-life examples and insights from someone who's been there and done that."
- Micky Stuivenberg

"I have learnt practical information about feature writing and now feel confident in the knowledge that I can get out there and have a go! The content of the course was very interesting and practical - which is what I wanted. Also, the convenience of doing it online was great. The best thing was being able to commit to doing the course while fitting it in around other commitments."
- Kate Stevenson

"It was easy and convenient to do the course online, as it allowed those of us in an isolated area to untertake the course. The virtual classroom meant we could run off all sheets for each week and to take notes from Val's comments. The price was extremely competitive."
- Mary McDougall

"The course was very well organised, well presented, I loved being able to do it at my own pace. I got very practical information and hints; it was great to have a course presenter who works in the field."
- Kerstin Pilz

"Even being totally new to the world of Freelance Writing, I've learnt much more than I thought I would in the course. I'm looking forward to putting it into practise now! Valerie was fantastic, the content was terrific and the convenience of doing it online was great. I loved being able to do it at any time of the day or night which suited me."
- Melissa Anderson

"Doing the course has stirred up my creative juices and given me some new thoughts about the future and my career direction. The best thing about the online delivery was being able to fit it in with other commitments."
- Jane Collis

"Valerie's course has given me a thorough understanding of working with editors in Australia and has made me aware of the freelance opportunities that are available. I'm sure I have a better chance succeeding in this market now that I'm armed with this valuable information."
- Michelle Balmer

"I have been able to adopt my learning to my day job and will look to get a story published by the end of the year. That is, one outside of the corporate publications I currently get published in. The online delivery was very easy - in my opinion it couldn't have been made any easier."
- Kerrie Hawkins Waine

"I started the course having little experience in writing and have ended it with knowledge of how to construct quality feature articles. The delivery of the course online allowed me to undertake it in the comfort of my home at my pace. The mp3 audio files and notes were excellent. I feel incredibly grateful to have had access to such an experienced and knowledgeable presenter - thanks Valerie!"
- Barbara Noller

"I feel I have the skills and confidence to present my work as a professional. I have had one article accepted and have been asked for 3 more. I enjoyed the practical useful information from someone obviously skilled and passionate in the field."
- Alison Lee

"Valerie has given me the tools and know-how to confidently start writing and submitting my own stories. I loved that this course was online. I can't wait until Magazine Writing 2 is online. Thanks Valerie for all your information."
- Gabrielle Martin

"Even though I have a background in journalism, I got a lot of practical information from the course which I can definitely apply to freelance writing in the future. I particularly enjoyed the modules 'Know your market' and 'Sell your work and see it in print'. I now have a plan of attack in terms of pitching story ideas to newspapers and magazines.

"It was so easy and convenient! I definitely felt part of a 'classroom' even though there was no face-to-face interaction."
- Belinda Zammit

"I'm most impressed with the online course offered by Australian Writers' Centre. Responses to student work are considered, informed and honest. Most importantly, there is a high level of respect afforded to each student in the manner these responses are presented. Suffice to say, I now know so much more about magazine writing than I did five weeks ago, despite a lifetime of reading many different kinds of magazines, newspapers, online articles."
- Robyn O'Connell

"It has given me a place to start. I've always thought I'd love to write feature articles for magazines but never knew where to start. It now seems like more of a reality rather than a pipe dream!"
- Elaine Ballantine

"I believe my writing skills have improved and I am also now armed with practical knowledge about the business of magazine writing. It was very easy and convenient to do the course online. I was actually surprised by how much it suited me. I didn't originally think I would get as much out of it as a face to face course, but I think I got even more. The best thing about this mode of delivery was the fact that you could download the audio and listen to it anytime. Also, the fact that you can listen to it again and again in case you missed something."
- Samantha Baker

"Valerie Khoo was a brilliant presenter and her personality came across in her teaching which made the course thoroughly enjoyable. It has taught me some skills on how to write better and how to pitch ideas to editors."
- Joanna Greenway

"I've had an opinion piece printed in our local newspaper as a direct result of targetting my writing to their style by following Valerie's advice. The course was extremely practical. No fluff. I also enjoyed the welcoming environment. You were encouraged to ask any question and were not made to feel inadequate in any way. The online delivery was extremely convenient.

"I looked forward to each Monday. I knew what to print out, what to download and could get myself organised so that on Tuesday I was ready to listen to Valerie."
- Lisa Hampson

"I loved listening to the audio modules in my own time and found the handouts interesting and informative. It is nice to know you can access this kind of course even if you don't live in a big metrpolitan centre! I now have a greater understanding of how to structure and pitch strong feature articles, making them relevant to the publications I want to focus on.

"The mode of delivery was seamless - you can access the Modules at any time and re-play them at your own convenience. Valerie's style is personal, chatty and informative and posting comments is easy."
- Jacqui Walker

"I have learned a lot of 'insider' information, and I feel more confident in my quest to get published."
- Sean Wiid

"I knew nothing about writing or journalism before this course and the learning curve over just 5 weeks has been amazing. I enjoyed the presenter's real life experiences and ideas. And also the fact she transitioned into a writing career from another career... and made it all seem possible! The best thing was I could complete it in my own time. If I was too tired after work to do it all in one sitting, no problem, I could finish later during the week."
- Anna Day

"I now have a much better understanding of freelance writing, including how to structure articles and approach editors. I really enjoyed how the course focussed on the practical aspects of freelance writing. The content was very down-to-earth, rather than being purely theoretical."
- Carol Howard

"I loved everything about the course! It was exactly what I was looking for when I enrolled. It was clear, practical and thorough. The information was fed to us at a great pace, in an order that made sense. The opportunity to ask questions was great - I would never have had the opportunity to ask someone with that amount of experience and knowledge all those questions I've been stewing on! I found Valerie completely inspiring - she was the best part of the course I'd have to say. Every time I listened a new module I had a smile on my face. She truly made me believe that being a feature writer was possible. I've benefited in a thousand ways! I know things now that would have taken me years to learn otherwise. I think the knowledge and skills Valerie taught us are invaluable."
- Velvet Garvey

"I've had all of my questions answered about getting into freelance feature writing and now feel I have the confidence and knowledge to approach a publisher with a story idea. I think I found each module equally enjoyable ... I particularly enjoyed Valerie's presentation of each module and her audio feedback to comments and questions each week which I found almost resembled a real life classroom situation. I also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with virtual classmates (and to meet one of them in real life) and I found the assignments very useful and practical."
- Wendy Barilaro

"While I like to think I can write, I'm the first to admit I suck at research and pitching ideas to editors. After this course I feel a lot more confident about doing both. I definitely enjoyed the information Valerie gave us all - not just in the 'lessons', but also in the feedback. To get information like this from someone who's actively practising what she preaches is fantastic. (I put 'lessons' in quotes because they didn't really feel like lessons at all. It felt like we were just sitting down and talking about freelance writing. Kudos to everyone involved.)"
- Bill Harper

"I enjoyed the wealth of knowledge that Valerie has, and her willingness to share. Valerie has a straight forward approach, so there is little room for wondering where you stand! The online delivery was fantastic. The best thing is being able to do it when it suited me. I have three kids and a husband who does rotating shift work, so attending in person is near impossible, but this has afforded me the wonderful opportunity of learning as much as I have."
- Diana Taylor

"Learning how to stucture my writing and having more insight into the media world has been a great benefit. The information was practical and very informative. Valerie has a down to earth approach to tutoring which makes the course user friendly."
- Kathy Newman

"The presentation and content of the course were fantastic! I couldn't fault anything. It was as though Valerie was in my study teaching me face to face. Her style was friendly and each lesson was relevant and brought to life with interesting case studies. I learnt so much and am looking forward to the next online course. I just wish there were more online courses available!"
- Silvana Wiggins

"The feedback on my writing was invaluable. I also now know how to pitch to an editor & how to look at making a living doing this. Loved the examples provided- really made you start to look at features and magazines in a very different way."
- Joanne Tracey

"This is one of the few courses that I have done which was really worthwhile. Usually with a course, you find that they give you a textbook and you work your way through it. It's invaluable to get into Valerie's head and learn all the insider tips of an editor. You want to learn from someone who has several years experience working in the business."
- Gillian Nalletamby

"I found the whole course to be interesting and relevant. It covered such a huge amount of material in a relatively short time and helped us all believe we have what it takes to pursue writing as a career! It has made me realise that if I choose to pursue feature writing as a career or part time interest I can do it! But I need to put in the hard work and time in order to get there - we now have the skills but need to make it happen for ourselves."
- Kristy McCormick

"I have studied many tertiary subjects via distance modules and wish they had a spoken word component to them as this course did. I feel that my writing is quite good and may be suited to feature writing, however I didn't know how to structure, reference an article, or how to contact a magazine before this course. All this information has been great."
- Lucy Warden

"Valerie shared her experience and insight generously and I feel like I have done a two-year English course in 5 weeks. I learnt a lot about the process of writing, and I especially liked the audio responses to our questions."
- Heather Smith

"The content was extremely good and relevant and I could do it at the time most suitable to me. The course has given me a strong framework on how to take my feature writing forward and develop it into a viable incoming earning option in the future. The mode of delivery was excellent. It was great to be able to complete each module at a time that was suitable to me and my lifestyle (particularly with a small child)."
- Suzanne Van Hese

"I loved how practical the course was - I've studied writing at uni but it was all theory and no practical. I loved knowing the exact steps you need to take. I feel like I have a lot more confidence to go out and pitch - knowing exactly what editors expect."
- Maraya Bell

"The course has given me the tools and confidence to enter this market. I have no doubt that I will get something published.I found it very interesting to learn about how to analyse mags, and how to go about writing in the relevant format. Overall, the course provides great insight into the industry."
- Tamzyn Dorfling

"I know have a much clearer idea of how the industry works, what a good article consists of and how to get published. I enjoyed the flexibility, feedback from Valerie, and the amount of information I learnt in such a short time."
- Ben Harding

"I now have more confidence and heaps of useful information which is there for the keeping. The course is so manageable and the encouragement given is inspiring. This online delivery was easy. It gives the opportunity to 'sit in on the class' at a time that suits, which is so important in busy lives."
- Christine Huntdale

"I've a clearer view on how feature articles are be written, where to get information and ideas and how to eventually get myself published out there."
- Justina Goh

"Whilst I have participated in other courses this one has got down to the nitty gritty and given me a different insight into how to start writing for money instead of free as I have been doing."
- Carole Lyden

"Completing the Australian Writers' Centre Online Magazine Writing course gave me the confidence and skills to branch out on my own as a freelance writer. The five-week course provides a comprehensive but practical introduction to the world of feature writing, and this, coupled with Valerie's upbeat teaching style and real life examples, gives students a tremendous insight into the industry. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is even remotely interested in writing for magazines and newspapers"
- Nicole Richards

"Just wanted to let you know Cosmo Bride magazine accepted my "8 Negotiating Tips Every Bride Needs to Know" article! It is slated for publication and I've even been paid already. Woohoo!

"Thanks heaps for the wonderful practical information in the magazine writing course. It was not only amazingly useful for my future freelancing aspirations, but perfectly timed to help secure that Cosmo Bride gig. And it was great that with your advice, I was prepared for the "Oh no, what comes next?" feeling when faced with creating my own invoice, registering an ABN and negotiating rights.

"Thanks again for all your help and I'll definitely be doing more Australian Writers' Centre online courses in future!"
- Beck Doyle

"I am currently exploring different types of writing to find what I like best and this has given me a very good intro to feature writing and ideas of where I could go with it. It was very easy and convenient, [doing the course online] is the only option for me because of distance so it's great to have the opportunity to do it online, I hope more courses are made available soon!"
- Gaye Nilson

"For professionalism, relevance and sheer enjoyment, this course was streets ahead of any other I've done online -- and I've done a few. The information Valerie gave us in the first module alone was enough to justify the course fee. It was wonderful to get feedback from someone who's so obviously at the top of her game. I live in a remote part of Australia. If the course hadn't been offered online, I would have missed out on one of the most worthwhile professional development courses I've ever done."
- Niki Morrell

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Online course: Travel Writing

“I completed the Online Travel writing course at the Australian Writers' Centre. One of the best things I found about the course was the step-by-step instructions from beginning to end about how I could start my career in the travel writing industry. By the time the course was finished I felt really comfortable and supported and confident I could do this.”
- Robyn Box

“I would find it impossible to attend five nights of a course given family commitments, so completing it online means I can do the course whenever suits. I download the podcasts and listen to them in the car or on the train. Great!”
- Leanne Anderson

“The course provides participants with a comprehensive coverage of the travel writing genre and the industry. It is well-structured and excellently presented while its flexible mode of delivery makes it easily accessible to participants anywhere and at anytime.

“I enjoyed the flexible nature of its delivery; the in-depth coverage of topics; the excellent feedback given for uploaded assignments and participants’ questions; and the analysis of published travel articles. It is VERY easy to do the course online. I could easily slot it in around my work commitments.”
- Lucy Taylor

“I enjoyed the practicality of the course. This is real world stuff. This is the second course I’ve done and I would recommend the Australian Writers’ Centre to anyone.”
- Jo Tracey

“The downloads were supported by the podcasts and this allowed me to follow through each module. It also allowed me to revisit sections of the module to go over it. It is great that I have all the modules saved and can read and listen to them again, getting something new every time. The course has helped me focus on being a travel writer, not just thinking about it.”
- Stephen James Castley

“I enjoyed the stories Sue and other travel writers had published as they provided useful reference material for my own assignments. Sue obviously knows her stuff – her feedback was always spot on.

“The online courses are very convenient for anyone anywhere in the world. The tutors are excellent.”
- Kutloano Leshomo

“I found Sue to be very approachable and giving of her experience and knowledge. The feedback was very helpful and much appreciated. The flexibility of the online course meant that I could do the study when I could fit it in. A great learning experience!”
- Anna Gitsidis

“I enjoyed the practical tips and guidance. I felt that everything in the course greatly increased my chances of getting published. Sue is an excellent writing teacher. Her feedback on our assignments and questions was so practical.”
- Carla Avolio

“I have learnt so much about the travel writing industry in such a short space of time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I was so sad when it finished that I rang the centre the next day and asked to be sent the outlines for the other online courses!”
- Jacqui John

“Reading "real" articles was important to me. The course was presented in a good order, which made it logical and easy to follow. I loved my online tutor, Sue! Submitting assignments was always a pleasure as we knew we were going to get constructive feedback. Studying in my own time and often in different locations was the most convenient aspect of this mode of study. I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about travel writing as a career change or sideline.”
- Cheryl Mair

“One of the best online courses I’ve done. It is very well structured and easy to understand. I love how the assignments were broken down to each of the modules and at the end you got the chance to pull it all together. The course was very well presented and the feedback that Sue provided on our assignments was very concise. Knowing that she is successful in the industry really makes you appreciate that feedback.”
- Michelle Crutcher

“Sue was a great tutor. She took the time to respond to everyone's questions and give very detailed feedback. I thought her knowledge and experience came through from the very start and I found her feedback valuable. I've already recommended the course to friends because the presenter is very experienced and the ability to learn at your own pace, in the convenience of your home, is an absolute bonus!”
- Francesca Millena

“I enjoyed Sue's professional, non-pretentious and encouraging approach to participants. I recommend you do this course. Sue's knowledge will help you enjoy the experience.”
- Maurice Venables

“Relevant information that enabled me to be guided through every step of the way. I feel totally motivated to pursue my goals relating to travel writing. Sue was extremely professional and offered constructive feedback. She was very inspirational and I could really relate to her even in an online environment.”
- Jocelyn Pride

“Living in Perth I only have access to the online courses but I have recommended these to friends as an extremely easy and convenient way to learn. With the practical exercises and Sue's feedback you find out exactly where you are going wrong and how to correct it.”
- Pam Lynch

“I loved the online classroom. The best thing is that you can ‘attend’ class at your convenience. The course was fun, convenient and there was heaps of practical advice and information given! I feel motivated to pitch some travel articles now.”
- Jennifer Morton

“Sue was excellent. She was professional, honest, encouraging and openly shared her knowledge. The course is an extremely valuable way to spend your time and money.”
- Evette Wolf

“Sue White was very knowledgable and also very straight forward which was appreciated. She was excellent! The online delivery was very easy and liked that I could fit it in with my own time during the week.”
- Julietta Henderson

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Online course: Creative Writing Stage 1

"The presentation and information were great – relevant, precise, personal and supportive. It demystified the process, making it more accessible for us timid types. Whether I make into print or not, I feel empowered to try."
- Deborah Wilkinson

“Cathie was quite excellent. She gave constructive feedback that I could really use. I loved being able to see everyone else’s feedback too.”
- Michelle Anne Webb

“I enjoyed the delivery method and having to submit small pieces of writing each week whilst a challenge, was achievable and satisfying. I also enjoyed reading other students’ submitted work. Cathy gave excellent and helpful advice which gave you the ability to see what you were doing wrong and improve each week. The best thing about the online delivery is that I can do it when I have the time, especially as I work fulltime am not in a position to attend classes in person. If you want to see improvement in your writing immediately, then this course is great.”
- Karen Macrae

“[The best thing about the course was learning] the actual crafting skills... structuring, character development and dialogue. The online tutor was prompt and had fabulous comments that were applicable not only to the individual, but after reading other students’ submissions enabled me to learn from their work as well.”
- Carol-Anne Croker

“The best thing about the course is I can do it anytime and anywhere.”
- Anthony O’Brien

“Cathie Tasker had so much insight about the pieces I wrote. Her positive feedback made me stand back and analyse my work in more depth. Truly, very valuable information. The Australian Writers' Centre has so many courses to choose from. I am sure you will find a course that can help you to broaden your understanding and knowledge from writing to publishing a book.”
- Cecilia Spiros

“ The best thing about the course was doing it when the time suits you and knowing you have the best teachers.”
- Raya Traval

“I appreciated the constructive comments on everyone's pieces. This is invaluable advice. I live one hour's drive from the Centre and have a pretty busy lifestyle. Doing the course online meant more time for writing and putting new skills into practice. The Australian Writers’ Centre has well-structured courses with practical information and plenty of feedback from experienced online tutors.”
- Patricia Takahashi

“It was very easy and convenient, especially as I live out in the bush so have no way of getting to a face to face class. It has given me focus and drive to develop my writing and for that I am grateful.”
- Rachael Meek

“Fantastic. Cathie challenged my thinking and made me work harder to achieve a better result. The course was flexible. I was able to fit it into my busy schedule and the assessments weren't too much additional work. A must for any up-and-coming writer.”
- Sarah Marano

“I really enjoyed the very practical analysis of the craft of writing that was offered during the course. It was great to be able to download the lessons and listen when you can. I really enjoyed setting a particular time of the day to listen to my lesson. The course is very good for really breaking down the practical elements of fiction writing.”
- Gail Priest

“The course content was very good. Now I know about POV, how to create characters, how to describe scenes and how to structure a piece of writing. I found analysing the structure of To Kill a Mockingbird very rewarding. It was also very convenient. I could work at assignments when it suited my schedule. It's a great way to learn some of the basic skills involved in writing.”
- Jan Reeves

"I found the Online Creative Writing Course Part 1 so informative and gained valuable insight into the craft. I really enjoyed the course and know that the information I have received will continue to benefit me even now that the course is over. Thank you all!"
- Carla Rudd

“I really enjoyed learning about structure, and seeing how other writers approach their writing. It felt like it opened a door for me. It was wonderful! Laurine's feedback was constructive, motivating, enthusiastic and prompt. I loved being able to do the course in my own time and to have the audios to listen to again in the future. Excellent – professional advice in a course that addresses the nuts and bolts of writing that gets you writing.”
- Olga van Eerde

“The course gave me an excellent balance of theory and practice within a supportive and friendly environment. I received valuable encouragement and feedback from my online tutor and classmates. I could also see the work of my classmates and the feedback they received. It was a priceless learning experience. Laurine was encouraging and constructive. She read not just our assignments but the chatter between classmates, and I felt that she got to know us in that short space of time. I thought she was wonderful!

"It was very easy and convenient to do the course online. The best things about it were that it not only allowed people from outside Sydney to access it, but we were also able to do the work within each module at our leisure. The other really good thing was that the modules and virtual classroom stay up for another two months after completing the course. This means that we will be able to recheck anything, including feedback and interactions from the course. The post-course forum is a wonderful opportunity to exchange feedback on future writing with fellow classmates whom we already know.

"I would say that the course I did from the Australian Writers' Centre has given me the tools and confidence to start writing. I highly recommend it for the quality of its content, presentation and feedback. Each module was packed with valuable, relevant information that was delivered by Valerie in a pleasant and interesting manner. I also found it a safe, non-threatening environment where I could experiment and start to take a few risks. I'm really sorry my course has finished! I would say that if you want to start writing and learn how to write well, take a course at the Australian Writers' Centre.”
- Anne Bennett Taylor

“I enjoyed the exercises, comments, and interacting with other members of the class. There was a lot of valuable information and feedback in the tutor’s comments. It was easy and convenient and I found it very rewarding. Writers work in isolation, but having the online connection with others was great. Also, feedback and understanding are very important. If you’re interested in doing a course, I say go for it. It will open you up to many writing possibilities.”
- Anthony Sevil

“The writing and the inspiration that was provided each week made me want to write more. Valerie's enthusiasm for the topic really came across in the audio and that rubbed off on me. I've told friends and colleagues that the course was really inspiring and helped my writing a lot.”
- Rebecca Smedley

“The content was good and I enjoyed the specific feed back from Cathie regarding individual assignments.  I also found it helpful with having 'deadlines' to complete work, but with some flexibility. The Australian Writers’ Centre has a great range of courses, they’re professional, and offer flexibility with either attending a class room or doing an on-line course.”
- Derice McDonald

“The thing I loved most about this course was the fact that everything you learn is put to good use, not only throughout the course, but out in our own lives as well. This course builds on what you already know and reinforces things that you have already learned through past experiences. This course is also set out so that it is helpful to writers of any level; beginers to the already published. It's worth every cent.

"The presenter was friendly and completely non-threatening, she was easy to query and open to all the students. Everything you learn through the Australian Writers’ Centre you will use whether it be through work, publishing or even your own literary works. It only takes a few hours per week to do the online courses and you're never alone. If you need help with anything the class or the presenter is always there to help you. 100% satisfaction gauranteed.”
- Michelle Firth

"I just wanted to send Cathie, Valerie and the team a VERY BIG THANK YOU for coaching me in our online Creative Writing course. The information I received during the course has been invaluable and gave me the tools I needed to become one of the 28 winning co-writers of James Patterson’s Chain Thriller AirBorne.

"I still cannot believe the news… but as I have had emails from Random House and my name has been posted on Facebook, I had better get my head around it!"
- Kylie Williams

"I am so pleased you put this together!! I have a two year old who I am home with four days per week so the minute he went down for his midday sleep I would dash for the computer. I found the presenter's voice and sense of humour a delight to listen to and Pamela's exercises fun.

"It was great to be able to stop the recording and go back where I missed something or was too slow in taking notes and the handouts will be a great reference for later on. The availability of the online course to us 'out of towners' was great. There is not always a lot available when you get out from the main cities. Also, being able to listen to it at any time of the day was very convenient.

"Thank you to everyone involved in getting this course up and running, it was just what I was needing to do."
- Nicole Stenson

"I enjoyed the clarity of the course material - both the recorded lectures and the handouts. Also, feedback on assignments was consistently helpful. I now understand some key tools used in creative writing in a formal sense - previously I was aware of them without fully understanding them.

"The online mode of delivery provided me with a non-threatening way of getting involved in learning about creative writing at my own pace."
- David Andrews

"It was very easy and convenient to do online and the handouts were good and you knew exactly when to look at them, it was all very well organised. I loved how I could do things in my own time."
- Ruby Rebic

“The delivery was excellent and the handouts were the right quantity. The critique session was excellent - I now have a better idea and concept of the writing process. I have a lot to learn and now have some direction."
- David Walker

"The written feedback was excellent - personalised and detailed. The rewriting and redrafting process has been a really valuable insight.

"It was an advantage to listen to the tutorials as many times as you wanted. Revisiting everyone's work after thinking things through was also useful."
- Sue Sim

"I have learnt to approach writing as a craft and not simply to expect that inspiration will ooze out my pores whenever I sit down to write. I am also better acquainted with the creative writing process."
- Karen Hamilton

"Yes, very easy and convenient, and could be completed anywhere and anytime within the week. It was very straightforward to download the modules."
- Dale Whybrow

"It was certainly easy and convenient. The biggest benefit is simply that I can do it when I have the time without having to travel to Sydney (from the Netherlands)."
- Elfi Gilissen

"I feel my writing has improved dramatically because of this course. I enjoyed it so much it was a shame when it was complete. It was easy and convenient. The best thing was that I could do the work when it suited me, I work best late at night when all is quiet."
- Kimberly Starr

"I'm more inclined to continue writing - gaining confidence through greater awareness of structure and elements of fiction. The online delivery was really simple. Online meant I could do it - I am not in Sydney. And we can do work whenever it fits in with everything else."
- Marguerite Perkins

"I enjoyed the honesty and no fuss appraisal by Cathie of the assignments, tempered with words of encouragement. It has made me very aware of current level and the improvement needed. The convenience was the best factor, being able to schedule it into my normal daily activities."
- Howard Frankland

"The course material was easy to understand and comments on assignments were very constructive and positive"
- Keryn Gribben

"The online course was easy and convenient. The mode of delivery allowed me to monopolise my time more efficiently. I could complete the modules in my time without the travel time. Valerie's delivery in the MP3 versions were exceptional. Cathie's expert advice provided feedback that was a valuable source of information to continue into the future."
- Shenelle Whetu

"The most enjoyable part of the course was the opportunity to get feedback on my writing and the opportunity to read other students writing and read feedback on other students' writing. Also, the opportunity to ask questions and to re-work writing.

"I have improved my writing and I now know what I must do. I have received honest and consistent feedback and I am encouraged to do more."
- Philip Harmer

"It was so manageable for someone with a busy life. The assignments were great learning opportunities.

"The course has given me the confidence to believe I can have a go at writing. The opportunity to read not only your own feedback on assignments but also the feedback of others helps to compare yourself."
- Christine Huntsdale

"My writing has improved immensely. I now know how to structure my writing and how to structure my story for publication. I didn't have to arrange babysitters and could do it at home at any time that suited."
- Karlene Dalbraithe

"I liked having an audio tape that I could replay if needed. The prompt feedback by Cathie each Monday was very satisfying. I learnt heaps, and that's as an English teacher. I actually made a start on my writing and I think I have a much more realistic appreciation of what is involved, especially when it comes to drafting."
- Sharon Welgus

"The course was well presented and lots of fun. It was tailored towards someone at my level and it was well set out in a structured way that helped us grow on what we were learning. I found the course absolutely wonderful.

"It was very easy and convenient to do on the online course and it suited my working life. I could never have attended the Australian Writers' Centre because I live too far away and it (the online course) made it possible to do something I have wanted to do for such a long time."
- Penelope Leary

"The content was better than expected. It was clear, concise and provided me an opportunity to learn. I liked being able to listen to parts of the dialog over and over again until I 'got it'."
- Lillian Garcia

"I feel my writing has improved dramatically because of this course. The best thing was that I could do the work when it suited me."
- Kimberly Starr

"Just loved it! Very easy to do, to understand and to apply. It's opened my eyes to the more technical side of writing that I knew was there but couldn't put my finger on."
- Jackie Randall

"Getting valuable feedback from someone as astute and experienced as Pamela was very insightful. I learnt a lot in such a short period of time. I feel I have a much stronger understanding of the technical side of writing and a very healthy respect of the hard work it takes to be successful.

"This was a fantastic way for me to do the course - I have three very small children and live outside of Sydney, so I would not have had the opportunity to participate if it were not for online. I loved the fact that there was no pressure to do it at any particular time within the week (again with three young kids, I can't always fit things in where I like, so a bit of flexibility is a must)."
- Diana Taylor

"This course was easy and convenient, it was great to be able to read my class mates work and the feedback for them from Pamela. I am now learning to think and write as a writer."
- Mae Ashworth

“I have had an amazing 5 weeks. I have learnt so much in such a short time. I want more. My writing is so much tighter. I look back to my first submission and know what to do with it now. This has been a fantastic course. I have been able to fit it into my life. There has been no pressure, just support and understanding. Thank you.”
- Angelina Cimino

"Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the course ... a bit sad it's over actually! I found the MP3's very well structured, interesting and the information therein will prove invaluable I'm sure.

"I feel inspired, motivated and much more prepared to tackle the task of fulfilling my dream of writing a novel. The tools and advice this course offers are priceless. Thank you!"
- Barbara Parks

"I learnt a lot about characters, structure, plot and I'm continuing to improve my work. The best thing about the course was that I could listen to the presenter whenever I wanted to (early morning is great for me) and I really enjoyed reading others' contributions.
- Andrea Howell

"The writing tasks were stimulating and enjoyable. I have more confidence in my writing ability and have developed some excellent ideas for future writing."
- Emma Vlaski

"My writing has improved. The online course was very convenient because you could  complete the course when you had the time. No driving, traffic or being late!"
- Concetta Mifsud

"It was great getting feedback from a REAL professional writer."
- Christa McDermott

"There was a good balance of structure and creative stimulus. Pamela's constructive and supportive feedback was great. The course has made me think about the way I write and given me some specific ideas about how to improve."
- Veronica Hamer

"The information about writing was very helpful. The assignments and feedback were great. I have a much better idea of how to go about writing creatively."
- Ian Thompson

"The content was better than expected. It was clear, concise and provide me an opportunity to learn. I have a better understanding of the writing process. As I read I am now looking at the mechanics of the story, not just the entertainment factor."
- Lillian Garcia

"I have learned some good prompts for finding a place to start as well as how to correctly structure a piece of writing. The course has also inspired me to just write ... previously I would sit for hours, motionless at my computer screen, trying to think of something interesting to type!"
- Nicola Aspinall

"I am now taking a different approach to any future writing I do. I loved that I could do it in my own time and pace. The presenter was excellent. Cathie's feedback was very honest which was great."
- Heather Noakes

"I have more of an idea about writing as a whole, not just one aspect of it. I looked forward each week to a new module and a new assignment."
- Maria Conway

"I learnt a lot about structure, which is what I needed, and many other things. I loved getting feedback on my work."
- Narelle Segecic

"I have learned invaluable techniques. The best thing about the course was that I could do it in my own time and at my convenience."
- Roslyn Clasby

"I found the materials and the comments from the instructor very helpful and this has certainly helped to improve my writing."
- Jean Moore

"I have learnt heaps and I feel more confident in writing something of my own."
- Kate Lawson

"I have a much better understanding of the importance of structure. The best thing about the course was being able to listen whenever I wanted and to hear a real person's voice."
- Patrice Connelly

"It's the first time I have tried to write a piece of creating writing since school, and I have learnt so much about structure and planning. I really liked being able to download the tutorials so I can listen to them more than once. This is a great benefit over trying to take notes in a classroom."
- Sarah Browne

"I'm more encouraged to start writing my own piece. I can find inspiration relatively easier as I know how. I now know how to edit my own work and read other people's work as a writer."
- Adeline Kintono

"I signed a three-book deal with Hachette Australia. My young adult novel, Embrace, book 1 in The Violet Eden Chapters, will hit bookstores across Australia on October 14th 2010. I would like to thank both Cathie and Pamela for their input along the way. It was fantastic to be able to use the online course to help me focus and identify problems in my manuscript. Thank you to the entire team.”
- Jessica Shirvington

"I learnt more about character building and description. It was easy and convenient. The best thing was being able to pause and pick it up a little bit later."
- Lloyd Jones

"I've been able to think about my writing more clearly as I work on a project. I really enjoyed the lecturer and getting feedback on the exercises; didn't take a lot of time to do and were very useful!"
- Lisa Chirio

"The online mode was very easy! I am currently overseas and it was so convenient to be able to log in at anytime, download the module and listen to it at my leisure."
- Keryn Thiele

"I have finally been able to understand the writing process, and what it takes to create an effective piece.  The course not only helped me to understand writing but also reading, I will never underestimate written material again. My enjoyment of reading has increased!"
- Gueza Chavez

"I loved doing the course online because I could repeat anything I didn't understand over again."
- Melisa Quigley

"The knowledge from the lectures around the overall structure of story and development of character has been great. In a way it has been good to put alll of this into such a compressed time-frame because it brings it together well and provides opportunity for exploring the details of particular components further. The other great benefit was the confidence gained through posting the assignments and receiving comments."
- Linda Carruthers

"I've learnt a lot about writing description, scenes, characters, plot, structure, point of view, "show, don't tell" - the whole process!"
- Jennifer Carr

"I feel I have learnt much and it has given me the incentive to write more."
- Ardis Rogers

"I have learnt a lot about the publishing industry and how to enter it. I've also gained valuable insights into structure, character formation, point of view."
- Margaret Coghlan

"Having an editor run this course gave me a very different perspective and I have learned a number of things that have improved my writing."
- Sharon Luttrell

"I have learnt that there is a lot of untapped creativity in everyone and that it is just a matter of making time to practice. I loved the flexibility of being able to complete the course at a time that worked for me. The feedback was excellent and really constructive - I found myself looking forward to receiving feedback each week."
- Katy Sheppard

"I feel confident that I can attempt a creative writing project."
- Heather Caulfield

"I now see that, with much redrafting and editing, it is possible that I could produce something readable and sellable. The online delivery was convenient. I loved being able to put the modules on my iPod and listen at lunchtimes."
- Theresa Bint

"I felt like I was really learning and growing as a writer. In fact, because of the supportive and nurturing tone of the resources, I actually felt able to call myself a writer for the first time."
- Deborah Martin

"It's opened my eyes to the more technical side of writing that I knew was there but couldn't put my finger on. I just loved the online format! It was very easy to do, understand, and apply."
- Jackie Randall

"I enjoyed the structure of the course and the pace of the learning as well as the prompt feedback."
- Audrey Frances Dargan

"I know a lot more about structure, scene and summary than I did before."
- Kimberley Jane Pryor

"Those course has enabled me to focus on what I want to write about."
- Kay Lorraine Wulf

"Very helpful and informative course. Has pointed me in the 'write' direction with my novel!"
- Aoife McGee

"I've learnt new skills for my writing. And, most importantly, I've started writing again!"
- Marie Nelson

"I now feel motivated to write and feel that maybe I have something to offer to world ...We will see. The best thing was that I could do the course sitting in the comfort of my own home, sipping on a red wine!"
- Karen Howe

"I feel as if I now have a good grasp of the industry and what it will take to become a published writer."
- Kelly Lappin

"I approach story-telling and my school lessons with more focus on the structure and engaging the reader/students. I enjoy hearing and reading stories more because I'm aware of the different dimensions that make good story, especially the structure."
- Callum Shipley

"I learnt a lot in such a short period of time. I feel I have a much stronger understanding of the technical side of writing, and a very healthy respect of the hard work it take to be successful."
- Diana Taylor

"There is a lot of good information packed into the modules over the 5 weeks."
- Barry Neilson

"I have a better understanding of the structure needed to produce a piece of writing. The online mode was user friendly and I could complete it at my own pace."
- Kirryn Mills

"I enjoyed the assignments and having a deadline was motivating. The section on structure and dialogue was very helpful and I feel my writing has improved especially in these areas."
- Stephanie Allen

"The biggest benefit for me was learning about structure - I hadn't been able to differential structure from plot until it was explained during this course."
- Judi Ashworth

"I know now a lot more about the technique of writing creative fiction, and have what will be useful resource materials for when I seek to have something published."
- Peter Tiffin

"I've gained a solid knowledge in the basics of writing and the course has given me the grounding I need to gain confidence and really know if I can write."
- Jody Watkins

"I have recognized the difference of reading as a "reader" and reading as a "writer". I think this will stay with me for ever."
- Jenny Wilson

"I really loved doing the assignments so that I could begin to apply what we were learning throughout the course. The feedback from Pamela was honest and useful and has inspired me to hone my writing skills more and more. I have learnt so much about building character, approaching structure and creating engaging dialogue."
- Jacqui Walker

"It was very easy and convenient to do online and the handouts were good and you knew exactly when to look at them, it was all very well organised from your end."
- Ruby Rebic

"I now understand some key tools used in creative writing in a formal sense - previously I was aware of them without fully understanding them. I really enjoyed the clarity of the course material - both the recorded lectures and the handouts. Also, the feedback on assignments was consistently helpful."
- David Andrews

"I have learnt to approach writing as a craft and not simply to expect that inspiration will ooze out my pores whenever I sit down to write. I am also better acquainted with the creative writing process."
- Karen Hamilton

"The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the way it made me motivated to write, and the way it made it seem possible to be a writer. I particularly enjoyed learning more about structure, and the hard facts in the last module."
- Dale Whybrow

"The delivery was excellent, the handouts were the right quantity.  The critiques were excellent."
- David Walker

"The written feedback was excellent - personalised and detailed. The rewriting and redrafting process has been a really valuable insight."
- Sue Sim

"I feel like i have a better technical grasp of how to begin to write well. The best thing is being able to do the course whenever you like during the week, the flexibility of that is great."
- Leone Becker

"I am a much more confident writer and I understand the writing process and all that is involved much better."
- Natalie Watson

"I have had an amazing 5 weeks. I have learnt so much in such a short time. I want more! This course gave me permission to spend hours writing. It gave me joy and it gave me focus. It gave me 'me'. My husband just looks at me and smiles now because even after I have worked all day I still want to keep going... I just want to write, write, write!"
- Angelina Cimino

"I've learnt how to analyse writing in terms of intent, structure, flow, instead of just as a piece of (excellent, good, interesting etc) fiction. As a result of this, I have been able to lend this insight into my own writing, to be able to focus on what I want the reader to take from my work, instead of just writing for fun."
- Monique Blocki

"I've learnt that it is important to make every word count, have believable characters and scenarios, have a good balance between plot and character and that good structure is one key element to effective fiction writing."
- Liza Eusebio

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Online course: Creative Writing Stage 2

“I loved going through other works of fiction and learning the tricks of the trade in the examples of others. Pamela was very supportive and gave great critiques of all our work. Doing the course online was great. I could do the coursework at a time that suited me.”
- Marni Switzer

"I would highly recommend this course. Do it! you won't regret the decision."
- Maurice Venables

"It was very easy to do the course online, and it was like having a special friend I could share my work with. It was a great way to get feedback on your writing and to know how you are going, and to learn more about how to write and complete your writing."
- Dale Turner

"This was an excellent course. The lectures were very informative and had lots of little tricks and tips that will be very helpful both now and in the future. It's great that the timing is flexible - and you can listen to the lectures over and over as a refresher."
- Jessica Smith

"The course helped me clarify some basic techniques, and showed me how to apply these to my own projects. Cathie was superb. Her comments were insightful and useful in improving our work, as well as providing encouragement at all times. It was fantastically easy to do - I was able to sit down and complete the modules when I found the time, whether it was during the day, or of an evening once the kids were in bed."
- Michelle Stephens

"Online Creative Writing 2 was very challenging for me. I had an idea for a story and had done a bit of writing for it. I found it wonderful to be able to look, think about, and work on the structure and form of it during the course, and to get feedback. Cathie was wonderful – I loved her enthusiasm, guidance and honesty. She gave a lot of her time to answering any questions we posted and many will be copied and kept as a useful resource.

"The course was very easy and convenient. I'm a shift worker and it's impossible to organise a roster to have a certain day off for a number of weeks to attend a course. I also live about 21/2hrs south of Sydney and the online course gives me access to something that is not available down here."
- Janet Barwick

"I liked the assignments as they worked well to stretch my specific skills and thus boosted my knowledge of what I need and confidence to produce certain types of writing. I looked forward to the feedback and was delighted that it was both very prompt and extremely helpful. The feedback from Cathie was remarkably insightful, clear and helpful. I found I could improve my writing immediately in response to her input. I found this very encouraging. The online set up works well and the handouts are not so huge that the printer cannot cope and I can read them all without too much time and effort needed. The modules being in about half hour chunks was good as any longer and I would have struggled to find time to devote to them."
- Dr Ruth Armstrong

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Online course: Writing Books for Children and Young Adults

“I loved the flexibility of the course and the nurturing environment created by Valerie and Judith. Putting your writing out there for everyone to see can be pretty daunting for first-timers but the tutors and my classmates were encouraging and supportive which really helped boost my confidence. Judith provided supportive and constructive feedback that really helped push my writing along.

"These types of courses are perfect for time poor people like myself! It was easy to use and the option to download to my MP3 player was fantastic as I could listen to the lesson at any time without having to be online. This is the second course I have done through the centre and it won't be the last! The best writing courses are the ones that provide you with access to authors, editors etc, who can guide your writing and provide you with the necessary industry information to progress your writing/career. I highly recommend the centre for any aspiring writers out there. It has done wonders for my creativity and writing.”
- Shelley Stephens

"The quality of the Online Course: Writing Books for Children and Young Adults is exceptional. Cathie Tasker's responses to my assignments are insightful, thought-provoking and highly valued. Each week, I find myself considering Cathie's comments from different perspectives and endeavouring to use her constructive criticism to further develop my writing. In a little more than five weeks I have learnt so much."
- Robyn O'Connell

“I enjoyed doing the exercises and they actually made me consider a lot of different elements that I was then able to incorporate into my story. Nicola gave very positive and constructive feedback. I enjoyed reading her critiques of everyone’s work and learned as much from their writing as my own.”
- Barbara Rosie

“The course is efficient, packed with useful information, and never dull.”
- Pascal Soren Huet

“I liked so much about this course, it is hard to say which was most enjoyable. I really enjoyed Valerie's lectures and the weekly handouts were very interesting and helpful. Nicola’s feedback was fantastic as was Danielle's assistance in helping to sort out my problems with assignment submissions. Also, I loved reading the diverse work from my classmates. I enjoyed all of these things about the course. Clearly, Australian Writers' Centre has a culture of excellence which makes it impossible for me to think of any improvements that could be made to this course!”
- Monique Suckling

“I liked the sense of achievement I got from the course, and the fact you really work in a structured manner, covering different subjects each week. It teaches you to be disciplined and to just get on with it. Judith is very positive about everyone’s work and has a good feel for each student’s story, yet her comments are to the point and the advice is constructive.”
- Ingrid Holm

“The content is specific and skill based. The reading list gives you a breadth of understanding of the field. The tutor knows what she's talking about and works hard to provide feedback promptly. The course provides opportunities to tackle the basics of good writing and to understand what works or not and why so that you can finish with a writer's understanding of writing.”
- Jo Henwood

“Judith was very professional and gave excellent feedback on our work. I loved the individual treatment, and the whole way the course was structured. What can I say? It’s actually opened a door for me and given me insights into things I didn’t think possible. Now my imagination is truly the limit! I'm thrilled with the results and can't wait to do more courses online.”
- Lynn De Lacey Frost

“The most enjoyable thing I found about this course, was being able to see other participants’ work as well as being able to share it with others. The really surprising thing was how completely different we all were in writing. I don't think for any one task, anyone wrote anything remotely similar, which was amazing! I've benefited immensely from this course. Before I lacked pretty much any confidence in my writing, and now I can't wait to go ahead and start writing my first novel! All you really need to do this course is some spare time, a computer and the internet.”
- Tina Gamble

“The content made me think about the process and the assignments made me apply that process. I now feel confident to proceed as I have skills and methods to keep writing. The course is flexible and easily downloaded. The five weeks is good too. I work full time with travel to and from and have very little time for luxuries such as study. Five weeks was enough time to learn but not feel that the course took over my life.”
- Jacqueline Quantock

“Nicola was supportive, encouraging and positive. As an Aussie living/writing in North Africa, I have completed a number of online courses – is and has been an easy and convenient mode of delivery. AWC rules! Don't just take my word for it – give it a go. You will enjoy yourself, develop skills and accumulate heaps of relevant information. You won't be disappointed.”
- Maurice Venables

“I really enjoyed having a reason to write again and looked forward to feedback every week. I found it really motivating and this course has inspired me to spend more time on my writing. Judith was fantastic - her feedback was detailed and insightful. The online delivery was very convenient as I could choose when to do each module, even split it up over the week if I was particularly pushed for time.”
- Alison Millar

“I really enjoyed listening to the 'tapes' and developing an understanding of the complexity of writing for children. The online tutor was very knowledgeable and gave good and insightful feedback. I liked that she was honest and straight forward in her responses. The online delivery was easy and convenient. The course I did was fresh and interesting. At the Australian Writers’ Centre, the presenters and tutors are well qualified to present the course and they respect who you are regardless of your previous knowledge or ability. Thanks - I really enjoyed this course.”
- Helen Sharp

"In just 5 weeks, this course provided me with a spade and keys to begin to unearth and unlock the treasure chest of stories I had buried under years of work and other commitments. It also gave me confidence in my ability to share a story with others. Whilst my treasures may turn out to be another's trinkets, and I am becoming familiar with rejections (or should I say improvement opportunities), it is wonderfully motivating to receive the Australian Writers' Centre newsletter each week and to feel a part of a community of writers."
- Cherri Willemse

“I found getting direct feedback on my work most enjoyable about the course. I also benefitted a great deal from seeing other participants' works and the feedback given to them by Nicola. Nicola was very helpful in pointing out areas where participants could improve their work. She was also very encouraging with her feedback - generous with her praise when we do get things right! I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Online Writing Books for Children and Young Adults course and have learned so much in such a short period. It has given me a clear jump off point for writing - and has shown me what writing for children is and is not. Very good mode of delivery - convenient for those of us who could not make it to Sydney.”
- Anna Lisa Intia

“The thing I found most enjoyable about the course was the fact I could do it at home, online. Loved it! Great, constructive feedback from Nicola. It was good to be able to read everyone's feedback too so you got even more tips from her.”
- Kate Griffith

“I loved that the assignments gave me the motivation to attack the behind the scenes details of my story idea - structure, character backgrounds, plotting etc. Nicola was extremely helpful. It's been a long time since I've received feedback regarding my creative writing and I thought her criticism was honest and constructive. This course is an excellent starting point if you've decided you're serious about improving your writing.”
- Manda Diaz

"This course was full of practical exercises and insightful readings. The Online Writing Books for Children course with Judith Ridge clarified many aspects of the writing process and the specific needs of a younger audience. As a busy mother of two I found the online mode flexible and convenient."
- Kirryn Mills

"It is very convenient and I had no issues with the website. The format works very well. I enjoyed being able to download lectures whenever I wanted and living in the ACT online courses are the best way for me to access this sort of knowledge. I have taken on board some of the comments about the piece I'm working on, and I'll be able to incorporate the theory about structure and plot into my own stories."
- Lisa Chirio

"I really enjoyed participating in the writing tasks set for each module. They challenged me to play with new ideas, voices and genres. The audio recordings and printouts had a great deal of information which I can easily refer back to whenever I need. I found the tutor's responses invaluable. I feel I have truly benefited from this course, the tutor and students were encouraging and insightful. My vision is now much clearer on how and where to begin."
- Amanda Francey

"I liked the feedback from Judith very encouraging and constructive. I also enjoyed reading attempts my by fellow classmates. I am now confident of putting pen to paper. Most of the mental missing pieces about writing have fallen into place."
- Kanwar Plaha

"The most enjoyable part of the online course for me was the flexibility. I could listen to course information at a time that suited me, and I could revisit the information later to take-in something I might have missed. I have a better idea of basic story structure from the course. And feedback received was encouraging and constructive."
- Ken Williams

"I really enjoyed the tutorials and handouts. I found the assignments challenging and fun and reading the work of other students was inspiring. Judith's feedback was honest, constructive and motivating. After completing the course I have a clear idea of how to progress several of my writing projects. The instructions about character building, sub-plots and writing from different perspectives were particularly helpful. I'm looking forward to Writing for Children part 2 coming online (hint hint)."
- Stephanie Allen

"The most enjoyable part of the course for me was the feedback from my tutor. It was so helpful in developing my writing to hear her feedback, not only my own work but that of the other students. The course has really given me the confidence to send some of my work to publishers. I now know what I really want to do ... WRITE."
- Michelle Campbell

"The ease of listening to audio when convenient is a definite plus. It has really stimulated me to keep going. The tutor's thoughtful feedback gave good ideas for improvement and was very encouraging. Judith Ridge did a great job with chatting to the class as though she were in the room. The hand-outs were all helpful and applicable, in particular all the info about publishers and new writers support sites on the web."
- Christine Huntsdale

"The delivery of the course modules was excellent. The feedback concerning our work was something to look forward to. There is a lot more to writing children's stories. The course has opened my eyes to just how involved this form of creative writing is.

"The online delivery allows you to listen to the podcast over and over again. You can do it any time you like and it's not like you have to rush off and physically be there on time. I've loved every minute of it!"
- Stewart McLellan

"[I enjoyed] The spoken feedback and being able to be part of other's work. As a beginner I have been introduced to all areas of the process and produced something myself. I loved doing it online as I could log in and do course at times it suited me."
- Julie Holmshaw

"I looked forward to Monday mornings and the start of a new module. Each task was a new challenge that I really enjoyed attempting. It was good to be able to read the other classmates work and just get an idea of how other people worked through the tasks. I have truly learnt a lot from this course. I had a manuscript I thought was ready to go. However, since completing the course I have re-written the whole piece. I have come away with a lot more understanding of what I need to do to write better.

"It was very easy and convenient. I liked the idea of downloading onto my mp3. I found I listened to each module three times each week. It was great not to be committed to a set time to do classes. I could learn at my own pace and take as much or as little time as I needed. Perfect!"
- Julie Lynch

"The weekly assignments were superb and forced me to consider many different aspects of writing a story well whilst getting feedback on my own work. I am now able to write dialogue more effectively and can understand the important concept of 'show vs tell' and have tools to further improve my skills in these and other areas.

"The best thing about this mode of delivery was the convenience of participating when geographically a long way from the Australian Writers' Centre. It was easy, convenient, flexible and well sturctured."
- Cherri Ryan

"I enjoyed the weekly assignments with a quick response from the online tutor. I now have an idea for a YA novel that I didn't have before I started the course. It was good to know you could access the modules easily in your own time, and also to get beneficial information from the tutor's response to other student's work."
- Joan Salanitri

"Having the opportunity to read classmates' writing and ideas and the teacher's feedback for all of us. It was good to interact with classmates and the teacher about writing and ideas. It was refreshing to step out of my own mind and gain knowledge from others. I could stretch listening to my lesson to a full week, instead of a full 2hrs+ in one night. And I could choose when I would schedule to do it."
- Ivee Caburian

"The audio programs were really good. It was great reading other people's work and seeing how they approach assignments. It has given me new motivation and inspiration to write. It made me realise I might be good at different types of writing. The best thing was I could make use of time in the car (I work and have 2 small children so am very time-poor).
- Jodi Webb

"Feedback was great, the range of assignments set was informative and made me really think about my story, characters, structure etc. I now have an outline for the story I've always wanted to write. I could log on anytime and go back to previous modules if needed."
- Debra Russell

"I've learned so much from doing the Writing Books for Children Course. I had an idea for a book but knew it was lacking in substance and structure. The skills and knowledge I have gained have given me confidence and filled me with enthusiasm. Our last assignment pulled everything together for me and before I knew it, I was writing a draft for something I felt had real potential. I really appreciated Judith's choice of passages in the handouts, and enjoyed listening to Valerie's audios. "
- Philippa Siebert

"The fact that you could download the online course material is superb. I'm sure I'll listen to it many times. Amongst the most enlightening material was the real life example of editing provided by the oh so lovely Pamela Freeman. Pamela's generosity with her material (on this and the creative writing course I took with her earlier) is tremendous. I've benefitted from the course by having a professional review samples of my work and give me real world feedback on what's good and what needs more work."
- Craig Priddle

"I enjoyed taking the Online Writing Books for Children at the Australian Writers' Centre recently. It was long awaited for me to do this course on line and I thoroughly enjoyed the information, the pace at which I could study from home and the feedback from the tutor. It was great to have an expert critique your work and guide you onto the right track with your writing.

"My online peers were also helpful and were a learning environment in themselves. Being able to read their different points of view, see the uniqueness of all writer's styles and to learn from the tutors comments on their work was invaluable. I have gained confidence in my ability to write for Children since doing the course as it increased my skill, enlarged my creativity and encouraged me to keep writing. I would enjoy it very much if they were to put on an advanced course to follow in the new year to keep the skills sharpened!"
- Cher Thomas

"You have re-ignited a 'fire' releasing the creative soul that has laid dormant for years. Thank you!"
- Liane Barker

"As a first-timer to any online course, I found it very user-friendly. The best thing is the convenience re 'attendance' plus the professionalism of the tutors. The feedback was instructive (and kind!) and the presentation of both written and audio parts was clear and concise. I have already recommended it to others looking for effective writing courses that aren't prohibitively costly."
- Mavis Stucci

"Exploring so many aspects of children's writing, such as the historical context, contemporary considerations, as well as the technical aspects, was extremely enjoyable. I've been inspired to read more widely too, with many new ideas for authors I can explore coming from the course notes provided. The online course gave me the confidence I needed to take my writing seriously and commit to pursuing my life-long dream to try and become published. I really can't thank you enough for that!"
- Mieka Tabart

"All of the material was relevant and I feel as though I am much more knowledgeable about writing for children without having endured the hard slog of being bombarded with irrelevant facts. The course was easy and convenient. I also love the fact that I can come back again and again to the audios to review or refresh my memory."
- Michelle Peterson

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Online course: Writing Picture Books

"Wonderfully presented, easy to use online classroom, excellent content."
- Danielle Dornan

"If you are serious about writing picture books, developing your writing style and learning more about the publication process, then do the course! The AWC course is comprehensive, well-structured, well-paced and the tutor is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

"Cathie was fantastic. Always prompt with her responses to questions and very constructive with her editing advice. It was very easy and convenient to do it at home. There was no way I was going to be able to attend the course face-to-face, as I live interstate. I was thrilled that you made the course online so I could participate!"
- Melanie Tripptree

"It was great to have Cathie's feedback as to whether I was on the right track with my story. The advice on the writing style and techniques used to appeal to the market and gatekeepers was very useful as was the feedback on whether I was adapting those techniques to my writing. It was a good online course that challenged amateur writers and gave advice on improving writing techniques and styles. With useful feedback from Cathie and a supportive "classroom" environment you were given a good feel for the industry and its expectations."
- Kathryn Goonan

"The course was very helpful, engaging and convenient. I would definitely recommend it to friends."
- Wendy Allott

"You will learn a lot about the genre of writing you choose to study, part of which will be correcting what you THOUGHT you knew. If you have the means and the time it is worth the effort."
- Nicole Perry

"If you want to learn to write picture books for children, there's a great online course at the Australian Writers' Centre. The content was well researched and put together, it was fun to learn, and I couldn't wait for the next module! Cathie obviously has a huge amount of knowledge, expertise and experience and it shows!"
- Rachel Parratt

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Reinvent Yourself - So you want to be a writer ...

"I just wanted to let you know that I bought your 'Reinvent Yourself' Audio Workshop and absolutely loved it. It really gave me a lot of food for thought, and excellent prompts."
- Nicole Forster

"I completed the Writing for newspapers and magazines in January this year. Since then I have also purchased and currently using the Reinvent Yourself audio program. I'm just writing to let you know that these two courses have really helped me focus on my writing and encouraged me to write more frequently and with more focus and structure.

"With the help of both courses I have now made writing a part of my everyday life, rather than just a hobby that I do when I have time. I feel that my confidence is building and I'm moving forward with my passion. Thank you. I could not have made these simple changes without your guidance."
- Natalie Devlin

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