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Creative Writing Stage 2

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 Five-week online course
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Cathie Tasker
Monday 3 Mar 2014

Take your writing to a whole new level

  • Keen to continue your writing momentum?
  • Want practical feedback and relevant exercises to help you get there?
  • Need that extra push to fully develop and finish your short story or piece
    of creative fiction?
  • Eager to recapture that awesome creative vibe by learning from the best
    in a nurturing environment?
  • Or do you just really like sequels?

Our Online course: Creative Writing Stage 2 is the place to be if you’ve already completed Online course: Creative Writing Stage 1 or Online course: Writing Books for Children and Young Adults. Now you’ve not only learnt the skills of good storytelling, but you’re actually keen for more! The Online course: Creative Writing Stage 2 would also suit you if you have some creative fiction under your belt and are looking to take it one step further.

The principles of storytelling

By understanding the principles of storytelling, you’re ready to make some great creative fiction – if it was a cake, all the ingredients would be lined up on the bench, ready to go. Now it’s simply about getting the quantities right, mixing, chopping and whacking this thing in the oven… So ask yourself: “do I want my finished piece to be delicious or half-baked?”

Online Creative Writing Stage 2 is the ultimate sequel – action-packed, full of interesting characters, amazing dialogue and (obviously) well written! Hands-on with exercises to complete each week, it’s more of a workshopping process – discovering your strengths and weaknesses and bouncing them around the virtual classroom. This creates a hugely collaborative and positive environment – guaranteed to fast track your writing!

YES! Please send me an outline for this course

Privacy Policy: We will never sell or distribute your personal details. Any details collected will only be used by the Australian Writers' Centre to notify you of relevant course information.

Here's what you'll learn:

This course is all about nailing the essential elements of YOUR story.
Elements like:

  • Characters: getting more out of your main ones and making your minor character ‘extras’ more believable
  • Ensuring each character’s voice is unique and distinct – putting yourself in the shoes of the reader and seeing what they see
  • How to keep those pages turning through effective structuring of
    your story
  • Climax and resolution: how they shape the final story – and how
    to write them
  • Scene development: the engine room of your fiction, including dialogue, pacing, manipulation of time, character interaction and managing exposition
  • Fine-tuning: successfully editing and proofreading your story and its structure, with examples from published and student work
  • and MUCH more.

Exclusive access to our Online Writing Forum

When you graduate, you'll also get exclusive access to our dynamic online writing community.

Course content and outcomes are consistent, regardless of whether you learn at the Centre or online

We are sticklers for consistency and quality in our courses, so you’ll achieve the same outcomes regardless of which presenter you have. Naturally, each presenter brings their own insight to the course, but you can be assured that the content is consistent across the board.

You’ll also achieve the same outcomes regardless of whether you enrol in our online or face-to-face course!

Your online classroom

You can attend the online classroom any time, any day of the week. This way, you can fit your learning into your schedule and lifestyle. You do not have to commit to a set time each week. However, you MUST complete each module during the week specified, or you won't get the most out of the course. Each week builds on the one before and you have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the topics we discuss each week. To sample a taste of how this will work, click here


How much time should you commit each week?

You need to commit a minimum of 2 to 3 hours a week. The audio program itself is around 2 hours a week. Beyond that, we recommend that you put into practice what you have learnt that week. While you are expected to commit to a minimum of 2 to 3 hours a week, we won't hold you back if you are super keen and want to spend much more time than that on your writing.

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Rave reviews about
Creative Writing Stage 2

"I liked the assignments as they worked well to stretch my specific skills and thus boosted my knowledge of what I need and confidence to produce certain types of writing. I looked forward to the feedback and was delighted that it was both very prompt and extremely helpful.

"The feedback from Cathie was remarkably insightful, clear and helpful. I found I could improve my writing immediately in response to her input. I found this very encouraging. The online set up works well and the handouts are not so huge that the printer cannot cope and I can read them all without too much time and effort needed. The modules being in about half hour chunks was good as any longer and I would have struggled to find time to devote to them."
- Dr Ruth Armstrong

"I would highly recommend this course. Do it! You won't regret the decision."
- Maurice Venables

"This was an excellent course. The lectures were very informative and had lots of little tricks and tips that will be very helpful both now and in the future. It's great that the timing is flexible - and you can listen to the lectures over and over as a refresher."
- Jessica Smith

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Learn from the best



Pamela is the award-winning author of over 20 books, most recently the Princess Betony series published by Walker Books. In 2010, Full Circle (Book 3 of the Castings trilogy), was published in the US, UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany as well as Australia...
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Cathie Tasker

Cathie Tasker

In addition to Pamela Freeman, your online tutors include editor and manuscript assessor, Cathie Tasker. Cathie is a fiction editor with over 25 years experience. Her specialisations are in science fiction, children’s and young adult fiction and genre adult fiction. She is a veteran of the book publishing industry, both in editorial and marketing, in children’s publishing, and in adult fiction and manuscript assessments. Her publishing background has been at Scholastic Australia, HarperCollins and Koala Books ...
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